Dtech / scammed me out of $301

Contact information:
Phone: 714-598-4241

i received a scary phone call from a foreign man posing as a law firm collection agency agent whos name is steve jones.
he stated I owed a payday loan at which i do and he knew the exact samount also had my social sec # cell, home and work number which makes me believe these ###ers are hacking into the check loan companies files.
i do not put my bank info or social or anything online so it would be next to impossible to obtain any of my personal financial info online...leads me to believe i got scammed for $301.00 i was told they would charge my prepaid visa and call me, but i never got a call- so i called them- disconnected verizon cell hone, 2nd # got fax, so i called the # on this site and got through. a guy who sounded like he was hung over asked for my phone # then transferred me to steve jones.
steve jones told me my card declined when in fact it went thru and i had already called the prepaid cc company and put in for an immediate reversal -which is bull becuz now i have to wait 2-3 weeks to get my money back.
becuz its still pending it could take 7 days to clear 2 weeks to reverse. then i still owe the loan cmpany i have the loan with...steve jones made it very clear i was being ###ed outta this money- when i asked him for a confirmation number and a fax or letter of paid amount he said he was not going to send me anything and i dont have to worry about jail anymore nad hung up on me. i called back and got a fax again!!!
i pray pray pray pray ...i get my money back and i make it through till 2 weeks i have $15 bux to last and 2 kids to feed...and used their food money for a scam : ( please people call an attorney or attor gen BBB do not fall for this scam like i did!!


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