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DryClean175 / Lost my pants!

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I dropped off 2 pairs of pants on Friday evening. When I went to pick them up on Wed morning, the staff there couldn't find it. He told me to come back later which I did. I went back that evening, but another guy told me that they haven't find my pants yet! He said it was busy in the morning and they couldn't have a chance to look through the rack. I am already disappointed that they were not taking this thing seriously after I left in the morning. Then on Thursday, I called to the drycleaner and tried to speak to the owner. A man answered the phone and claimed that he is the owner. I asked if they found my pants, he said no. I asked what he is going to do about this; he said I have to wait for 2 weeks to see if anyone will return my pants to them. I told him that I needed my pants, and it was not my fault at all. Why I have to wait for 2 weeks to see if anyone return them. Then the owner said it is their policy. I told him that what about no one gonna return at all, then he said he will only pay for up to $19 per piece to me because it is their policy again, and it is print on the back of my receipt. I am so mad and upset when I heard that. My pants worth more than just $19 a piece, and I believe they should pay for the original price of them. It wasn't my problem at all, and why I should feel miserable from the mistake that they made. Why I have to end up losing my 2 pairs of lovely pants and my money. The owner just keep saying it is their policy, but is it also the law that I don't have any right to get either my pants or the original price of the money back. Their customer service is unacceptable, and they are irresponsible to their mistake!


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A  8th of Nov, 2007 by 
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Same thing happened to me!

Instead of my pair of pants, I received some other person's dry cleaning. I paid $79 for the pants and over $20 for alterations. I was told the most I would receive after waiting two weeks would be $19.00.

Don't we have any consumer protection in Virginia. No wonder that Judge filed that lawsuit. I would if I was an attorney.
D  1st of Oct, 2009 by 
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You better be glad that it's not your kid that they lost. Look, it's just a garment. Every cleaner is not a perfect cleaner. They are all human and a mistake does happen. Working in a cleaner is hard work. I use to work in one and I know. if this cleaner keeps losing or damage clothes, naturally they will be out of business, but if they do a good job then just give them a break. I'm very sure you and everyone else have lost a pair of sock once or twice in the past when doing your own laundry. Did you give yourself as much a hard time as you do to this cleaner?

By the way, that Judge lost his job and did not win the lawsuit.
D  18th of Oct, 2009 by 
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The other day, I needed to dry clean my tux by noon time for my friends wedding. the manager was sympathized and did a special for me and I was able to make it to the wedding with my new tux on that same day. Now that's customer service. This will be my new cleaners!

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