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I took my coat in for dry cleaning and to remove a small stain. When I picked it up not only did it still have the stain it had little black speckles in the front which look like it had been burnt, the jacket is suede. I took it back and left it for a redo and to clean off the speckles. When I came to pick it up 2 days later nothing had been done. They said they wanted me to sign a letter stating it was ok if they took off the button in the process. The button is permantly attached so no it was not ok. When I asked them to just refund me my $12.99 the owner came out and said he would not refund anything and that if I was so money hungry I should just stand with my hand out and beg for it and anyone would give it to me. He also said all customers were liars that say stains were not on there before. I said I would never come back and he said he did not care he didn't me. In this day and age when businesses are hurting so much it is unbeleavable that people would provide this horrible service.

Long story short not only do they do a crappy job they also provide horrible customer service.

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  •   Nov 12, 2008
    Dry Clean Super Center - Terrible experience
    Dry Clean Super Center
    United States

    Dry Clean Super Center, Dallas, TX lost an item of mine and offered no payment or refund of cleaning service. So, not only am I out for the cost of the item but also for cleaning it. After they lost the item, I was clearly upset. The owner then became enraged and began being rude to me, told me he wasn't paying for anything, tried to give me someone else's item, called me a liar, and threatened me. He tried to make me feel like I did something wrong. Because he was so threatening, I had to call the police and seek advice. He also told me that 'items get lost all the time.'

    Please be aware of this business and if you value your clothes and do not want to get threatened, do not use this cleaners. It's appalling that they can treat people like this and get away with it!

    I will be taking them to Small Claim's Court to file a lawsuit to retrieve money for the item that was lost. So, if anyone wants to take this case, please contact me.

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  • An
      Dec 15, 2008

    same thing happened to me, same company but mine was in Euless, TX

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  • Di
      Jan 21, 2009

    Dry Clean Super Center also owns the Bella Cleaners location in Bedford. They purchased the location 2 years ago and have never changed the signs. The offer the same horrible service as the other locations. They damaged an expense article of clothing and offered me $20 after 4 months of trying to resolve the matter! The owner's ( "Danny") response was that I should not have purchased such an expense item and he could not be responsible. This is a ridiculous and unprofessional operation. Never use them. I have filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau.

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  • Ri
      Mar 04, 2009
    Dry Clean Super Center - Ripoff
    Dry Clean Super Center
    Waxahachie, TX
    United States

    I took a dress to the Dry Clean Super Center in Waxahachie and 2 days later received a phone call saying that they had ruined my dress. They said that they couldn't/wouldn't replace it and that I would have to send a note to the manufacturer so they could replace it-and they charged me for the dress they ruined! Awful service-DO NOT go there.

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  • Fu
      Mar 07, 2009

    I took a barely worn coat to a Dry Clean Super Center in South Tyler on 69. It was pink. It was lightly soiled on the edges when I took it in. I got it back and it looked like they ran it over with a car and there were crusty grey things on the fabric. It is ruined. I'm sure they used dirty dry cleaning solution. The owner was very sarcastic when I addressed it. This was a one of a kind coat and I will not be able to replace it. I will never send my clothes there again! THANK GOD FOR DRYEL!!!

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  • Mj
      Apr 22, 2011
    Dry Clean Super Center - Poor Service
    Dry Clean Super Center
    1301 North Main
    United States
    Phone: [protected]

    I delivered 4 pieces of clothing on Saturday, April 16th and as of today; April 21st, I have still not received my clothing. I have gone to the store on three different days; and no one seems to know where my clothing is. I have asked to speak to a manager, and for some reason the employees don't know their managers name; only his first name DANNY. Was told I would be compensated for clothing, but still no one has paid anything. I've also asked for the corporate office location and phone number; no help... WHY IS THIS COMPANY IN BUSINESS??? PLEASE don't take your clothes to this place... They supposedly have 2 locations; both in Euless( one on Main St and the other on Trinity Blvd). The employee I spoke with were Poncho and Sujerta and both have no clue who they work for and have no know basic customer service skills. I will be placing a formal complainant with Better Business Buerua; this company needs to be out of business and trained on how to run a business and most definitely customer service.

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  • Wa
      May 12, 2011

    If you like for your garments to get lost or damaged or better yet not cleaned at all then go to this location. I started coming to this store when Adel was working there. When she told me she was leaving I asked her why she mentioned new management. Since she has left I have received holes in my brand new shirts. The manager Joe told me it was my shirts fault. Really? I have had two pair of pants missing. I went and had my daughters letterman jacket cleaned. Was told it would be done in a week. I go back still not done. Was told to give him (joe) two more days. Go back in three and was told by an employee that he forgot that he hasnt even touched it. I will never bring my money to this store again and hopefully you do not either.

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