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Dr*REG.NET / Fraud & cheating company!

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Today, as I was e-mailing E-Bay for my work at home starter kit, I was ask for a shipping fee of $1.69 to get started. As I put in my credit card information and hit submit, the E-Bay page changed right away and I was directed to another site that took my payment!!! My credit card company told me that this is the culprit! (Dr* How can they be allowed to get away with such a thing? I want a complete refund of my money! E-Bay received nothing! Please throw the book at these crooks!!! In the meantime, I get a welcome letter from a I have no idea who these people are! Please see about this! No one else should have to go through this, ever! Thank you.


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  • Te
      24th of May, 2007
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    My debit credit card was charged $59.95 for something I have no idea what for or who this person is.

  • Ba
      26th of Jun, 2007
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    I was hit for $59.95 in my account w/ the description of DR* I did NOT authorize this. I did some searching, and found out it was because I used my card to pay $1.87 shipping for Auction Monster. BEWARE!!! This signs up with 2 companies to be hit monthly. The phone numbers for these are:

    1-866-897-2423 then hit option 1 (Loyalty Savers)
    1-800-609-5118 (Not sure what the name is)

    Be sure to get the cancellation confirmation numbers. They assured me the charges would be back in my account within 3 days. We shall see...

  • Jp
      1st of Jul, 2007
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    I was charged $16.95 for what? I am not sure what it was. I called to have it removed, we shall see. I am not sure where they got the ok to do this.

  • Da
      3rd of Jul, 2007
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    We were hit twice from this Dr that turns out to be dr auction monster they get you for a low amount like ours of 2.02 and then when you don't notice that they hit you with a big one. Our was 64. and something. Our roommate was hit with the same thing on our debit cards. BEWARE Check you bank statements for a little amount a week or so before the big one. And Poster Pass they like to pass you debit card number around they hit us with that one too.

  • Ca
      5th of Jul, 2007
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    I checked my ebay paypal account today, since i received notice of activity. Much to my surprise i see a n unauthorized charge from "dr* co" they have been debiting my pay pal account since feb4 on a monthly basis!

    I am going to file immediately with ebay and cancel my account! Cant understand how they would honor this crooks statement???

  • Br
      8th of Jul, 2007
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    Dr*REG.NET - Unable to pay bill via internet!
    United States

    I have been charged for nothing. I was to be charged less then $2.00 a one time fee but am being charged almost $60.00 a month. How do I stop this? I keep running into a dead end! Can I get any of my money back? Right now I just want it to STOP! HELP!!!Anybody?

  • Je
      26th of Jul, 2007
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    Stay away from Auction Monster! They are a big rip off. I don't even know how I was signed up for this. I didn't give any one my card #. I was charged 59.95, I called the number and that was refunded. The next thing I know there is a monthly charge appearing on my statement of 12.95. Be careful!

  • Je
      24th of Aug, 2007
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    Stay away from Auction Monster! I posted a complaint about a month ago. I was charged 59.95. I called and was reimbursed for that. Then a chare for 12.95 showed up on my account. I called and complained and they reimbursed that. On the same statement that it showed the 12.95 reimbursement, there is another charge for 12.95 to the same people. STAY AWAY FROM THEM! You can't get them to stop once they start!

  • Ga
      16th of Sep, 2007
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    Dr Auction Monster and Dr Reg Net look to be the same company taking around $59.95 US from my credit card each month for something I definately did not authorize. What idiot would pay this amount for nothing let alone allow a direct debit to continue to come out. I have contacted the NAB while they look into it. Although I have told the bank I didn't authorize this they said they would have to look into it. I suggested cancelling my card and the bank told me the debit would keep coming out and in turn give me a bad credit rating. How can I stop this unlawful use of my card.

  • De
      31st of Oct, 2007
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    These loyalty savers scams are taking money out of my account without authorization this time it's $12.98!

  • Fi
      5th of Nov, 2007
    0 Votes

    I have also been hit with a withdrawal of 12.95. I have called the 1-866-897-8423 that is on my statement as Loyalty Savers and I get a recording that states for quality assurance they are conducting a system test and your call is disconnected. It has been that way for 30 days. Any suggestions?

    They just hit me up for the 2nd time of 12.95.
    I don't remember ordering anything!

  • Ge
      11th of Nov, 2007
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    Hello, The same thing has happened to me I called my bank with my debit card and cancelled my card. The bank is also filing a suit against them. It is really not a hassle to cancel your card they will send you a new one with a new number.

  • Ma
      7th of Jan, 2008
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    Not a hassle? I should not have to cancel my card because some fraudulent company is charging my account, which I have no idea how they even got in the first place!! "Loyalty Savers" is ALSO "Residual Savers", just FYI for everyone. They charged me the first time with the "Loyaly Savers", which, thankfully, was credited back to me. The very next month, it was charged to "Residual Savers". Same amount and when I looked them up, same company. Thanks for the info on here about a number to TRY to contact these idiots and see who gave them authorization to charge my card, or for that matter, where the hell they got my card number from. If anyone should happen to get any other information on this that may be helpful, I would really appreciate you letting me know. I do not at all mind giving out my email ( Thanks so much! And good luck to everyone that has had an issue with these fools!!

  • Ja
      29th of Jan, 2008
    0 Votes

    is there such a person with an address called dr auction monster because i am very angry and upset and cant feed my dog, we will get you monster ###.

  • In
      19th of Mar, 2009
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    Dr*REG.NET - Rip off charges
    The Grant Fundings Search
    United States

    When you order a grant CD for $2.10, you MUST READ THE FINE PRINT. You are also signing up for a monthy fee to "search" for grants. It will be $74.15 per month. They also send through fraudulant charges from IWBCLUB in Nevada

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