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Droid Savenet / Droid savenet data optimizer

1 Richardson, TX, United States
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This app is a complete scam. They make ridiculous claims about things like "if we don't lower your internet costs by 50%, we will pay you $50". No one has quantifiable "internet costs", people are on unlimited data plans or use their Wi-Fi or they have a phone plan that includes a fixed amount of data as part of the package. So for starters, the whole value proposition doesn't make sense.

Looking beyond that, in developing this app, Rom Katave has simply asked some overseas firm to put together a user interface that claims to do all this stuff, but it has no actual functionality and no regard for the user experience. All it does is tells you it's saving you data; it awkwardly switches between portrait and landscape modes, closes sporadically, and is finicky about which versions of Android it works on.

Finally, the testimonials are complete garbage. It makes a claim to be the "best product ever" and attributes that quote to Nick Gottlieb, the founder of Prizereel, but I highly doubt anyone like that is saying good things about this app. He claims that investors left and right are lining up but takes their quotes out of context to make it sound like they are enthusiastic about the app when they are not.

Finally, the reviews for it are almost all fake. If you look at the recent ones, they are all 1 star and universally talk about how poor the app is. Indeed, it completely ruined my phone.

So in short, steer clear of Droid Savenet and Rom Katave.

Nov 1, 2016

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