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Driving for C R England / Extortion

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My husband was laid off from a career of 37 years. He spent a few weeks looking for the best trucking company to drive for. C R England seemed the best, but now we will lose our home next month becuase their promises are bogus. We went an entire month without an income so he could go through their CDL class, ok, we accepted the sacrifice to have to start a whole new career, phase 1 training was supposed to only be 30 days, and only paid $61 a day regardless that he was actually driving for 11 hours and spending another 2 hours doing "training packets" and logs. 13 hours at minimum wage is $131.25 per day at those hours. So, not only was he making less than half minimum wage for phase 1 training, they forgot he was out there and he spent 7 weeks out there in phase 1 training before the training coordinator brought him in for phase 2 training. Phase 2 training was supposed to be 12 cents per mile, I've seen his pay stubs, their paying 11 cpm. He had to go a week with no pay because England failed to get him with a phase 2 trainer for that long. (other companies will pay "down-time" if it's not your fault for being down). When he originally signed on with England he said he wanted to be a company team driver, they said NO PROBLEM. Now, they've told him that he has to spend two months in phase 2 training because they don't have any company trucks availible, BUT... if he becomes a lease operator he can be out on the road making $1, 500 - $2, 200 take home, a week, right now. His take home in phase 2 training, the highest check was $74. Yup, he and his trainer had that semi moving 24 hours for 6 of the 7 days in that pay period, and all my husband got on his paycheck was $74. He has been with them for 4 months now, our home will go into foreclosure next month, our electricity will be shut off next week, our 17 year old daughter is now packing onions instead of going to school (and making $850 a month take home pay), and we recently had a death in the family, my husbands truck was 43 miles away from the funeral and between loads, when his trainer asked if he could attend the funeral, they threatened to replace him. Part of the reason his checks don't usually go above $60, because they're taking $70 out of each check for the CDL school to start this whole scam. My husband has been home 6 days total in 4 months, and brings home $240 a month pay, and wasn't even allowed 3 hours to bury his baby sister. Even if he tried to cut his losses and run, they'd still come back on him for the $2, 500 CDL class fees. (personally, for being paid less than half minimum wage, yet still doing the exact same work as all the other truckers for the company, they should consider themselves PAID for the CDL class!) So, PLEASE, people, the times are really hard right now, run away from this company as fast as you can before they find a way to stick it to you as well.

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  • Ir
      23rd of Jun, 2011
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    My wife and I have been with CRE for over 6 months and we JUST NOW are getting out of phase 2 training. Our phase 1 trainer didn't teach us much, plus he was in jail for over a week of our training so we were stuck on the truck with no clue on what to d Then after we told them we are due for our upgrade they put us in a truck that literally had vomit trusted in the floor. After being made to drive this truck over 1000 miles we thought things were going to start looking better because they gave us a brand new truck, and the only thing we were waiting on then was our phase 2 trainer... Turns out, we weren't going to have one."Train another." is what they told us. So we spent the next two months winging it. Now keep in mind they were badgering us to lease the whole time. This whole time we have been running hard and trying to make everything work but the expenses that come out of your pocket far outweigh the income. We had to complain several times to get reimbursed for all the tolls and scales. Our largest check has been $400. The only reason we have made it this far is that we had some money saved from income taxes.

    From what I understand after talking with many many drivers this isn't an isolated incident if you work for CRE.

  • Lu
      2nd of Aug, 2011
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    my husband needed a job .asap and he went to the unemployment and when he got his e-mail there was a flyer saying that crengland was having a special that for 100 dollars he will be refreshing his truck driving experice when he was already 7 years experice so they promise that he will have 5000 miles a week and that he will be making money. and all what they said its [censored] because now we dont have money to eat or pay our rent he hasnt got loads for over almost 2 month we have kids that eat everyday but it seems that the dm doesnt care cuz they have there ###ing check everyweek .and my husband is phrase 2 training people that they dont even know how to drive.and the company dont care if u have an accident.and my husband has been asking that he needs tires and they said no because theres no how in the hell they said that when they take money from his check every week for the truck and we have about almost 3000 in the account..they dont want to give that money cuz they want to stay with my husband sends massages to them about a load and they never answer back, today his stuck in tennesse for 2 days thankxs to the dm and when he ask for money to pay the hotel they denide his own money.the AC department had really bad attitude and it seems they need to be ###ed more often those ###ing ###..she keep on saying that crengland dont pay for hotel .and we told her that crengland dont pay for ### at all.when my husband was a student.he had to train the trainer insted cuz they didnt know anything not even reading a map.and the second one he had his name is gasper mayer this guys will pick up prostituded from the street and take them in the truck. they stold his laptop even the police got there when those prostitude took the laptop and was blaming my husband that it was his faaul cuz my husband didnt want to get that ### in front of my huaband they were ###ing and crengland didnt husband have pics of all that .and my husband told them that he wanted to get off and they told him he cant that for him to be able to get off he had to lease a truck so he did lease the truck and now we dont even have money to now they took him out of phrase 2 because he didnt pass the writting test for phrase 1 and that he cant have students no more and now no more miles were about to lose everything house and we dont have food to eat so ### crengland dont belive anything they promise or say cuz its not true, , ### CRENGLAND. just putting families in the streets...and the ladies from IC department u guys need to ### MORE so u wont be mean to drivers damm ###...

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