Driver Solutions P.A.M/Decker TransportUnfair treatment and false advertisement

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Driver Solutions, PAM and Decker Transp0rt has false advertisements in their brochures. It is a gimmick to get people to go to enroll in their programs. The brochure states that a driver can expect to run an average of 2500 miles per week. Some weeks may vary a little more or less. Since I have been driving I have experienced a lot less miles. Then one week I worked my paycheck was only $5.20 and I have children to support.

I worked for Decker Transport. I stayed out for 3 weeks at a time. I gave them 3 weeks notice for the next home time. They refused to send me home. When I got off my home time, they punished me by not giving me any miles and tried to make me go back out as soon as I got home. Plus I came home 2 days later than I was supposed to. I was suppose to see my son play football.

My truck had an air leak and went back to Decker to get my truck repaired. I talked with the Decker supervisor and showed him a spreadsheet of mileage and average per week which came out to be only 1300 miles per week. I showed him the brochure from Driver Solutions that stated how many miles one can average per week which was 2500 miles. He said he would look into it.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Tonitown, AR I did not receive a load for over 24 hours while my truck was being repaired. This would then entitle me break down pay. When my dispatcher asked me if I was ready I told her yes. I asked about my breakdown pay and my detention pay from my dispatecher. I explained to the dispatcher that the shipper did not load me for 7 hours. My dispatcher told me she does not have time for this. I have documentation of this from the shipper and consignee. After this, she told me to clean out my truck over the qualcomm. This verifies that I was fired for no reason at all. I just asked if I was going to receive the pay I was entitled to. Per Decker/PAM drivers manual, they had no justification to terminate me.

I applied for unemployment and Decker denied me. I talked to unemployment representative and explained to her about the qualcomm two way message between the driver and dispatcher. The conversation took place over the qualcomm. They read the qualcomm and the dispatcher inadvertently fired me. Now I receive unemployment benefits.

Now Drivers Solutions is coming after me for payment of the school. PAM and Decker should pay for the school, because they fired me for no reason.
Driver Solutions is giving false advertisement. This is a shady operation and I warn everyone not to get involved in it.

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  • Pa
      May 08, 2009

    No trucking company can promise the amount of miles per week. There's this thing called a recession - ever heard of it? Nearly every trucking companies freight has declined and everyone is hurting for miles.

    It's never your fault, is it? There's always someone else to blame for your situation. Grow up!

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  • Ov
      May 14, 2009

    like the guy did say there is a recession. Also alot of people don't take into effect the trucking industry has such a high turn over rate. Thats why they push people to drive and out of the few hundred you go down to a hundred or so they are just looking for people who can handle the road and are wanting to work for there money. But also some times pay can be better. my uncle trained in prime inc. school in missouri but the student mileage after the weeks of training on the money he was only getting 12 cents a mile but he had to grudge with it for the year to get his contract over and he stayed an extra year and his pay went up to 40 cents a mile so The first year is really to train up the driver and polish his skills as a drive but if you can bear with it alot of people go to local stuff and get home time more often like here were i live The delivery company for mcdonalds pay drivers 80 grand a year and you are home every night and they are looking for anyone with like atlest a year or two of over the road. so bear with it man i know its tough but with the us in such a ### state most guys a lucky to get work anymore with out a phd. on your wall. good luck man stick to it and stay the course don;t let people drag ya down just ignore em and keep the left door closed and your truck a rollin. it pays off in the end.

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  • Mi
      May 27, 2009

    They are a bunch of lying ###. I was sent out to the school. After one week of school I got a note, "saying I needed to call them." P.A.M. told me that they were not able to hire me because, I had not had my DL for 2 years, I had only had it back for 1.
    Now they want me to pay for housing. I never should have been sent out there to the school. I quit my job to go and so did my wife. I borrowed 3, 000 to pay 2 months worth of bills. It really screwed us. I told them everything about my driving history before I ever left. Even the DUI that was sealed off my record. They said it wouldn't be a problem. So some jerk sitting in an office making commision off of new applicants, decided he needed a few extra dollars that month. Now they are reporting it on my credit. It can rot there for the next 4 years. No way I am paying them.

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  • Ki
      Jun 02, 2009

    the driver solutions progam is a good one no need for me to lie.i dnt have any ties to drivers solutions at all.dnt forget folk it u quit or get fired u got to pay!!! if u can tuff it out for one year then u can tell pam or usa trucking to kiss your ###!!! and go work for another trucking company making more money driver solutions wants to get u a job!!! thats how they get paid an they want u to stay for that one year bcus they do not want to chase u for the next 4years.think about it the truckng companies have millions of dollars they can an will advice kiss their ### for dat year get your contract over and paid.and get a local job or a better trucking job.but if u cant do this then save ur money urshelf an send urshelf to school.nothing is easy folks.dnt turn down loads or complain about miles hell u r a new driver.take this time an learn more about the trucking business.stop looking for get rich scheems.hang in there n a year u will be making over 50, 000 a year thats if u keep a good driving record ask any otr dont forget we r in a recession.loads are hard to come buy and miles!!!

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  • Dr
      Jun 21, 2009

    Ok... well... as a graduate of Drivers Solutions (C1 - Indy) and a previous driver for Decker Transport... I can speak from personal experience with these two companies.

    First of all... I went to Drivers Solutions because I couldn't make the money living where I was (I had recently left the city for the country) and I had bills to pay- I had no house payment, utility bills, etc. so I figured I would go try this out. Since I didn't have the money up front to school myself - I had to do the one year agreement like 99% of everyone who goes to Drivers Solutions. I initially signed up to drive for P.A.M. but myself and a few others who signed on for them decided to go with Decker Transport. Fine- no problems.

    Well- as I was told the FIRST day of classes in Indianapolis- "we will not teach you how to drive truck. We are only here to show you how to get your CDL license- your company will teach you how to drive." So keep that in mind- anyone who is contemplating going to a "truck driving school". Also- You pretty much pay your own way when it comes to these schools such as Drivers Solutions. You transport yourself to the school which is usually at least three or four hours away- they may put you in housing while you are there but as when I was there- there were robberies, shootings, etc. RIGHT OUT MY WINDOW! You also buy your own meals. And when you are at the school- you provide yiour own transport to and from the school to where you are staying- so... figure in all those fees. Then don't forget that you still have your financial responsibilites at home to care for for the month you are gone to school... and then after school you still won't receive a normal check for at least a minimum of another month... so prepare yourself. If you have to go borrow money, if you are falling behind in bills, have a family to support, etc... prepare yourself. If you are on here complaining that you had to borrow all sorts of money to get through, etc, then shut up- I don't want to hear it... if you were smart- you would have figured out how to support your family before going away to dothis... and if you are serious about it- then you suck it up... go to school... go on the road... do your job... take the miles you get and pay your damn bills.

    You can not make the miles without paying your dues. If you read the fancy brochure and didn't question it- you didn't research it, etc. then that is your own fault. have you ever read something or been offered something that sounded "too good to be true"? Well- generally that is what these offers from PAM and DECKER and DRIVERS SOLUTIONS are. But you weigh out the options. It can't all be false- maybe over exagerated but not completely false... and are you serious and willing to pay your dues before you can become million mile Mark or Mary? Think about it.

    So school ends... the whole time I was there I was eating Ramen Noodles and praying I wouldn't run out of gas on my way home from the school every day. Now I get back home- call my company and get ready to go on the road. I know I came home on a Thursday and I was on the truck with my trainer on a Tuesday. I will admit- some of the people I went to school with were still waiting for a trainer 2 months after school ended. Anyhow- the trainer situation sucked- the worst month of my life and I am not exagerating. But I already committed and I was going to complete what I needed to to get where I needed and wanted to be. It's a tough thing- but you have to be mature, responsible and respectful- get through it and move on.

    So then you get your own truck... you think you are going to get up at 7am and drive- park at 7pm and get a shower, dinner, wash your clothes, catch a movie, go to sleep and do it over again... bull S*it. You might run non stop for the first three weeks you are on the road. Then... ugh oh... you are getting antsy- you want to go home- your kid has a football game- your wife is ### and nagging on the phone- your dog gets hit by a car, etc... Well... you can't get home, the miles drop off and you're stuck sitting at a dirty truck stop, laying in your bunk smoking like a chimney and listenging to your wife tell you to quit and come home because she can't take it anymore- you being gone, the bills not getting paid, she's taking care of everything, etc. DEAL WITH IT.

    If you have a family, if you have large financial responsibilities that you are the sole provider for, if you like to play sports and be involved with your childrens extra curricular activities- driving truck isn't for you.

    These men and women who are out there bringing home paychecks of $1500 a week are few and far between anymore. Just since I drove truck even (which has only been 2.5 years). If they are there- they paid their dues. They went to some crappy, joke of a school or else they grew up in a truck many many years ago- they worked there year with a ### company- they lost a husband or a wife, they lost a home or a family- or else they never had one and surely don't now... Nobody went to a fancy school for 3 or 4 weeks, got into a brandnew Pete or KW and drove off into the sunset- was home every night by 6pm, got to go out to eat and see all the fun museums and shops all over the country- NO... they paid there dues just like you people sitting here complaining have to do.

    So it's up to you... if you didn't do the "research" and ask all the right questions when you contemplated going to Drivers Solutions then that is your fault. If you GOOGLE it and read blogs or ask questions you will read this over and over again (you will read complaints like your's I mean). Don't get me wrong- I am no longer with DECKER- we had our differences - but I never went in- or complained in these posts about not getting the miles. When I was sitting- bet your butt there were others sitting somewhere too. And yes- I complained a few times but learned to shut my mouth or I wasn't going to get any loads... when it was time to go home- I fought and argued till I was blue in the face but if I was 600miles from home then I shoulda just realized it was a waste of my breathe- when I got there I should just be glad for the paycheck I was going to get with an extra load or two on it. That is all part of the deal... you are warned about it before you even start... don't pretend like you didn't know!

    But do your year... after that- go somewhere else! Quit complaining... but when you do that- they aren't going to take your whining and complaining either... You choose. As far as repaying your school loan- suck it up... you should have known when you got there that it wasn't going to be Black and White and that you would be tied to that. Plus- I do know that they stress to you very clearly the first week of school that you are signing a contract and you are liable for that. So... quit complaining- do your research- be prepared for what it entails. Driving a truck is not a job- it is a lifestyle. If you (or your wife/husband and/or family) can't accept or handle that then driving a truck isn't for you. And I am not being a smart ###- I am being serious... it's a lifestyle and it is very ahrd to have two of them- one with your family once or twice a month and one when you are on the road- and think about this... what about your spouse? Are they going to sit home for 10 years seeing you once or twice a month and waiting for you to "strike it rich" out on the road?? Be carfeul and really think about it... Some people just aren't cut out for it- plain and simple.

    Plus... have you seen the news lately? Do you not understand this economy right now? Do you think you are the only driver out there and that there is plenty of loads for everyone to make a buck? NOT! Think about it.

    Common sense can take you a long way- not just three sentences on a colorful brochure.

    PS - Stewart is a dumb ### anyway- he always says "I will look into it", LOL. It's part of his job description!

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  • Eg
      Jul 27, 2009

    Hey i went through driver solutions and am now working for pam. I've heard all the horror stories from all the other drivers. You just have to look at it this way, you shut up do what they tell you work for 1 year keep you daq clean and if you want to move on there are alot of companies that would be happy to hire a driver with a clean daq and 1 year on the road.

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  • Na
      Aug 09, 2009

    Also a graduate of C-1, Indy. I swear to god that no less than 5 students in my class were mildly to severly ###ed !!! I am not kidding !!! Fraudulent Brochures ... you bet, I realized it the first day I seen it regarding that most drivers will get 2600 miles per week problem . So I walked up to the main man on campus and said this ... Are you sure I am going to get 2600 miles a
    week ? He said yes . I said ...well if i dont I will Quit !!! Then I said, do you still want me to sign up / He said yep! I signed up ...
    well it went downhill from there . The brochure said Best Western Hotel, They sent my Nephew and I to what appeared to be a half way House for druggies !!! I am not kidding you !!! I immediately asked to go to Best Western, they said they were booked . So I called them and guess what ...they were not booked ..had plenty of rooms !!! The Great CON BEGINS !!! Why did I stay ? Well
    I wanted my CDL . Well lets move ahead, but before I forget, my instructors appeared to be REJECTS from REJECTVILLE .
    Anyways I graduated went to Decker Transport, was warned ahead of time that I would have to take a road test with the Road Tester from Hell ...turns out he just says the word " ### ", a lot, I was not intimidated in the least. P.S. For 5 million large I will return to New Jersey and teach you idiots how to turn left !!! ( 50% Down, in case I can't ). Anywho to make a long story short I averaged 1100 miles per week !!! My first week I asked my dispatcher why was I only getting 1100 miles, she said ...Well whats wrong with that !!! She was an Idiot ! Three months later I quit . I WILL NEVER PAY DRIVER SOLUTIONS !!!
    Further, I gave them Notice and they still put on my DAC report that I abandened my Truck, You people who are contemplating
    using this company after all you have heard are either " Inbreds " "###s " or worse .. you deserve whats coming !!!

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  • Na
      Aug 09, 2009

    Driver Solutions have had 36 recent complaints lodged against them with the Indianapolis " Better Business Bureau " !
    Thats one City, who knows how many throughout the country .
    They will take there complaints to Small Claim Court to maximize there potential benefits . They will falsify documents knowing you will not show up to contest . They wont reveal to the Court that they have already been paid for a portion of what was owed, and
    this is allowed in a Kangaroo court, Such nas Indiana Small claims .

    Apparently the Indiana Small Claims Court Does'nt see a pattern brewing or they dont recognize the BBB as a Justifiable Entity .
    Furthermore... Heres what I went through at The ever popular " Indiana BMV " .
    When you show up to school from out of state you must take an Indiana Operators test, pass, and give up your license from your state . They will have you sign an affidavid stating your new address is that of the schools ( Unethical, but we are dealing with Indiana ), Now you have an Indiana Operators license, now you can buy a CDL Permit Package, Now you can go to school . Upon graduating and passing an onsite road test they will give you an envelope to take to "Indiana BMV " . Now you can trade your recently aquired Indiana Operators License for an Indiana Commercial Drivers License .
    Now you can go back to your home state, take a written test and trade your newly aquired Indiana Commercial drivers License for
    New CDL A Operators license from your home state . Simple, right ?...NOT SO FAST !!! I dont work for any BMV's or DMV's
    or any related departments, but everything that happens to me next is apparently my fault ! Or thats what they tell me goes
    I got my CDL A and start driving, I get a letter stating that my License is not valid ! I say What ? O.K. I go to DMV, this woman
    types my info in to her computer and said this " Oh I see what Happened " ! Type Type Type some more, you fixed up, you good to go !
    She didnt elaborate, I didnt Question her after all she work at da DMV, I don't . So I drive and drive and drive and drive some more,
    for three years !!! My insurance company calls me ...says " you dont got no license ", I say What ? Yea we dont show you as a licensed driver ...must be my fault, even though I don't work for Know DMV BMV or anything else ending in V !!!
    Now I have to go to INDIANA ( Home of the ### ) ! Yes Sir, she said, I dont know what you done, but you dont have a drivers license in any state !!! Now I had to explain to this " Daft Koont" why I didnt have a License, Keeping in mind that I have never been behind the counter and i have never had a hand in issuing any drivers licenses, ever !!! Well after about two (2) Hours she said heres what I think happened ...when you got a Indiana operators license, then a Indiana Commercial License, then a CDL A from your home state, your home state canceled the Indiana Commercial license, later the Indiana Operators license turned up and
    had not yet been canceled so it canceled my CDL A license from my home state then approximately six monts after that the Indiana
    operators License canceled itself !!! Yep I drove Three years with no Drivers license of any Kind . This actually is a testament to my driving skills as i was never pulled over for anything over those three years !!! Moral of the Story ...You are better off going to Bangledesh, Tiajuana, Bum Fuk Egypt, Wiley Coyotes' Truk Drivin Schoo, Mr. Magoos " eye on the road CDL skoo
    Helen keller skool for blind drivers, then to deal with the state of Indiana !!! But no one was willing to take the blame, so I guess it was my fault . In closing just know this that as you head down the highway and you cross into Indiana, you are now the smartest person in Indiana !!! ...SCARY HUH !

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  • Ha
      Aug 15, 2009

    i went to thru driver solutions 3 years ago and yes they put us in ### hole getto apartments. i dealt with it. payed my own way for everything. i dealt with it. i signed on to go with pam then was ask if i wanted to go with decker which i said sure why the hell not. did my month with my trainer which really wasent that bad. did my road test in new jersey with the guy who loves the word "###". turns out they were some of the best people ive ever worked for. i really do miss the people in jersey. well here i am 3 years later and guess what im still with decker. i never have a problem with home time. i come out the house and tell them when i want to be home and guess what im home when i asked to be. every company out there has idiots working for them but most people at decker are really good people. i dont have a problem with miles unless you consider 3000 a week a problem. damm it shut the hell up pay your dues put in your time and see how it goes. just like every other job in the country. when your new your starting at the bottem just like i did. i can leave anytime i want but im happy with decker transport. 3 years and counting. every trucking company in this country has been hit with the "RESESSION" so suck it up get over it and get on with your life . quit wyning like a baby about it. almost everyone out here has been effected in some way by this resession. oyea im still married with 4 kids at home

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  • Na
      Aug 22, 2009

    Hey Happy ... Your obviously dillusional, or one of those dumb ### inbreds I was talking about ! Take my advice, Divorce your Sister !, Or move to Parsippany NJ where that sort of thing is not frowned upon ! You should live with those idiots, you know the guy with the Big Bark, But no Bite and the little guy, who instead of telling you how to drive, he takes the opportunity to tell you he is a DRUNK !, or the guy in shop who says you better get your A or b inspections on time or else ...
    but every time you try he says not now I'm to busy ! Did they tell you that there number one Driver is a former CRACK HEAD,
    former my ### !!! You keep on lying ... and you keep your ugly ### nose up there ### suits you ! You suck it up, you have no choice ! PS I bet at least three out of your four kids, have got three eyes ? Looks like there headed for DECKER TRANSPORT !

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  • Bl
      Nov 09, 2009

    Thanks all for your views... I really like the spice nadsenuff has. I start school in Missouri, so I hope I just get threw it in one piece with no problems. I will keep all of you posted on how the school is run in Missouri. I do understand that I have to suck it up and do my dirt before getting my wish of dream miles and pay.

    I have done a lot of asking with other truckers in my family and they all say the same thing... get your own rig on a company, if I heard correctly. Then you can get even more money for miles. But first do your year to see if you even like driving. Next they said, dont worry about the bs from the company and dont get hung up with idiots at the truck stops. Mind your own business and clean your dot or something clean.

    Oh one more thing... everyone talks about miles, but not saying how much they make a mile. If you are getting .40 a mile @ 1100 miles a week, this is 440.00 dollars. Now think about it, you are on the road, enjoying the great nation of the USA for free. Eat in many different states and see things that the average person dosent get to see. I'm a true blue American, don't take our country for granted!

    Now lets do the math, for Indiana people, lets do the numbers
    1100 miles a week driving at 60 mph is how many hours working?
    At .40 cents a mile is how many dollars

    You are now making more an hour the first year than high school teachers, firemen and some police agencies. The great thing is, you only have to drive a damn truck, have patience and keep your nose clean. It can only get better as I hear from this forum, by staying with the company or changing to one that gives you what you want. But first do your 1-year of bs ditch digging or you can call it your prison term.

    I'm leaving as a software engineer to join trucking. I've been over seas for many, many years and now back and I want to see why does everyone overseas want to work in the USA. Read closely, by Americans leaving work and not coming back or not finishing there job that they said they would do, is one of the reasons why major companies hire idiots. Because idiots will not complain, because and idiots know that they would be an idiot to go back to unemployment office when they only have to do a damn year at PAM, PRIME, DECKER and other.

    Something to think about;
    1. If you had it better before joining as a trucker, then why should you leave your job or no job.
    2. If you could pay for trucking school yourself then you have credit or money saved. Then you did something right earlier.
    3. If people are telling your horror stories about joining a school or company. Why are you still thinking of joining that same school or company.
    4. If you know that you are going to start at the bottom and have to work you way up and this could take up to one or two years. Can you or your family do this.
    5. You might have to be away from your family for more than 2-3 months at a time. Can you do this
    6. Do you have the time and money to learn a new job. (Meaning: When you dont get the salary you where hoping for, then you paid for learning a new job.)
    7. If you dont like being a trucker after a few months, what is your next plan of action
    8. What is the main reason you wanted to be a trucker? If you said for the money, then being a trucker is not for you. The combined answers are: I want to experience a new job, I want to make a new living, I want to travel, to become something new, I need a break from my environment or family, I want trucking companies to beg me to drive for them, I want real benefits and join a trucking union to protect my rights, it beats working 9-5 at a company that doesnt care if I show up the next day.

    contact me: blu40 at hotmail dot com (Subject: Trucking Family) if no subject as I described, then you will not get a response.

    "stay safe, keep both hands on the wheel, left door closed and cell phone handy!"


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  • Na
      Feb 04, 2010

    Hey blu, my IQ is 40, where are you now? ...just kidding, I know where you are ... I tried to tell you ! But listen, " suicide " is not the answer . With your smarts you could with a few references and a whole lot of luck get on at Micky Dees, they will probably start you out on Fries, then in 4 to 5 years you may be promoted to salads then the skies the limit for you . At this point you should be bringing home $200.00 clear every week and only having to work 60 hours a week !, hey thats more than you earned as a truck driver !!! Now after 10 to 15 years at Micky dees you can start looking for that dream trailer !!!

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  • Ap
      Mar 29, 2010

    First I want to say I'm sorry this happened to you to. I've been reading down threw all these comments and my god people what the hell is wrong with all of you. One guy says suck it up and pay your dues, are you insane? Hows this tickle your fansy. My husband was a truck driver for 3 years. He went to a good school that did help him get a good job, that payed what they said they would. He ended up getting a piece of metal shaving in his eye while he was on the job and had to have sergury and couldn't work for awhile so they worked it out where he would just come back when he could, which happened to be about 8 months later. It was all a sham he had to draw unemployment and they wouldn't pay for nothing even though he had insurance threw the company. This was before he met me and he was alone so he managed. Then after 8 months he could go back to work and they said "NO, we're sorry but you waited to long with no contact". So he goes on an endless line of crappy jobs for about 2 years. Then one day he comes across this pamplet for USA Truck. It doesn't look like a dream get away but it was a chance for him to get back to driving again. They told him that it wouldn't be a problem that he hadn't driven in 2 years he would just have to take a refreshment course. Which was fine with him b/c he problably needed it anyway. What they did was sent him to a school that gave him a ### load of paper work and told him he had about 2 hours to get it all signed and ready to go, by this time he was sitting in a class room so he did what they told him to do. When he got to the contract the contract stated at the top "CONTRACT INROLLMENT FOR REFRESHMENT". So he just kind of read over it to see if it stated anything about the cost and it didn't so he signed the bottom and went on. After spending 4 months in the school they put him with a cool trainer and he was making what they said he would make for the first month. Everything was going smoothly so he figures he got lucky, b/c he had been around the lying, deceiving, cheating cult of corporation companies before and knew that they are all full of ###. But then the month with the trainer ended and he was put in his own truck. For the first month he didn't even receive a pay check. He kept calling and calling and they just said call back we are working on figuring out whats goin on. The second month he received a check for $87.24. He called them again and told them that he was driving the same amount of miles that he was with his trainer and his trainer was making $1700.00 off him. Now this was actual miles driven by my husband that he was making that much off of. The woman told him that he was only making $.28 a mile and the trainers pay was different. He explained to her that he was told that he would be making $.30 per mile b/c he went for a refreshment course and he was already experienced. She said call me back Im going to look at something. He called back and the woman told him it says here that "You were sent back to school at ******* and you are under contract to work for us for a year and pay $5, 395.00 if you stop working for us before that year is up". He said "does that contract state that I was in school for refreshment or did they send my back to school for a CDL that I already had?" She said "this is a contract for you goin to school for your CDL, nothing here stats anything about a refreshment", he said "it doesn't say refreshment at the top?", she said " no". For the next month he kept driving until he could find out more information on what all was goin on and what he had signed that he didn't know would trap him into a debt this big. That whole month he was only making about $80.00 per week and even under what they are saying he made if he drove 2, 200 miles per week at $.28 per mile my calculator says that he would have made gross $616.00 per week. The most in cash advance you can take out threw them is $150.00 a week and im almost possitive between that and taxes it won't knock $600.00 down to $80.00 per week, so someones adding is a little off. He was never reembersed for his toll roads and the last straw was when he took out a cash advance to pay for the Ohio Turnpike and that left him with $3.00 and a loaf of bread for the week b/c this was on a Sunday, only to find out that when he got across it that they was sending him back across with no money. Now mister pay your dues, what happens when you already payed your dues and end up starving to death and getting screwed not only with your pay check but also with school dues that you weren't even supposed to pay?
    After all this now they are sueing him for the money for school, attorneys fees, and interest. And they have the audacity to do so claiming they haven't got the contract that my husband signed in the first place.
    My advice to anyone starting out is GET A GRANT! Do not use the circus people that like to call theirselves companys. Go to school and buy your own truck and lease it. Yes it is hard for awhile and yes your will be broke for awhile and nothing about is fun or easy, but in the long run you will be better off.
    By the looks of most of these blog and complaint boards sounds to me like these places have been getting away with this type of behaivor for years, making thousands of dollars off people that don't know any better. I know what your thinking people that are dumb, but let me tell you even smart people can be fooled and if your young or even old but don't know how the truck driving industry works you can get screwed into alot of money you don't have or don't have access to. That don't make you dumb that makes you unaware. Really my opinion is that all of these people should get together and start a class action law suit against these companys and put them out of buisness so they can't do this to anyone else instead of ### about it on the enternet b/c that does absolutly nothing. They will continue to do this others while your on here ###.

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  • Re
      May 18, 2010

    Why can no one spell on these comments? Seriously, it even tells you to check text spelling before submitting! Not one comment without a mistake, and I'm supposed to believe you people? Disgraceful...

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  • Ti
      Jul 08, 2010

    I agree with aphridite09! We should file a class-action suit. I too got screwed by D.S.

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  • To
      Oct 18, 2010

    I was screwed by them AND USA trucking.

    I went to the St.Louis school ( I live in st.louis so ) and was told the mileage thing as well as well as pay for the over the road training period. Well 2 weeks in I asked the dispatcher to get me a new trainer because my trainer was mentally unstable and was having some weird flash backs. She said I'll have a supervisor contact you. After 2 days a super. told me to call them so I did. He asked what happened and I explained how the trainer was making my uncomfortable with these odd flash backs and no talking ( needed to train someone mind you ) and that I wanted a more stable trainer to finish my 1 month. He said call him back in 1 hour, so I did. He said, OK GOT SOME NEWS FOR YOU. WE ARE LETTING YOU GO SO TURN THE KEYS OVER TO THE TRAINER.GOOD LUCK GETTING HOME. Yes, I had to find my own way home from Kentucky back to Missouri. Lucky for me another trucker gave me a ride home after over hearing my conversation.

    Well after getting home I contacted Driver Solutions and informed them of what USA did to me and to get me with another company. They informed me that it was not their job to put me with a company and that I owed them the full amount. I told them in less they put me with another company, I wasn't going to pay them. This was all back in 2005 mind you.

    Fast forward to 2008. C-1 ( worked with D.S. OR was run by D.S., not sure ) here in St.Louis and in Sikston, MO. was being investigated by the Missouri Highway Patrol and the state itself for illegally paying examiners that worked for the test sites to pass their students ( I went to the St.Louis C-1 ) and that the state was contacting other states and revoking CDL's obtained while at these schools. The state closed down both schools and fined the company(s) .So I had to contact my friends boyfriend that had a truck and rushed out and retook the state test, again to keep my CDL. Yet I still owe them money for this? I think not.

    Now, it's 2010 and they are suing me and my wife by default ( we got married a bit over a year ago and they said she is responsible now, too for the $7, 000 which was originally half that, $3500 ) and the courts are wanting ( D.S. requested it ) all bank account info, info on both cars ( one has a lean on it from the bank so doubt they'll get that ) info on the child support I receive from my kids mother, any tv's, radios, computers and so forth and so on that they can take from us to settle. We decided to close the account today ( jars in the back yard for the win ) so that is less they can hunt down. But we are financially strapped as it is because I'm going to the fire academy and EMT school full time and they are threatening to find me in contempt if I fail to show and pay. Guss I'll be sitting in jail for a while.

    Avoid Driver Solutions at all costs. It'll end up costing you more in the long run then you imagined and the deceiving on brochures is 100 percent correct, sorry, but the truth hurts. If anyone is planning on suing please contact me at [protected]

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  • Ja
      Aug 01, 2011

    DISAPPOINTED DRIVER I to was scamed by drivers solutions they told me I would be out on average no more than 2 weaks when I started for pam. They kept me out 3 some times more weaks at a time. I did quit after 6 months however I was not in breach of the contract by doing so. Pam by keeping me out longet than they sayed they would were in breach of contract, From what I understand of the breach of contract laws by them breaching contract They let me out of the obligations to the loan and they should have to pay it.

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  •   Aug 08, 2011

    OH that figures PAMDriverguy...nice name for defending a group of ### companies all in this scam together. Theres a recession- no ###! Why does that give a company the right to lie? Dont bother thinking because the answer is It Doesnt. Stay away from this "school"...HA school well sad to say but I suppose its right about on par with our current public school system. This place didnt really teach me much about driving a truck, or really anything for that matter. OK thats not true I did learn that I could survive on basically Pop Tarts for 3 weeks and thats something worth knowing I suppose.

    So the training is ### at C1 Driver Solutions and the training is ### at PAM and USA Truck, and all this adds up to a bunch of lies that some people seem to think are justified, and a bunch of frustration leading to you either being fired or you quitting. My Trainer at USA Truck basically used me to pad his pay check, because when his hours behind the wheel were all used up then it was my turn to drive...while he slept. Sweet training tip- " If you get going too fast down hill flip this switch, and if you start lagging going up go ahead and down shift...Im going to sleep". Thats a true story and that was on night 2. So C1 Driver Solutions doesnt teach you how to drive a truck, but USA Truck's trainers seem to think you know how to drive a truck so they sure as hell are not going to teach you anything, unless its how to piss in a bottle, or go a week without a shower.

    So whats all this add up to? Well how about a law suit against me for over $10, 000. I mustve had an accident right? Nope actually I decided it was best to leave this finally before I kill a whole family or get some sort of fungus growing on me from lack of showering. No the $10, 000 is what this "school" feels I owe them for their valuable training and providing me with a great career. Stay away! Stay away!

    Im not a stupid man, and I knew I was making a mistake, but we all need work and I knew that bad times were coming ( I was doing Mortgages before this, and watched it start to crumble.) Thats how they get you. They get you into the school, give you terrible living conditions, and have you march in there nice and early in the AM knowing damn well you couldnt sleep because you needed to keep an eye on the hookers and crack dealers outside your motel...TIME TO SIGN YOUR STUDENT LOAN PAPERS!!! SOB es got me while I was groggy...they will get you too, dont fall for it!

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  • Fl
      Oct 05, 2011

    I have been driving along time I have got a small check of 27 bucks miles are just not there and there is a lot to complain about the money we use to make out here was because we did it illegally now that we are forced to comply to this new dot regulations that is were our loss of income comes in. Then you have the 34 hour restart now you can not negotiate your home time. You get bad miles not because you are being punished but because the runs a shorter so the company can make money . Who's fault is it ours cause we let them. What can we do nothing cause there is 15 more people waiting for your truck .

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  • Da
      Sep 19, 2012

    Driver solutions is a scam. they will not keep any of there promises. I was put in a [censored]hole motel with a hillbilly roomate then would go to the strip club every night and come back with what i guess was a woman not really sure..6 days off class room 5am-11:30pm and on the last day when your real tired have you sign there contract.There contract is so in ther favor for every thing even where you go to court at. I did not live in Indiana but i have to go to court there because i signed my rights away to have court where i live in there contract i also waived my right to having a jury. Well let me help a few people out there now. Advice given by a attorney to me. Don't go to court if you live in another state. Driver solutions will win the judgement they would have won either way they have done this forever in there counties. They they will send a order to appear in court ..Don't go to that ### either so a bench warrart is issued don't let that scare you the bench warrant is only good in Indiana it can touch you where you live has not done a thing to me and i have been pulled over for speeding in my state..Stay the heck out of Indiana there is nothing good there anyways if you go there and get pulled over then you wll be put in jail. They will try and freeze your bank accounts simple put them in someone elses name then they cant touch them. If you do go lie and say i don't have a bank checking account i don't have any assest i don't have a job and they can't do anything to you thousands of cases happen like this ever day. I don't want to go because it is very far away and i don't have the time or money to go there. now i did try and work it out with them and had a attorney offer on my behalf 150.00 a month and they spit on that.. So they can go [censored] themselves now i tried to do the right thing..Driver solutions can kiss my ###.. I can't wait for the day they go out of busn.. If anyone know of a class action suit please post i would love to be on board with it..

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  • C1
      Nov 14, 2012

    We should start a club. "I was sued by Driver Solutions too!"

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  • Wi
      Feb 23, 2013

    Hello my name is William Croxton and I am trying to organize a class action suit against Driver Solutions located in Indianapolis, IN they are trying to sue me for breach of contract. If you want to be a part of this please email me at the following address. Thank you

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  • Ja
      Mar 18, 2013

    I went to c1 in ft Wayne Nov 2006 started driving for PAM Jan 2007
    Solo in Feb 2007 quit and went to another company in Oct 2007
    And still with them. 10 months with pam and i made 23k gross.
    Would be 27k /yr had i stayed. But i didn't i left 2.5 months early,
    i gave 2wks notice and turned my truck in they kept the 425 dollars
    Abandoned truck fee/ins anyway. I had 3 pay checks under 15 dollars in
    A row and a mortgage due. Now I'm being sued for 10k in Indiana
    For a class that would only cost 2300 if you paid for it up front
    Not to mention that i had already paid 1260 while driving for pam
    I had completed my payment obligation

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  • Wi
      Mar 18, 2013

    Hey jarhed would you interested in working together with me and another guy to hire an attorney and let him go to bat on this for us. Let me know email me [protected]

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