Driver DownloadService is not getting a refund

On january 29 2017 i ask for a refund and have not heard from you people so i though that i would just let you know that i am still waiting for this refund and now i just wonder if you forgot to send it or if you do not want to send it witch one either one i am still waiting for this refund so if you could just forward it to me as soon as possible i sure would like that very much as this is my first time talking to you people i sure do hope that you understand so just send the refund as soon as possible thank you very much

  • Updated by Dwabs, Feb 03, 2017

    well it sure seems that you like to get complaints so here is another one you have poor service and you do not listen to any one so why do I waste my time with such a dumb company and it is just a waste of time to do this so I will just say this once if any one wants to get service from this crappy company it must be the only one left on the planet as you just waste your time sending this Crappy company any information about anything as they do not pay listen any ways

Feb 03, 2017

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