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Driven Technology / Beware

1 United States

i was taking my pc tower to a recommendended repair man, when i seen DTT, which saved me 4 miles driving. so i went in discussed my problem w/ the mgr.-andrew, he then proceeded to show me price lists packages of their services, explaining to me how everything is 50 % off, the pkg. andrew rec. cost $149.99, and sold me on a security down load($50), totaling $200, minus the 50% off, he quoted me $100.00 out the door, i thought about it, then agreed, stating "sounds like a deal", as i shook his hand on this.i went out and brought my tower into the store, at which time i was charged $34.99. the next day, a guy named aaron, called me to tell me all my hardware was fine, and he then quoted me $131.99 to complete the service, i told him that me and andrew already agreed on a price of $100, so he said that he wouldnt do anything untill he spoke to andrew, 2 days later, andrew calls me and gives me an even newer quote of $140.99. flabergasted at these guys trying to upsell me daily on an already agreed price, i told andrew i'd be right down there. i go in the store, and andrew tells me there must be a misunderstanding-i cut him off and said-no theres not a misunderstanding here, because i know what i shook your hand and agreed too. he then pulled out a completely different price list from a few days before and tried to swindle talk me, i told him to just give me my tower back, and i want my $34.99 back. i got my tower, but not my monies i applied towards a complete service that was agreed upon. the moral of this story is BEWARE OF THESE TYPE OF CON ARTIST PRAYING ON PEOPLE- DO NOT USE DRIVEN TECHNOLOGY LLC- SOUTH LYON, MI


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