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i purchased 2006 sts from mitsubishi in tyler texas Drive financial financed my car . in august 2009 i lost my finances and in order to keep my car i filed bankruptcy my car note was 605 drive/santander agreed for me to catch my car note up to $1073.17 i have struggled paying this up to now march2010 and i was dicharged from bankruptcy march24 2010 and drive/santander told me to pay $616.43 march22, 2010 because they thought i was now elgible for a payment deferment then march 26, 2010 mary at drive/santander told me i had to come up with $21737. to pay my car off or they were going to take it because they wrote my car off in october of 2009 and i did not understand then like i do not understand then. i argued and asked mary at drive to write something off was like a lost? no paymen? but that was not my case because i had been paying like ordered since november 2009 andn she informed me they did not want me to keep the car when i filed bakruptcy but they had no choice because i had the courts protecting me and now i do not so they can insist on me pating car in full or they can take it. somarch23, 2010 at 1:30 a.m they took my car and my money.

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