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Drive Financial / This should be illegal!!!

1 United States

I was 9 months prego with #3 driving a Monte Carlo. Well very long story short, we were desperate and needed a van. Geoff Roger Motor Company (A## hole) ripped me off selling me a van that he was selling for 10, 000 for 14, 000 and got me into a 24.99% loan for 4.5 years at 435.47/mo.!! Anyway, I have frequently been late in past 6 months. The people who call me, almost every one of them are the most ignorant lying idiots I have ever spoken to in my life!! They threatened this and that if I did not post date a check and I told them it was winter so I don't know from one day to next if my husband would be working in concrete and I am disabled and need surgery. So they got me to post date it with threats and my husband got laid off 3 days later. Funds were due to come out of my account 2 weeks later. They refused to cancel the EFT and a so called manager said he would only move it up a week for me. He lied, it came out on the original date and caused me all kinds of fees with my bank and on other bills. They talk to you like you are a piece of #### and are stealing their last piece of meat in their freezer at their home!!! They call and call even after arrangement has been made. They call every number you gave them, even if it is a prepaid cell phone that you use for work. They call all numbers back to back after being asked not to call one of them.

They overheard me while I thought they had me on hold telling my husband I felt like telling them to just come get the son of a beep. The man said ok we can do that, what colour is it blah blah and I said no, I am just trying to work with you guys and pay but I cannot pay what I don't have and if I had people to borrow from or other resources I would have used them.

Now, I give up. I called THEM and asked them to come and get van. They refuse! They said it could be 6 months preaching to me about my credit and what will happen. I already bought a 4x4 trailblazer at 330/mo for 2.5 years from insta credit auto mart! The van won't get me out of my country road and tranny is bad and tires are bald bc of alignment, and sometimes it don't start and I have 3 kids and I cannot have that happening. They want me to get someone to take over payments or something~!! Yeah right. The payoff right now is 11, 500 and the van in excellent condition is worth 8000 and it is no where near excellent condition and I have taken very good care of it for the 17 months I have had it!

All of this stuff put together just built up and built up, especially the way I am treated, and I choose to not deal with them and they can have it. I just know they are going to try and charge me 20, 000 before it is over AFTER they get the van for all I know. I just hope they don't garnish my family's wages. They had no business loaning 14, 000 on an 8, 000 vehicle in the first place, especially when come to find out it was a company vehicle with excessive miles on it and a wreck too! I should have done my homework and not jumped into the deal but I did so it is too late now. I should have looked them up on this site anyway.

I wish the people sitting at a desk harassing my family for money we already made arrangements about would get a real job and get on their knees and rub concrete all day like my husband or do any one of the jobs I used to do before my injury and then we can talk. I am not a piece of **** that don't pay my bills. But there is a way to go about getting money from people and their way will no longer work for me!!

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