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For one just look here--

I took one lesson and then the instructor kept canceling trying to take time as used when it wasn't he just wanted a shorter day. He was terrible trying to teach in a bmw that's huge on narrow streets. 3 times he was asked by the public to turn the headlights on at 9pm in winter.

Finally after 4 months of complaining I get a new instructor he is good in the Sutton surrey area his name is Ray. i spoke to Paula whitehouse head of helpdesk she one can not do math as she believes a 1 hour lesson only one means you have used 2.5 lessons.

Next I try and get my theory test login, try to login and it is broken. Terrible I complained over 10 times and nothing happened they do not refund you they are terrible. I would have been better off with a remote control car to learn with than these guys.

Jun 26, 2015

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