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D Apr 13, 2015 Review updated:

I joined these at the end if last year, was told about this great school and how great the franchise would be but shortly after signing up I realised that I'd not been told everything, they have a weekly claim limit so it takes ages for an instructor to actually get all his money from them but that's only if they bother to pay you in the first place, I was having to call nearly weekly to ask for my money. They send pupils through at a really low price so potential earnings are low and after reading through all the reviews on various websites I now feel my reputation is at risk people will see drive dynamics and instantly think we are all bad instructors, I don't even keep the car at home anymore and park it a few streets over to avoid being associated with it.


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      Apr 23, 2015

    I had booked for 7 sessions for £99, instructor went on for two weeks holiday after 4 sessions and told me he had no bookings available till may and per the contract if we have not used their service for 2 weeks, last sessions booked gets forfeited. I felt so cheated and instructor was so friendly but didn't know he was so greedy and wanted me to take more lessons

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      May 21, 2015

    Please avoid this - so called lucrative option.
    While on the face of it the initial 10-20 hours offer looks good but the Drivers cover it by wasting time - Like coming late average 15 minutes for a lesson or ruses that will bewilder you.
    To drivers we are prey to be looted to compensate their initial offer & even the training skills are REAAAALLLY bad...
    AVOID THIS SERVICE - Tried 3 different drivers & 2 of them were downrightly pathetic to say the least...


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      Jul 26, 2016

    Avoid this company. I know the price seems to be good value for money but just dont do it!

    i booked my lessons on the 18th june explicitly telling the woman on phone i have my test booked for 5th september. Since then i had one lesson. The instructor did not turn up for 3 lessons, customer service is a joke. Even when you call them at 9 am they are busy and you hold for 1 hr.

    Just avoid this company unless you want to waste your money.

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