Drive Dynamics / poor instructor

Extremely poor driving instructor provided by this school. On my second lesson I was allowed to drive on the A13, despite not being talked through the car controls fully. However, this isn't my biggest complaint. After I was called into work the day before my lesson, I messaged my instructor to ask if I could change my lesson. After I was told he hasn't got any more space 'until after his trip' he arranged to call me after his lesson had finished. However, I did not hear from him after attempting to call and text for 2 weeks. After this treatment, I decided that I would like to change driving schools. I very politely requested from my instructor for him to arrange for the 5 lessons I had already paid for to be refunded (around £50) but received no response. I have emailed the company around 4-5 times regarding this and have yet as to receive a response. DO NOT BOOK lessons with this company, especially if you are in the Basildon/Pitsea area of Essex. You will be ripped off, ignored and out of pocket at the hands of this money grabbing company and poor excuses of driving instructors. Wish I never wasted my time.

Mar 27, 2016

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