Drive Dynamics / Dynamic Franchisesnot get refund

It is one of the cheating company you can come across in your life. I will request you guys please do not engage with them in any way. I am suffering by giving them my money .. Please guys I have all evidence what they are doing with me. If any one need I can supply to protect people from this corrupt company. I have cancelled my booking according to their terms I should get my money back on middle of April but till now I have not got my Money.. Every time I phone them they say it will. Take 14 days finally they have given me written that I will get my money 8 may . 12 may I phone again their manager said I will get my money by 5pm. In same day 12may one operator said it will take 14 days.. I have check my account but no my in my account. Please guys be careful before giving them money. Afterwards you will suffer like me by giving your money .

May 12, 2017

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