Drive Dynamics / Dynamic Franchisesfraudulent company/ service not provided

Stay away from this shameful excuse of a company!

I booked a block of 10 beginner lessons in december and recieved two both before christmas. After christmas I arranged a third lesson with my instructor but on the day of said lesson he failed to show up and then became very difficult to get a hold of. He ignored my msgs and phone calls so I called customer services and was told I would be allocated a new instructor and have a call back in 48 hours. This never happened. I tried again 2 weeks later and was told I would be called back with information on the matter that day, again they failed to make contact. I called again to complain and was told to email them which I did. I explained all that had happened in the email and asked for a refund for the lessons I hadn't recieved as I was tiered of drive dynamics and their poor service. I was told I had to contact the instructor and that I would not get a refund.
I think this joke of a company is appalling and everyone should stay away. I'm now having to go through the legal system to retrieve my money as I paid for a service that I didn't recieve and had to experience some atrocious customer service and care.
Avoid drive dynamics like the plague!

Apr 29, 2017

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