Drive Dynamics / Dynamic Franchisesdriving instructor not turning up. refund of money paid

I contacted yourselves on the 10/03/17, to book block lessons for my daughter Kiana as a birthday present. I paid £114.95 and was advised that I would be allocated a driving instructor.

I received an email on the23/03/17 to advise that Rob Hooper had been allocated as my daughters driving instructor.

I received a call from Rob and we booked for the 19/04 at 18:00.

As you can imagine my daughter was very excited to start her driving lessons and I believed I had booked with a good driving school.

The 19/04/17 arrives, 18:15 and no driving instructor turns up. I contacted Rob to be advised that he had to decline a lot of jobs and had contacted drive dynamics to advise and you were to contact me.

My daughter and myself were totally devastated. Upon contacting yourselves you advised that he shouldn't have done this.

The arrangements and disagreements drive dynamics and Rob have are nothing to do with me and my daughter. I am totally disappointed in the service and feel if this is how you conduct business at the start I no longer wish for my daughter to start lessons with yourselves.

I would appreciate a full refund of £114.95 and feel as a gesture of good will you should reimburse the £30 I have paid to a new driving instructor.

I hope to receive my refund promptly.

This is the email sent on the 25/04, to which I have had no reply. I have sent two further emails no response. This is my fourth contact with your company, which is not acceptable.
You were quick to take my money but not delivered on your service.

This is now getting beyond the joke, please return my money as a matter of urgency. I don't know if any person in the current financial climate that can afford to throw away £114.75.


Dionne Coleman

May 06, 2017

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