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I am writing to complaint about getting a refund for my sons lessons which were paid for on the 19th December 2016.

After 14 days I had to ring the company as I had not heard anything from them they told me that his instructors name and number and for me to get hold of him. I did this and he said he would ring me back but I ended up ring gi for him he said he was waiting for package details from the company so he could then arrange his lesson with my son.

He has only had 1 lesson and his driving instructor has cancelled 2 lessons on the trot with him but only sends a text on the morning of the lesson.

I am not very happy with this and have rang the company to ask for refund but was told I could not have one because it had gone pass the 14 days but I waited 14 days before I eventually rang them to see about his instructor/lessons.

So could someone please state if I can get a refund with waiting for 14 days before I heard anything or even me getting onto them instead

My sons name is Adam shevlin the postcode is m30 7hg I paid £114.95 for a block of 10 lessons which did not have first lesson until after Christmas.

Jan 23, 2017

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