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Leeds England South Yorkshire, United Kingdom
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AVOID this company! Unless you want to pay and not receive the lesson because they are having internal problems with the instructors.

I had booked my test for sep, and since calling to book my lessons in June I told them about my test.

After 3 weeks my instructor finally called, then on the day on the lesson he didn't show up. So I was chasing him to reschedule. Had one 2 hrs lesson in beginning on July. And that was that!

Since then no lesson! Instructor is annoyed at Driving Dynamic for not paying him, the company is useless at finding or solving the problem. I send 6-8 emails asking for a solution no reply.

Customer service team are so bad they might as well just say hi I'm a scammer and I don't really care about your money or test.. Call them at 9am you get put on hold for 1hr min. JUST AVOID THIS COMPANY

Now I am having to change my test to later in the year!!

So avoid this company. Tell you family, your friends even your enemies to Avoid this company.

Drive Dynamics

Aug 01, 2016

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