DRI Registry Medic / Unauthorized billing to my crdit card

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Phone: 952 646 5288

DRI billed my crdit card for $29.95 without authorization. I have had no contact with this company since I last purchased thier software which was a one time charge. I don't even use their software anymore so I definitely would not renew it. My crdit card company is removing the charge and back billing it to DRI. I tried to call thier number and could not get through. I also noticed there are many complaints with this company for the exact same thing and the chareges are all over the board. This company should be barred from using the webservice to sell their products until such time as they get their act together. R Reed

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  • Ed
      15th of Jan, 2009

    DRI has billed my credit card twice $29.95 without authorization. I tried to call the number that shows on my bill and it was just a guy who says he doesn't know what I am talking about, said I have wrong number. The number on my bill is 952-646-5288. I dialed with a one in front and that doesn't do anything, I dialed without the one and that was the guy I spoke with. How do I get this to stop? E.Sheppard

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  • Su
      5th of Aug, 2009

    The exact same thing has happened to me.
    Bad authorization keys the first time (never a resolution despite polite email inquiry's to support).
    A year later I am billed again for this marvel of a product. And no phone numbers anywhere on the website! Very convenient for a company selling a false product.
    I just called the number you mentioned above 952-646-5288 and was able to get a hold of someone immediately! I explained the situation and they are going reverse the charges and stop the renewals. Hopefully this is the end of it. If i hadn't read your post with that number attached I would still be waiting to hear (probably forever) back from nonexistent support team there.

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  • Ma
      4th of Sep, 2009

    About 8/16/09 I was charged 29.95 by DRI Registry also DRI System Medic another charge $29.95. phone 952- 646- 5288 I didn't know why. Shortly after about 8/24/ i had a Pop up Of Personel Antivirus i thought was good made charge $69.95. Unsure about the charge to I went to search, found out it was a virus by Trogan Zlob. I tried canceling my email, no response. It popped up again, I managed to uninstall it along with SpyHunter. I sent documents to my Credit Card Bank Complained all three charges. Now waiting for a response my Bank.

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  • Il
      12th of Oct, 2009

    Oh thank you so much for the person that provided the number 950-646-5288. I was able to get that charged removed from my bank account as well. Again thanks thanks thanks.

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  • Ni
      15th of Oct, 2009

    hadn't been able to find the antispyware purchased from witabtt on my computer...constant pop-ups flashed on the screen and couldn't get rid of them...after several unsuccessful attempts to fix the problem by myself informed company's support team about my trouble...received the solution to my email and now have this program up and running so far...hope there won't be any problems in future

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  • Gl
      6th of May, 2010
    DRI Registry Medic - Visa Card Unauthorised Charge
    United States

    FIRST A charge of $33.88 (Australian)has been debited to my Visa Card without authorization.
    I want it refunded immediately

    SECOND their website does not give any contact address

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