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DRI PCTOOLS.COM / unauthorised withdrawal from my credit card

1 United States Review updated:

DRI PCTOOLS.COM continue to withdraw annually money from my credit card.
The service was originally for 1 year but it caused me problems so I cancelled it. This was 3 years ago.

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  • Bi
      17th of Oct, 2008

    Same thing with me. I can not believe they would conduct their business this way. I will fight this and never use the company again. I never knowingly agreed to auto renewal. Just try to find a way out or to change the auto to manual. They will change BUT NEXT year or so they claim. You can not stop this by going to my account. It will be me and the bank now.

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  • Gh
      18th of Oct, 2008

    Totaly agree with this comment, same thing has happened to me.
    The credit card companies are less than helpful !!! Stay away from PCTOOLS ([protected] they will rip you off!!!

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  • Pa
      25th of Oct, 2008

    Just follow these directions

    Your credit card details are held with our billing provider Element 5 and any changes to your credit card details will need to be made to them. To contact Element 5 please call toll free in the USA @ 1 800-406-4966 between the hours of 8am to 7pm Monday to Friday, and 9am to 5pm Saturday to Sunday USA Central Time. Additionally, if calling outside of the USA, please call +49.221.31088.30.

    I called them and the service rep refunded my money and cancel the renewal

    You need your CC charged and your first & last name

    That's it

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  • Se
      2nd of Nov, 2008

    I had an identical experience. Charge to my credit card was made on 10/19/2008, when I was away from my computer for several days. I plan to call them on Monday. The number I have for them is 800-764-5783. It appears to me that annual renewals if that's what this should not be made without customers approval.

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  • Ni
      3rd of Nov, 2008

    I made the call to 1 800 764 5783 and I found out that a year ago I bought SpyDr...I kept having problems with it and had to get it off of my computer. When I got rid of it the SpyDr company obviously had no clue because they had an automatic annual update that they charged me for. I don't even have the program to update...I don't see why they don't have something that triggers their database that tells them that their customers are no longer their customers. Anyways, I hope this helps somebody out!!!

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  • Ro
      4th of Nov, 2008

    Non ho mai autorizzato il rinnovo automatico dell'abbonamento ai vostri prodotti.
    Pertanto vi prego di cancellare il mio abbonamento e di restituirmi la somma di Eeuro 36, 24 che trovo addebitati sulla mia carta di credito in data 14/9/2008.
    Distinti saluti.
    Salvatore ROMANO

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  • Br
      6th of Nov, 2008

    i only agreed to a one year package i didnt sign up they took two payments out of my crd which cost me 40 pound this aint on who do iring frm uk

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  • Dw
      7th of Nov, 2008

    This comment is absolutely true. There was a charge to my account and we have never heard of this company ever before. I am very upset about this very inconvenient incident. This has been a very unnecessary incident. DRI PC TOOLS.COM is a deceitful company and should be taken to court. They have obviously ripped off a multitude of people. The sad thing is that they are trying to rip of the elderly. They truly are ###s. I don't like to curse, and please excuse me for my French. Someone should really sue these ###ers.

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  • Li
      7th of Nov, 2008
    DRI PCTOOLS.COM - unauthorized credit card billing
    United States

    I did not authorize or download software from this site. They billed my credit card 4 times for 39.95.

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  • Tr
      19th of Nov, 2008

    I had the same problem with PC Tools taking an annual fee out for services I have not had in over 2 years but I called the number for Element 5 (800-406-4966) and spoke with customer service and they reversed the charges and cancelled my account!

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  • Ka
      20th of Nov, 2008

    I too was billed by Dri for a charge of $29.95 on October 18, 2008. I also had to remove Spydoctor from my computer because it caused difficulties. I was unaware of any auto renewal.

    The number I must call is 800-764-5783. I will be doing so on Friday.

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  • Ke
      21st of Nov, 2008

    I was billed for $29.95 on my credit card, payment due 12/04/08 for an item which I did NOT purchase or request renewal. I'm requesting my credit card NOT PAY.

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  • Fi
      24th of Nov, 2008

    Can't believe how many others they have done this to including me...and there must be thousands more out there! I paid one annual paymemt 3 years ago and because they now have my business credit card details they have continued to take an annual payments from this card, this year £51.95. Ironically my business no longer exists and the bank account was shut down but apparently a credit card can be activated again if the details are still held on file by the bank. I am on the war path now and am trying to contact PC Tools...but how do I speak to a human being to discuss things and not some stupid web site ot automated call centre? ...oh, and Spydoctor sucks!!!

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  • Mj
      25th of Nov, 2008

    I don, t authorize to get mony from my credit card, and i did, t download DRI*PCTOOLS.COM, so I expect that you turn the mony back

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  • To
      26th of Nov, 2008

    Unbelievble. I read this quote on the pctools forum of why they are doing this:

    achen (4.11.07) "In the past, we have found that it was time consuming and cumbersome for some customers to have to manually renew their subscriptions. As a result, we decided to come up with a procedure that would alleviate the manual process."

    What a crock!

    I had success in getting my money refunded and account cancelled by following these steps:
    Panirud (10/26/08) " toll free in the USA @ 1 800-406-4966 between the hours of 8am to 7pm Monday to Friday, and 9am to 5pm Saturday to Sunday USA Central Time. Additionally, if calling outside of the USA, please call +49.221.31088.30"

    You will need your Credit Card number that was billed and the posting date.

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  • Tu
      29th of Nov, 2008

    You charge me for something I did not order. I would like you to refund my credit card. ASAP

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  • Js
      12th of Jan, 2009

    I too had the same problem as this thread, I called the UK number for Element 5 and the lady there was very helpful and authorized a full refund. I do agree though, at very least the auto renewal notification should be sent at least a month before payment is taken.

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  • Ni
      21st of Jan, 2009

    I have also been billed - my company got billed 3.12 last year 180 dollars for spydoctor. thats really a trrible way to treat people. I bought spydoctore more than e year a go nut had to get rid of it because it bungled up the workings of my PC...

    all be warned out there!!!

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  • Ca
      14th of Feb, 2009

    I'm sending the e-mail to complain about a withdrawl from my credit card that was unauthorized. The transaction date was Oct. 21, 2008.
    I'm sorry that it has taken me so, long to respone but, I just happen to notice that this was done recently. Please reponse to my e-mail I really do appricate your time.

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  • Ti
      15th of Feb, 2009

    I keep getting a reoccuring billing to this card from this company. They will not stop billing

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