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1 England, Worcestershire, United Kingdom
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Copy of complaint letter to Dreams Plc (xxxx's hide personal info)

Dreams Plc
Knaves Beech
High Wycombe

4th March 2012

Dear Sir / Madam,
Re: Order Number : xxxxxxxxxxxxx
I have given your company every opportunity to avoid this formal complaint, but the lack of customer service, and more importantly, the lack of refund of my money paid, has caused me to take this route. You may wish to save the time of reading the rest of this letter by immediately returning the £xxx.xx I paid to you on 2nd January 2012, against which I received a defective product on 27th January 2012, which was returned to you on the 15th February 2012.

The pertinent events are below.

2 2nd January 2012, order xxxxxxxxxx placed at your xxxxxxxxxxxx branch. £xxx.xx paid on my credit card.

- Bed and mattress delivered 27th January 2012.

- 28th January 2012 “1”
Bed unpacked and checked, ready for assembly.
Missing parts recorded and photographing of unbelievably damaged condition of leather elements of bed.

- 28th January 2012 “2”
Phone call to your customer service to attempt to arrange same day replacement of damaged and missing parts. When “xxxxxxxxx” advised this was not possible, even though the warehouse is less than 20 miles away, I told him to cancel my order, arrange collection and refund my money. After many minutes of being placed on hold, he confirmed my money would be refunded.

- 15th February 2012
The bed and mattress collected. (SRET reference : xxxxxxx)

As at the date of this letter, no communication has been made to me to discuss this matter, and more seriously, my money has not been refunded.

I now formally inform you, that if my £xxxxxx is not refunded to me by Friday 9th March 2012, I will instigate all options available to me as a Consumer.

With the above events taken into consideration, you probably won’t have any concern as to what I think of Dreams Plc, but if you do, feel free to send a questionnaire to me.
Yours faithfully,

Dreams plc
Dreams plc
Dreams plc
Dreams plc

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