Dreams Dominicus / Booked a 7 night vacation & no room for us when we arrived

My husband & I had booked a 7 night vacation from Nov. 22 to Nov. 29 at the new Dreams Dominicus in LaRomano in the DR. We arrived at approximately 4 PM & for the next 5 hours we were repeatedly lied to by managers & staff, who kept assuring us our room was not ready & they wanted to make sure it was just right. As the night wore on, we became increasingly upset that we would ever get a room. We were booked in the preferred club. Finally, at approximately nine o'clock, the preferred club manager called to the Now Onyx and we were put in a taxi. The roads were bad due to the really bad rainstorm that evening. After being up since 3 AM, we finally got a room at the Onyx.
This resort was virtually empty, because of being rented out starting on Dec. 1st be some large group. So, my question would be why did the staff at the Domincus repeatedly lie to us & not move us right away to the Onyx.
The room at the Onyx was new, but all week there was a strong sewage smell permeating from the commode portion of the bathroom. Everyday we had to call repeatedly to get clean towels & washcloths. Even when we checked out, they had said the would send a bellboy to pick up our luggage, but they didn't even after we called preferred club twice. So, we took our luggage down the elevator ourselves. All of this lack of good service, and we didn't want to go to this resort. We love the Caribbean water of the LaRomano region, having stayed there twice before.
We did receive a certificate for another 7 night stay at the Dominicus within a year's time, but this was only because I knew of the AM resorts policy, & this was after at least 4 times of going to the lobby to pursue getting this receipt.
My husband & I have stayed at many AM resorts in the past including Secrets Wild Orchid, Secrets Royal Beach, Secrets Capri, & Secrets Playa Mujeres. We also have stayed at Dreams Palm Beach & Dreams LaRomano.
We were told we can only stay at the Dreams Dominicus again, even though we had a horrendous experience there, and would prefer never to go back there. We had a good experience at Dreams LaRomano in the preferred club and would like to use our certificate there. If you do not honor our request after the horrible way we were treated, we guarantee you we will never book at another AM resort!!
Our vacation to the Dreams Domincus was booked through Kim Knepshield at Liberty Travel in Monroeville, Pa. Our travel confirmation no. is: [protected]. Our names are Robert & Gloria Glatt, 106 Volpe Drive, Monroeville, Pa. 15146. My e-mail address is [protected] Our home phone no. is [protected].
We would like another certificate mailed to us stating we can stay at Dreams LaRomano for all of our troubles that the Dominicus put us through. We should have been contacted before we ever left home that the Domincus was not ready. Others we talked to were contacted, but we never received that courtesy.
We trust we will receive a prompt response to our simple request not to have to return to such a poorly run resort as the Domincus.
Robert J. & Gloria A. Glatt

  • Updated by Gloria Glatt, Nov 30, 2016

    Put simply, we do not want to use our certificate at Dreams Dominicus and risk purchasing airfare and transfers; we do not want to risk or waste any more of our money on this debauchle of a resort. We want to stay at the Dreams LaRomano.

Nov 30, 2016

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