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I bought my wedding dress from dreamprom and it was the WORST possible mistake. The dress I ordered online, did not have any beading and was suppose to be made from cotton voile.

What arrived at my home was covered with cheap plastic iridescent beads, huge plastic silver rhinestones, not to mention all this beading (that I didn't want) wasn't sewn on properly so the bead were falling off. The lace applique was shredding and tearing off. The dress material was polyester and was smelling of toxic fumes, cigarettes and food.

This dress price was $225. I have been writing to them for three weeks, they have offered me a grand total of $28. When I said that doesn't even cover shipping the dress to return it, they literally sent me a photo of a lobster!!!

This is the worst possible customer service in the world, terribly insulting and upsetting. My wedding is one month away and I am scrambling for a dress as well as haggling with these people for a refund.


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  • Sh
      3rd of Aug, 2012
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    Thank you for the very detailed description of your experience. You may have saved my wedding! I was thinking these prices and pictures seemed too good to be true. After reviewing the return policy I was very skeptical and your review was so helpful. I will not be ordering my dress from them. Thank you.

  • Sa
      4th of Nov, 2012
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    please please Dont buy from this company. I thought all the reviews could have been a one off and it really isnt. i ordered 3 dresses two evening gowns and a wedding dress for a friend who was having a wedding on a budget, what a mistake! i paid for faster shipping as i was travelling for the wedding and wanted to take them with me, i kept starting a chat online everyday to make sure it is all on track and eveytime i got promised its all going to be ok, erm NOT! i asked to see pics of the dresses before they sent them. one of the dresses that was meant to be an aqua colour organza dress ended up being a green colour in tulle. the other dress was ok and the wedding dress was messing all the flower decoration when i complained they stuck PINK cut up ugly material in the shape of flowers and stuck them with pins on the dress!!! when i was going crazy as i had a flight to catch they said oh we will send them to the country you are travelling to so you dont need to worry give us a new address so i thought wow least they have good cutomer service. hahaha the joke was on me they never changed the address and they sent them and my friend got them for me and sent them again with dhl aborad cost another £150 as they were heavy. so this place is built on lies and bad service. please dont ruin your special day . DO NOT ORDER FROM THEM!!!

  • Ne
      13th of Dec, 2012
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    They are terrible. I have had nothing but problems with mine..
    That put it was delievered with a dhl tracking number... it was posted to the USA not Australia and will not refund my money.
    I have no dress, no money and try every day on the online help to no avail... I paid through Paypal and they have made up lies so I can not have my money back.. THIS IS FRAUD... PLEASE DO NOT BUY FROM THIS SITE...

  • Ne
      13th of Dec, 2012
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  • Sh
      24th of Apr, 2013
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    The following is a letter I wrote to a place I ordered a prom dress for my daughter online. Upon further investigation. I found at that many people have been having similar issues with them. Could you please warn your viewership as this is prom/wedding season? These people hire bloggers to post false positive reviews all over the internet so people will buy from them, then they rip you off. They also rig the comments on their own site in their favor to dupe people.

    Dear DreamProm,

    When all of the other mothers said "Don't order from China, they will steal from you" I took a chance and ordered from you anyway. My sent items in my e-mail are full of 100's of e-mails that I had to send to make sure you applied my Western Union payment so the order status could go from "pending" to "processing." Then I was worried the dress needed a petticoat, your representative said it did, so again I paid 29.99 at Western Union and again it took many e-mails to get that payment applied so the order could go into a "processing" status. After that there were many e-mails exchanged because I wanted to be sure the petticoat would fit as clearly as seen in the photos it does not fit at all. I was told in all of those e-mails not to worry.

    Initially I worried we would not get the dress in time, so I paid 9.99 for expedited shipping. I wanted the dress to be a good fit so I paid 29.99 for "custom tailoring." I kept checking the order status and communicating with you so I could be sure I would get the dress in time. Over and over I was told that the dress would be here by the specified date. It did not show up until 2 days after the date I paid 9.99 extra to receive it.

    When I opened the little package it came in, I cried. It was supposed to be pearl pink, but it was so dirty, it was gray. It was so wrinkled and the straps which were supposed to go behind the neck and fasten in a halter style had no closures on it. The beading was hanging and clearly not sewn correctly. The seams up by the band under the breasts were very crooked and pressed incorrectly. I immediately took the dress to the dry cleaner/tailor because this is prom and wedding season here in the USA and I knew the cleaners and tailor was very busy so I was afraid if I did not put the dress in right away we would not receive the dress in time for our event.

  • Je
      23rd of Jan, 2014
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    This company hs harrssed me called my a liar and treated me with predijust all because Ican not send a picture to them. They sent me a white jacket instead of Ivory and I have taken the jacket to many places and they all say the same thing it is white. If I could take a picture and send it I would have done it by now. All i asked for was an address to send them the jacket so they can see for there self but they refuse to give me the address to send it back. I need an Ivory jacket now I am out my money and no jacket this is for my wedding how wrong is this. Now to get my money back I will have to sue them I would rather have the right color jacket. DO NOT SHOP HERE IF SOMETHING IS WRONG THEY WILL NOT FIX IT.

  • Pe
      2nd of Feb, 2014
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    well I ordered a dress for my WEDDING, I was amazed by the styles they have comparing to the prices but it turned out that is a total $#*! ( sorry for the word ), I received the dress before the time they gave me 2 weeks but I was shocked with the dress, it looks like nothing with the one I ordered, it fits horrible, the finishing of it was worse it had different details with missing details also and more worse was the packing!!! and also it had a black spot on it!!!

  • Do
      29th of Mar, 2014
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    I too have had a horrible experience with this company for a prom dress. I've been haggling for three weeks with them. The dress arrived two days before planned after paying 29.99 and then an additional 20.00 for expedited shipping. the dress was 119.95 plus I paid the extra $25.00 for custom tailoring because my daughter is large busted and regular size does not fit her bust area. The dress arrived in a tiny envelope all folded up and wrinkled. Guess what? It fit her in the bust but it was almost two feet too long. I sent her height (head to toe) as instructed in their website at 64-1/2 inches. The dress from the top of the shoulder strap to the bottom is 77 inches long! And they tell me they made it according to the measurements I sent. I sent them pictures and a video of the dress with a measuring tape attached so they could see and asked for a refund within the 7 days of receiving (per their website) and they have done nothing but make excuses - have it altered locally, take my daughter to be measured professionally(which was done initially), if I send it back, it will cost me $150 to ship it so they will make me another dress for $150. These people are nothing but excuses. They told me they would share the cost of alterations but when I told them it would cost a minimum of $150 to fix the dress and I would send them a written quote, they said that was way too much. Then they had the gall after I kept insisting for them to send me the merchandise return form that I have to have according to their website, they just shoot off another email with another excuse and wont' send the form, then ultimately, offer me $20 refund. When I rejected that offer, they've now increased it to $30. They even told me to try to sell the dress locally. Do you know any female who is at least 6-1/2 feet tall that could wear this dress and fit into the bust that was made to order? I don't. I will keep hounding them through email (only way to communicate) until they do something. I'm going to send the dress back to the address on original packaging because I don't want it. It a very poor quality dress and improperly sewn as well. I told them if they would take it back, they could see it for themselves but they don't want to do that. BUYER BEWARE!!!

  • Th
      29th of Mar, 2014
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    I ordered a dress from here, when it was sent the beads have fallen off and there were purple pen mark on the white dress. I immediately send them picture of the dress and asked for a refund. I was given many excuses eg. Take it to the local alterations, how about $15 refund? The dress costed me $230! Refund then increased to $20 then refused to do anything about it. I have to go out and buy another dress for my engagement. BEWAREof this company!

  • Ye
      9th of Apr, 2014
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    I really wish I had seen all these post before I orders my wedding dress to which I have now received and am in total disgust!!! It states it goes through 4 different people before it's sent out but if you pay extra to have it shipped sooner, they take even more little thought and care into it!! I have been in contact through email only and they will not take the dress back and have only offered to refund me $20!!! Which I spent close to $400!!! DO NOT BUY FROM THIS COMPANY!!! I REPEAT!!! DO NOT GIVE THEM YOUR HARD EARNED MONEY FOR A CRAPPY CHEAPLY MADE DRESS TO WHICH THEY WONT TAKE BACK!! It looks nothing like the picture, with fuzz balls all over and strings just hanging lose!

  • Br
      3rd of Jun, 2014
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    Do NOT ever do business with this scam Chinese company. THERE ARE NO RETURNS. No matter how justified you may be.

  • Da
      8th of Oct, 2014
    0 Votes

    Horrible company fraudulent scam artist- the worst quality of garment I have ever bought - non existent customer service. Take your hard earned money to a company that deserves your business!!

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