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Dream Painting / Horrible Quality and Unethical Contractor!

1 3741 Merced Drive #I, Riverside, CA 92503CA, United States Review updated:
Contact information:
Phone: 866-92-Dream(37326), 951-324-8233

Don’t be fooled by the big binder that they bring to show you about the quality of work they do, their liability insurance, references and etc. The quality of their work is ABSOLUTELY HORRENDOUS and they’ll do anything to avoid taking responsibility.

We had the exterior of our house painted by them. In some areas, the paint started peeling almost right away. They replaced some outside wood pieces in addition to painting. The wood started falling apart not long after the job was finished because they used the wrong kind of wood (they used wood for the interior, not for exterior); they also used the wrong kind of nails. So, as soon as the wood swelled a bit, the joints cracked open. Luckily we noticed this in a couple of days and pointed it out to them. The method they used to fix the problem was to just cork in between and paint over the large gap to cover it up. So, obviously, the same area cracked open in a matter of a week. We ended up hiring another contractor to redo the whole thing “properly” this time.

They also left a lot of paint stains on our windows and other areas around the house. We ended up paying additional fees to window cleaners to remove paint on the windows and other stains they made.

Since they painted our exterior, we had several different contractors on our property for various home improvement projects. All of them pointed out the same thing that the painter did not do any prep work; new paint should never peel off like this in a matter of 1 or 2 years. We finally realized that they only did prep work in a few areas when we were watching; the rest, they did not.

They also damaged our property and never fixed it. They finished the job after dark, so we could not properly inspect the work they did or any damage which they may have done until the next day. We discovered the next morning that they had in fact damaged several areas of our patio and broken some roof tiles. We called them to complain and a manager came out and took photos and told us to get estimates and send them in; which we did. They assured us that they would take care of the rest and acknowledged that they had done the damage. However, when it came time for them to fulfill their obligations, they suddenly did not wish to use their insurance and denied the claim. The amount was less than their deductible, and they did not want to cut into their profit. Isn’t this typical of small unethical contractors?

The damage was about $1, 300, so it was not worth spending a lot of time and money pursuing this matter. In many cases like this, a lot of people end up not pursuing the matter because the time and effort involved ends up costing more than the damage. Companies like Dream Painting know this and take advantage of it. So beware, when they tell you they are fully insured, maybe they are, but they do not wish to use the insurance for any customer related issues and have a high deductable.

We reported this to BBB and they inquired about it. What Dream Painting did was sending BBB an old letter that they sent to us nearly 4 months ago with many untruths in it, which was the very reason that we complained to BBB. They were just trying to buy time. When BBB contacted them for the second time after we gave our response, Dream Painting never responded. We received a letter from BBB stating that Dream Painting never replied to their inquiries and they must close their file. Remember, a lot of help BBB gets is from the businesses. They are the ones who pay fees to BBB. I read some of the complaints on this site and noticed that people are having the same kind of experience with BBB or Consumer Affairs. Often times, our complaints go nowhere. At least, we received their responses; many seem to have received nothing from these organizations.

The quality of the work done by Dream Painting was well below professional standards and they showed no good faith to correct their wrong doing or repair the damage they caused. It is unethical not to try and do right an obvious wrong. We are glad to have found this site to post our unfortunate experience with Dream Painting.

People Beware!

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  • Js
      19th of Jul, 2010
    +1 Votes

    I absolutely agree. I had the same problems with Dream Painting just recently. When I threatened a lawsuit, they said they are going to file bankruptcy anyway so go ahead and sue! I don't even want to get into all the details. I'm so sick and tired of dealing with them and all of this!!!

  • Js
      19th of Jul, 2010
    0 Votes
    Dream Painting - Unreliable
    Dream Painting
    3741 Merced Dr, #I
    United States
    Phone: (951) 324-8233

    Estimator puts on a good pitch. Too bad, it's all a lie. Three times, the estimator (who is also the CEO) was late for the appointment. Painters ran late everyday. Job was mediocre. Broke some roof tiles. Claims my roof tiles needed to be replaced anyway so they won't pay for it. Went on for months, back and forth. I finally got sick of dealing with it and threatened a lawsuit. The office secretary was nice and tried to be helpful, but I could tell it was out of her hands. Problem never got resolved.

  • Rm
      13th of Aug, 2010
    0 Votes

    We are dealing with the same type of problems with Dream painting as I type this. They have done alot of work for us over the years and some of it very good. I am not sure what has changed recently but it is as if they could care less about customer satisfaction. Or keeping their loyal customers.

    There are areas that have been worked on in our home that were never done correctly in the first place and are falling apart. They come out and look at the area and agree it needs to be fixed. They then try asking us for additional money to fix the problem that their contractors never completed correctly in the first place. If they are unable to fix a problem area this is something they need to let their customers know up front.( It is a fixable problem) I am unsure they have the skills and knowledge to fix it properly as they have tried and failed a couple times.

    The way they are acting at this time and the work they are putting out recently, I would not recomend them to anyone. It is to bad because in the past they were not like this.

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