Dream beds / Quality and customer service

1 England, Buckinghamshire, United Kingdom

I bought a bedstead and mattress from Dreams in feb 2012. Both were super king. First delivery mattress arrived ok but bestead damaged. I complained and a week later another bedstead arrived : damaged again!!! Customer service offered me the price of the bedstead plus 20% to spend on another one. The only one I like is the one I ordered but do not want to have to wait for a third damaged bed. Quality was horrible. Do not buy Aurora bed!!! I want to return both items but an extremely rude lady in customer service told me I can only return the bedstead as mattress not damaged. Well, my current bed is king so I cannot use a super king mattress. It is not my fault they delivered two damaged beds. I can't have a mattress without the bedstead!! I already contacted the council helpline to complain about this company. Never again!!

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