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1 Bloomington, CA, United States

I received an email that appeared to be from a Bloomington, IN lawyer claiming she was sending me secure files. I was a little leery but I had looked into pro bono lawyers a couple of times in the last few years, so thought it might be legitimate. Thankfully, I have an excellent Anti-virus program which warns me of websites that may be unsafe. When I clicked on the two links in the email, my Anti-virus warned me each time of a Phishing attack on (where I was apparently being directed), and allowed me to back out. I do see that there is a seemingly legitimate organization in Milwaukee called Games Are Us, Inc. with that email address given on Manta.

When I clicked on the name of the sender who, again, is a respectable lawyer in Bloomington, IN, the email address showed as Searches on the Internet reveal that Dr. Aziz Mamma Jamirah is an herbalist and "spiritual healer" in Cape Town, South Africa, who promises financial gain and romance. I don't know if the person actually sending the email is connected with Games Are Us, Inc. or why I was apparently being directed to that website. But, emails from are definitely a scam and should be reported. A Whois lookup of the originating IP address does indicate the email was sent from a U.S. Google account.

My email service is very good about detecting and deleting spam before it reaches my inbox. But, someone bypassed my email's security measures by forging the header. It is especially concerning, and makes me wonder if the email could have actually been sent by someone locally, because the sender obviously knows where I live and so must be someone known to me. The last time I looked into pro bono lawyers was in December when I was having problems with a houseguest who refused to leave or find a job. The guest does have a college degree in computer science, but that was a long time ago. However, I did suspect her a couple of years ago of sabotaging a Facebook page that caused my computer to freeze up (it was a page associated with one of her contacts, but I suspected then that she had set up a bogus Facebook page under his name). I wanted to upload a screenshot of the email and the expanded header, but I don't have a recognizable format for this website.

May 5, 2015

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