Draper Service Center / Bad Service

On 9/3/10 I had my Saturn Outlook 2008 serviced. One half hour later I had other problems with my vehicle and took it back to get it corrected. The service consultant, Tom, was not helpful at all and stated it is unrelated to what was worked on earlier. He wanted to charge another $80.00 for a diagnostic charge. I demanded to speak to the manager since it was working before I had it serviced. When I went in to speak to the service manager there was no eye contact, no hand shake, no what can I help you with, no welcoming what so ever. He continued to look down at his computer and proceed to work on whatever he was working on. When I spoke up and said I am not happy with the service he acted appalled. I explained why I was not happy since it has only been 30 minutes since my car left his building and now something is totally wrong. He acted like I was taking up his time due to the fact he must have had something much more urgent on his computer to deal with. I am VERY unhappy with the customer service at Draper's in Saginaw, Michigan. This is very unproffessional and very disrespectful to a paying customer. I will never give them my business again and I will let everyone know how bad of customer service they provided. Not to mention, they broke something else in my car and would not stand behind it. I suggest some public relation education for Draper's in Saginaw of Michigan.

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