Dragan from Serbia / shetani savannah

1 Yugoslavia

We bought a F2 kitten in may 2016. We took a male named Samir. Samir is now 13months old and from the very beggining up till now we are not able to touch him or pet in any way, we can play with him but he doesn't allow any contact whatsoever, we were told that the cat is already socialized and accomodated to humans and other animals also.. None of this came to be true and we now we have a pet which we cannot pet, vaccinate, take for a walk etc... We have tried from the very begging a lot of metods to get him use to us and his new home, gave him time and patience and lots of love but nothing seems to work unfortunately...He also had conflict with 2 of our pets, one dog and our older cat...

We have reason to doubt that they sold us the last kitten that they had left because he was too unsocialised, and they had luck on having us coming all the way from different country and didn't have time to spend with the cat to see how thing work and possibly return him back..

Mar 10, 2017

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