Dr. Walter Lee Fanning / VERY BAD EXPERT

1 Concord, NC, United States
Contact information:
Phone: (704) 403-1766

Dr. Walter Lee Fanning is an (internist) for Internal Medicine and Infectious Disease and is a very bad expert and he seems to be hired by attorney's who defend insurance companies to defend bad doctors. He apparently has an ax to grind since he was sued for medical malpractice for being held part responsible for the death of of a young mother Dora Diaz and her unborn child in Arizona Maricopa County Case No. CV1995-014521 he has had two other complaints at the Arizona Board of Medical Examiners that are not available online. Experts are held up to the highest standards to be able to testify in court cases so jurors can rely o their opinions and this is an expert that will say anything to twist medical terminology for a positive outcome for bad doctors. Dr. Fanning is just not an expert to trust.

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