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Dr. Vreeland Hypnotherapy Services Complaints / false information?

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From A non-academic side her degree (hypnosis) is under the same area of meditation, astrology, dreamwork etc consider that the alleged 'degree course' covers may lot of ground, and claims to do it in only six to eight weeks. Leaving aside the merit of these areas of study, this would give her at best a shallow overview of the ideas in question.

I would suggest you would do better research after spending some time finding books from reasonable sources (though assessing sources is another battle). You will see that Bunny spent about three to four years to get her PHD (not much time) and went to seminars from a fellow PHD- now she is upset because people have noticed how much training , Bunny really has had via Internet.

Check-background below search google search "Hypnotherapy Services Complaints" or "Bunny Vreeland" check it against the below info:(you be the judge)

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Bunny's posted stated education

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  • Mi
      4th of Jun, 2007
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    Yes - I would love to see her respond on this forum. It seems she has set up her blog and started talking either without knowing the law or is not being honest. I want to give her, the benefit of the doubt.

    And it seems if you did see her, and did not like her services she would scream at you and then rip your tongue out at the seam.

  • Ge
      4th of Jun, 2007
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    As stated above anyone checking her information out will find out who is lying and who is telling the truth. Sadly, like many on this forum and many others, all confirm the same.

    Dr.Vreeland Hypnotherapy Services are all saying the same thing- She is not what , she claims Thank god for the internet!!! No one is attacking her, rather the information provided

    Bunny's profile

    Bunny's posted stated education

  • Dr
      6th of Jun, 2007
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    You did not take the time to check her " Ph.D". and After Bunny's' phony degrees were exposed, It has caused many people to ask hard questions and others say. "how could she have gotten away with this for so long?," This is starting to make people ask. "how could she make,to make the BBB and the local newspaper look stupid. In fact, why did they not check her background? When someone becomes ill becomes ill because of the daily medical advice, she is giving online and to her personal clients? People rely on your ratings and so, far you seem to support a person who has misled people into thinking her "PHD" equal to to one from USC.(it is not)

    Seriously, does anyone think that they can pay a few grand to a correspondence school and become a PhD in Hypnotherapy? (Yep, Bunny did .)

    -Would you go to a doctor who earned his degree on the Internet?

    -How about who trained with DVD’s?

    Why not? I mean, they have a certificate, right? That makes everything on the level, doesn’t it? This is what Bunny did for the PHD -You need to do your due dilenginge to protect consumers-

    Check search results that there is no way one person could post all the problems.aslo, check dr bunny vreeland scam.

    These below were sent to me as questions to ask Bunny to find out if her education was a fraud?

    She claim the PHD was from "Huntington Pacific University". The website:

    --Credit acquisition. A wise man once said, “Nothing worthwhile comes easy,” and the same holds true for college credits. Programs that offer “life experience” credits for simple everyday tasks should be examined carefully. Generally, accredited programs will demand careful documentation that demonstrates a correlation between life experience and college-level coursework.

    Huntington Pacific University".- Offers “life experience” and seems to have an easy way and also offers an easy payments. Which with some programs allows you to become a member automatically on the boards, Bunny is currently a member

    -Scheduling. Although there are many fully accredited programs that offer schedules conducive to the working adult student, degrees that don't require some classroom time or instructor interaction should raise a red flag.

    Huntington Pacific University".- does not require classroom time at HPU or a lot of instructor interaction .

    -Association with other students is an important part of the learning process. If you ask people who've been to USC about the most valuable part of the experience, they'll probably tell you that much of the education comes from the open exchange of experience and ideas after the class has ended.

    Huntington Pacific University".- does not require classroom time at HPU or a lot of instructor interaction , you do not get to know many students , so the association with other students is not an important part of the learning process.

    The overall length of the program is another area of concern. Degrees that can be earned in a short time should be pursued with caution, as it's difficult to master complex disciplines in mere months. There's a reason why most bachelor's degrees are earned through four-year programs.

    Huntington Pacific University".-State's "....students are therefore able to complete their programs within self-generated time frames. This unique concept allows the student as much time as he or she may need to complete the program of study. We do, however, urge the student to complete his or her degree program within three years..."

    Location. Administrative offices that use P.O. Box addresses or suite number can be a sign to use caution, especially if they're accompanied by uncaptioned brochure pictures of beautifully landscaped campuses and Gothic-style buildings. Under investigation, some institutions have been revealed to use pictures of buildings in other states that have no relation to the “college” in question.

    Huntington Pacific University".- does have a suite #and email

    Bruce E. Kaloski, Ph.D – Chancellor of Huntington Pacific University

    412 Olive Ave., #547, Huntington Beach, CA 92648
    (888) 437-5256

    Here is Mr.Bruce E. Kaloski, website:(Chancellor of Huntington Pacific University-He looks like a con man in this site)

  • Mr
      20th of Jun, 2007
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    Mr.Bruce E. Kaloski promises many things in a three day training.

    Maybe Dr. Vreeland was scammed?

  • Me
      20th of Nov, 2007
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    I fail to see what everyone is complaining about. Did you fail to quit smoking from Vreeland's session? Did you fail to stop eating like a mad cow?

    Just because Bunny earned a Ph.D. online or through non-traditional means doesn't discredit her or anyone else. There are many, many proprietary online schools that are not bogus. The fact that some exist doesn't change anything in the world.

    Most brick and mortar universities have online programs too. Grow up people!

  • Ka
      22nd of Mar, 2008
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    Sorry Bunny but I can send you the same certification for $297 No Hypnosis training whatsover!! Make a triple digit income from someone that just learned not too long ago. It's not your fault. You were scammed. I swear my hypnosis is the best.

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