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Dr. Tobias U. Braegger / Fraudulent Business Dealings

1 Witikonerstrasse 80 ZurichZurich, Switzerland Review updated:

Dr. Tobias U. Braegger, the managing partner of Ipilot AG in Zurich, Switzerland, was referred to us by a mutual business associate, who was also subsequently swindled, for which we invested a large sum in what turned out to be a deceptive and fraudulent investment plot. Tobias is well spoken with an engaging personality but in retrospect most crooks come across like him in order to prey on their victims. We now believe that Tobias was involved in some sort of a financial scam or Ponzi scheme because of the number of people we subsequently found out who also were victims. The many attempts to contact Tobias have all been futile, he’s skilled at evasion, ignores our communication and we can’t locate his correct address to serve legal notice. This message is posted as a warning to potential individuals who may want to get involved with Tobias in business.

Dec 31, 2015
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  • Dg
      1st of Jan, 2016
    +48 Votes

    We are a small-scale private investment club and have also been victims of one of the many Ponzi-scheme financial scams operated by fraudster Tobias Ulrich Braegger of catastrophic impact to our members.

    The name of fraudster Tobias Ulrich Braegger’s fronting company used to steal our money is “ALEAN CAPITAL AKTIENGELLSCHAFT”. Fraudster Tobias Ulrich Braegger’s fronting company’s address is, theoretically, located at NEUGASSE 15, 9490 VADUZ, LIECHTENSTEIN.

    The company used for scamming us had an account with BNP PARIBAS in France, where we instructed our investment to be deposited close to 1, 200, 000 Euros. BNP has confirmed the account has been terminated by fraudster Tobias Ulrich Braegger’s lawyer in France and our money cannot be recovered as fraudster Tobias Ulrich Braegger moved it to other accounts abroad (out of France), which details BNP PARIBAS cannot realease unless required by an instruction Judge in France.

    The fronting account with BNP PARIBAS fraudster Tobias Ulrich Braegger used for stealing the money from our investment is “FR7630004008170000016216093” and the BIC Code of the bank is BNPAFRPP.

    Fraudster Tobias Ulrich Braegger also uses other bank accounts in Switzerland, Germany, U.K., Hong Kong and other offshore locations internationally in the name of other fronting companies exclusively designed to scam his victims and channel his criminal activities.

    Till date, in addition to the company fraudster Tobias Ulrich Braegger scammed us by stealing our money in the most cruel and merciless fashion (“ALEAN CAPITAL AKTIENGELLSCHAFT”), we are aware of a number of other companies through which fraudster Tobias Ulrich Braegger operates his scams internationally and involves in money laundering and other criminal activities drug trafficking and international terrorism related, as we have been advised by sources which we can only reveal to police authorities. The companies of which we are aware are, presumably, the following:

    1) “LA TRESORERIE LIMITED”, a company formed in the United Arab Emirates with address at Gate Villlage 5, Level 2, Dubai International Financial Centre, PO Box 506982, Dubai and holding an offshore bank account with DEUTSCHE BANK AG in London (Account number GB27DEUT40508175288603 and BIC Code:DEUTGB2L.

    2) “PARADIGM ENERGY LIMITED”, a company formed in England with registered address at 145-1570 St. John Street, London EC1V 4PW, holding account numbers GB02BARC20315286817455, GB02BARC2031528318100 and GB95BARC20315233988805 and BIC Code:BARCGB22 with BARCLAYS BANK PLC in London.

    3) “CASSIOPEIA MANAGEMENT CONSULT EST.”, formed by any of the many fraudster Tobias Ulrich Braegger’s goats of Mendes, with theoretical registered address at ​Neugasse 15, 9490 Vaduz Lichtenstein, to cover more scams of fraudster Tobias Ulrich Braegger. CASSIOPEIA is a holder of bank account number ​CH7109000000916169688 with POSTFINANCE in Zurich (Switzerland) and BIC Code: POFICHBE.

    4) “BLUE GOLD CAPILTAL LIMITED”, a company formed in Hong Kong with address at Unit A, 20/F, ETON Building, 288, Des Voeux Road, Central, Hong Kong, holding bank account number “496675541” with “DEUTSCHE BANK (HONG KONG)”

    For reader’s reference, we enclose a copy of fraudster Tobias Ulrich Braegger’s Swiss passport.

    Fraudster Tobias Ulrich Braegger is a relatively well articulated individual who poses as a financial specialist and who, in the same time, states to serve the Swiss army at a secret military base in Switzerland. We have pictures, videos and voice recordings of fraudster Tobias Ulrich Braegger confirming so himself available upon request to victims of fraudster Tobias Ulrich Braegger who can legitimately prove they have been as well victims of his crimes and may be interested in joining their complaint to ours aiming at fraudster Tobias Ulrich Braegger arrest.

    As additional information, fraudster Tobias Ulrich Braegger’s lives with both of his parents in Switzerland, who are also both presumably involved in his scams and crimes.

    Fraudster Tobias Ulrich Braegger’s personal address is located at: “8 Muslistrasse, Effeetikon 8307, Zurich, Switzerland” (A picture of Google Maps is attached for reference.)

    We also attach a copy of fraudster Tobias Ulrich Braegger’s Swiss Passport which was provided to us by himself before we became victims of his scam.

    For readers’ reference, we are presently collecting information to file a criminal complaint against fraudster Tobias Ulrich Braegger based on a series of alleged crimes related to our case, including financial theft, white-collar scheme to commit fraud with premeditation, personal identity theft, fallacy, misrepresentation, abuse of trust, life threatening and blackmailing and hope that, with the assistance of both the Law in Switzerland as well as with the help Interpol, the case will be resolved with the imprisonment of fraudster Tobias Ulrich Braegger soon.

    Fraudster Tobias Ulrich Braegger’s telephone numbers are: +41 78 884 88 10 (Mobile) and +41 52 343 39 89 (Home). The email address email address fraudster Tobias Ulrich Braegger used for communicating with us for his scam is: “”.

    We pray for the detention of fraudster Tobias Ulrich Braegger and a fair legal sentence of long term imprisonment for the very serious crimes fraudster Tobias Ulrich Braegger has committed.

    For more information on fraudster Tobias Ulrich Braegger you can contact us at:, with “FRAUDSTER BRAEGGER” in the subject field.

  • Hd
      12th of Jul, 2017
    +8 Votes

    @D. Goldman Please contact me at Thank you.

  • Bx
      9th of Jan, 2016
    Best Best Advice +50 Votes

    NOTE: Tobias U. Braegger also goes by the name TOBIAS U. BRAGGER or TOBIAS BRAGGER (one less "E" in his last name) to confuse people and conceal his identity. All these names belong to the same individual.

  • Du
      20th of Feb, 2016
    +48 Votes

    Mr. Brägger, was introduced to me in 2015 by a good (and wealthy) friend who had just met him via a lawyer in Zurich. My friend asked me for advise as he was not familiar with the financial markets and invited me to join his meeting with Mr. Bragger, for an "investment opportunity in some kind of a ridiculously hilarious kind of trade he referred to as a "HIGH-YIELD INVESTMENT PROGRAM". He mentioned he had access to this “rare and very exclusive opportunity”, which irrationally consisted in buying and selling "bank guarantees" (one has to really lack knowledge on the financial markets to believe "bank guaranties" are traded in any regulated market in the world) "issued" by “major world banks”, and categorically stated could purchase the guarantees at bargain prices because of his connections with certain ”elite people" at the “World Bank” as well as at the “US Federal Reserve” (Foolish nonsense!) who will allow him to re-market them at a much higher bidding to other banks in search of collateral for securing the purchase of money in the market, or some stupidity in this line I cannot recall with precision. I caught him within the first 10 seconds after he started speaking but allowed myself for some fun till I'd finished my coffee. We had the meeting at a hotel in central Zurich where he organised the appointment with my disoriented friend in search advise. I live in Zurich. And so does my friend. When I finished my coffee I made a sign to my friend and we both left the table. No words. He remained sitting in his chair. Mr Brägger, you should be put behind bars, or, eventually, in a circus working as a clown. Mr. Brägger is just another rather mediocre scam artist. I can’t believe how someone of such low level of knowledge and behaviours is capable of convincing people as those posting their experience in this page to invest such extraordinarily large sums of money. Without trying to be ironic, betting for a single number in a casino at the roulette would have been, probably a much safer option. My advice is: Distance from Mr Brãgger. He should be put behind bars. Absolutely.

  • Ar
      23rd of Feb, 2016
    +45 Votes

    I agree. Tobias Bragger is definetly a fraudster! He the person in the passport shown in one of the postings here for sure!! He was introduced to me by a businessman from New York who said the same thing about this investment opportunity and etc. Tobias Bragger said he was a lawyer and specialized in this type of investment business described in the posts in this website. Though, thank God, I never invested a dime with him, I was proposed to invest 300 thousand Dollars in this same investment scheme described in the previous post. It all smelled pretty bad to me and decided not to invest. However, the person who introduced me to Tobias Bragger ended up by loosing 50 thousand Dollars with him but did not enter any legal complaint against him. This world is too small and Tobias Bragger will hopefully be put in prison one of these days. How can anyone be so evil for as to take merciless advantage of people without investment knowledge but who have legally and honestly earned their money and then steal their savings without the slightest feeling of guilt or remorse? Tobias Bragger must be a kind of a psychopath. The news on Tobias Bragger should propagate the internet. Does any one know of any other website to report his activities? I have a ton of documents he provided, including investment contracts, powers of attorney to be signed by his victims and other documentation that I would be very happy to share with victims of Tobas Bragger, as long as they can prove to be real victims of Tobias Bragger and not Tobias Bragger trying to collect information on himself to prepare for the worst. You can send me any messages regarding Tobias Bragger at, if anyone is interested in knowing further about my case. Thank you.

  • Yp
      28th of Feb, 2016
    +45 Votes

    I have also been a victim of Tobias U. Braegger. He is a white collar criminal. Maybe grey collar criminal defines him better. Very low level though, but a criminal. He stole $100, 000 in an investment scheme from my wife and I in 2011. We needed this money for feeding our family. He stole most of our savings with no compassion and kept on saying he was going to pay us back to gain time, till we desisted. He also said he was very ill and suffering from a terminal cancer. Liar! He kept on sending us pictures of himself at the hospital. I will find them and post them here when I have the time. Just as an example of what he does, see page 33 of this document:
    He should be confined to prison for the rest of his life.

  • Mw
      1st of Mar, 2016
    +45 Votes

    Tobias U. Bragger is not only a thief but a very evil person. I am also another victim of his financial scams. I invested 120.000 € last year with him and other guys from New York with who he was involved in the scheme, on what he sold as a “zero-risk investment” proposal that was going to yield double of the money in three months, by investing in “historical bonds” that had not been redeemed and could be traded over the counter in special markets to which, he said, himself and very few other people in the world ave access. He said he had a special license as an authorised trader of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York to trade in this bond market. We signed an investment contract and I was very happy with the idea of doubleing my money in such short period of time. He kept on giving examples on how much money he had made for a German company in the wind-energy sector. Heolic something was the name of one of these companies and they were, in theory, based in Germany. I cannot remember the name of the investor he mentioned, as well as so many other other private and corporate investors. He has a very strong convincing capacity and I am too naive. So he found another perfect victim on me. I have always made my money honestly by working hard. I cannot believe what greed can make of a man in the hands of the devil. He taught me a lesson. Anyway, to make the story short, when Tobias U. Bragger couldn’t reimburse my investmentHe he told me the same story as it seems he keeps on telling almost everybody on this board and kept on sending pictures of himself at the hospital. The he disappeared. No more phone calls, nothing. I desisted when I addressed myself to my lawyer and said very little could be done against Swiss Citizens in these type of cases, as the Swiss law protects its citizens in such way that is practically impossible to even dream of entering a legal action based on financial loss, even in case of fraud, as it is the case. Here is one of the pictures he send me to proof he was at the hospital. I don’t think he is dying of anything, but if he is, when his day comes, may God excuses him from his bad actions. This is for you Tobias if you are reading me here, you are a very bad person and you know you make your life by stealing other people’s energy and money. Shame on you! The picture I am attaching here is only one of the many he sent to proof himself ill. He is the same guy in this passport on the second post.

  • Le
      25th of Mar, 2016
    +34 Votes

    Dear all,

    When i read all these messages and when i put all things in perspective then i need to say that we can only get this dealt with properly if and when we join forces to prepare actions in Switzerland. This with a complete file supported by all documents, contracts, copies and messages we received from him over the past months and year.
    We from our side are also obviously a so called victim from his fiction and we have lost severe money by making expenses for him and we lost precious time professional and privately because of his nice stories and fiction.
    I had the last time contact with him today, and i am tired of putting a mortgage on my life and business for entertaining his stories.
    We are ready to take this up, bring this forward next weeks. But i suggest that we all join forces.
    Please make contact via email; to address your experiences and your file. Our EU attorney will make contact with you personally to engage things in the near future. The more info my lawyers can gather, the stronger the file will become and the better the end result will be.
    We wont be able to recover a lot of moneys, but at least we will secure people in the future of not losing anymore money to and because of this person.
    I have always respect for everybody, but enough is enough. I don't need to go into details because i can read from your messages, my experience is yours. Our experience is already listed exactly like it is. Pictures of hospitalisation, etc...etc... etc... etc...
    So lets put our act together and try to get some result in stead of putting our complaints here on this website.

  • Ma
      20th of Oct, 2017
    +4 Votes

    @legalf Yes indeed. I know him well. He is a psychopath. He will finish behind bars soon, or in a much merrier approach to statistics calculation, six feet underground, or about. Tobias Ulrich Braegger is the number three in the list of disgusting beings I've ever met in my forty seven years of life. Right after my neighbour's parrot and the snake who swallowed my dog somewhere in the Amazon I would prefer not to remember.

  • Yk
      29th of Mar, 2016
    +32 Votes

    I would like to communicate with you at but your domain re-directs to a page informing the website has been shut down. I have a pile of documentation, pictures, messages, video recordings and voice recordings (same as the guys on the second posting) that I've put together from the day I started suspecting I was dealing with a criminal and that he was more onto a scheme to steal my money than onto anything remotely resembling investment advising. Whatever the case he swindled my associates and I for kind of a large sum of money. And, funny enough, I have strong reasons to believe, the first thing Tobias Bragger did with the money he stole from me was to purchase a silver colour Tesla car. One has to be a complete idiot to invest approximately 200, 000 Euros, or maybe a bit more, in a car representative of approximately a bit less than 20% of the money he stole from me. I don't think the guy has much lights anyway. I feel ashamed of myself as I realised it too late. He is really good a convincing but as you mentioned, enough is enough and I am also prepared to do whatever within my capacity to complicate his life as much as I possibly can. I have studied him carefully. Gathered information from other sources who have also been victims in much lesser sum of money than the kind of jack-pot he "wan" when he stole my money. He has enemies in every single corner of the world. No one I have contacted likes him at all. I have even consulted my sister, who is an MD with a PhD in Psychiatry. She commented, based on what I explained, Tobias Bragger has the profile of a psychopath with a severe compulsive disorder. The guy is 43 and lives with his parents in a social housing complex outside Zurich. Whatever the case, Tobias Bragger made it in a way that he ended up with my money. Please paste your correct email again so I can contact you for, as you say, joining forces against this crook.

  • Oh
      30th of Mar, 2016
    +27 Votes

    It's interesting to see how Tobias Brägger finally makes his living. I know him professionally from many years ago, and I'm not surprised that he became a crook. Don't be fooled, the guy is smart and holds a legit PhD in Law from a top tier Swiss university. He was also on a fast career track at Zurich Financial as an economist about 10 years ago. Both can be prooved on the official websites (HSG / ZFS). But he definitely is a psychopath and has some kind of disorder. I guess he really believes in his secret service/army stuff and in his world ripping off other people seems to be right. He probably lives in Bachenbülach near Zurich, but definitely not with his parents there (there are several persons with that name). He has family and parents somewhere in Appenzell. I suggest that you look him up in and contact his former business partners. I'm quite sure they also had a bad ending on their end and they might support your legal actions. Good luck!

  • Dg
      30th of Mar, 2016
    +30 Votes

    Among the many emails we receive regarding fraudster Tobias Braegger, we have received one we’ve just seen that was in the spam folder, sent by him posing as a certain “Peter Citi”. The email literally quotes as follows: “Dr. Tobias Ulrich Braegger, current address today 03 / 06 / 2016; Rudelsweiherstrasse 30, 91088 Bubenreuth, Germany —all the best”. He doesn’t sign the email and hides behind an anonymous Proxy. Mind any email advising fraudster Tobias Braegger has changed his living address. This information on is change of address is absolutely not true. Fraudster Braegger still lives in the same social housing complex referred in our initial posting, in the response to the first posting in this board. And this later email message to us has been, very likely, sent by fraudster Tobias Bragger himself. The email came to us from a gmail address hiding behind a Proxy. Fraudster Braegger is a specialist in creating fake documents, fake emails and fake everything. His life, in general terms, is fake itself. We could post our reply but certain expressions aren’t nice, so we’d better keep it private. For any information on Braegger, including the copy of the email he has address to us quoted in this posting, we remind everybody in this board or reading the postings in this board to contact us at: (please use "FRAUDSTER TOBIAS BRAEGGER" in the subject field of your email). We will be more than happy to keep on gathering information to complete the filing a criminal complaint at the Courts of Zurich against fraudster Tobias Braegger for theft, fraud, life threats, black mailing and a good number of other allegations. We are very certain we have more than strong elements at hand at the moment to induce the imprisonment of fraudster Tobias Braegger.

  • Dg
      30th of Mar, 2016
    +30 Votes

    Just an additional comment to our previous posting on fraudster Tobias Ulrich Bragger. See the image attached. It is a screenshot of the email received, probably sent by fraudster Tobias Ulrich Braegger posing as "Petter Citti". Beware of any emails received in line with this one, as it is very likely, in our opinion, that they may originate from fraudster Tobias Ulrich Braegger himself.

  • Dg
      31st of Mar, 2016
    +31 Votes

    This is a quote from an email we have today received regarding fraudster Tobias Ulrich Braegger. Just to keep the flame alive...

    "I used to work with Tobias around 2008 in Switzerland. He was partner of a company „Iploit“ and they tried to sell patents and licensing rights. He always played the role of a lawyer (which he is to my knowledge) and he was full of ### about secret service, him being a fighter pilot and financial specialist. Our firm fortunately never did business with him but he was very annoying and costed us a lot of time. Don’t be fooled, the guy is smart and holds a PhD from a prestigious university in Switzerland. He also worked for Zurich Financial Services. You can figure that out with Google, the original company pages (HSG and ZFS) seem to be legit. But he definitely is a sociopath and has some kind of disorder. He thinks of himself as very superior and other people are just prey.

    Anyway, his parents are from Appenzell and he does most likely not live with them in social housing. He’s still listed on in Bachenbülach (Brämenstallstrasse 6, 8184 Bachenbülach/ZH) close Zurich where he lived years ago. And on you can find names of former business partners. They probably had a bad ending to the story as well and might join you in a law suite. (Sebastian Biedenkopf and Oliver Melzer from a German investment fund and Iwan von Wartburg as a former partner of Iploit).

    Please keep me posted if that guy is behind bars, in my opinion he belongs there."

  • Sl
      31st of Aug, 2016
    +20 Votes

    Is anyone aware of business he is doing with a "partner" in Nashville, TN named Steve Fontaine? Another associate named "Louis?" Was anyone told he knew President Obama because this "investment deal was giving millions to non-profits; was meeting with the Governor to get funds released...etc? I would very much like someone to forward passport pictures and copies of the letterhead and email letterhead he created to show his titles and status. Please forward to

  • Ar
      26th of Nov, 2016
    +19 Votes

    How many people can testify against this fraudster and scammer? If you've ever been his victim, kindly email me on I hope to hear from you soon. Also send text messages to +18654656160. The end has finally come.

  • Ar
      26th of Nov, 2016
    +19 Votes

    Send emails to the contact above, or to my my colleague on or my personal yahoo mail on Please all should submit your petitions as soon as possible.

  • Al
      16th of Dec, 2016
    -12 Votes

    I read here a lot regards Mr Braegger, a lot of accusations are here on the board.
    Why does it nobody professional and post also evidences regards these accusations? I won't defend anyone here, especially not if the all is proper with evidences backed.
    But why does nobody file with a district attorney in Switzerland and post the file number from it?
    In Switzerland must be every person registered with the local city hall and his address. If the address isn't right then we are talking about a federal crime in Switzerland. And if we are here talking from frauds based on xxx thousands or even millions, are the parties are here really thinking that a judge wouldn't approve a court case against him.
    Ladies and Gentlemen, it is one thing to write public something down and this in a forum which even doesn't care about the truth at all. But if you all want to get taken seriously then you need to post more than just a passport and a google street view picture. And Rustav, nice try with that US phone number. But everyone in the world can get that number from Upptalk. It's not a US SIM card phone number. If you Rustav want to taken serious then you need to be honestly in first place already too.

    Again, i won't defend anyone here. And i honestly don't know this guy personal or on business based but please facts and not just words. It's possible to upload here files for to post them, why nobody does? I mean at the end read perhaps also some investigator and take the case on.

  • Al
      4th of Apr, 2017
    +15 Votes

    @A Lusek All posts here are based on facts in my opinion. Re-read the posts with care. There is no one single positive comment on this guy. Come on!

  • Al
      22nd of Mar, 2017
    -11 Votes

    Any news? Nothing at all?

  • Al
      4th of Apr, 2017
    +17 Votes

    @A Lusek Nothing at all? What do you mean nothing at all? This guy is an example of what one should not become in life. You said you don't know him in person. I do. And I agree with all the negative posts placed in this board. They are all based on facts. See the emails. See the pictures and make an effort to reach a plausible conclusion. Mr. Braegger is a crook. Though ridiculous, a very nasty one by the way.

  • Al
      4th of Apr, 2017
    +15 Votes

    Mr. Braegger is a professional thief posing as a registered financial advisor in the USA working for the Federal Reserve Bank as well as for the World Bank and The United Nations, a patent lawyer, a secret agent of the Swiss intelligence, a combat pilot of the Swiss Air Force and other characters in this line of stupidity. I agree with the comment posted here referring to the fact that he is, very probably, a psychopath. My opinion is that, over all, he is a man who became poor devil with the passing of the years. I am certain he will end well. The documents attached are a proof of what he presented to us as a guarantee for a 2 million Dollar investment and never obtained from us. The Brazilian company signing the checks are partners in crime of Mr. Braegger. When he felt we had caught him in all his idiotic proposals and rest of stupidities he was saying, he sent us this picture of his trying to confirm he was dying of some form of cancer and asking us to invest fast in his company's account before he would pass over. My advice: You guys are not going to get a penny back if you ever invested any money with this crook. Distance from Mr. Braegger is the best advice I can imagine of giving to the people reading this post.

  • Al
      30th of Apr, 2017
    -10 Votes

    @albois63 How can i go in touch with you? From which banks are these e-checks?

  • Al
      2nd of May, 2017
    -7 Votes

    @albois63 Actually you are the first which is posting real facts. Nobody here post evidences regards him. Thank you for that.
    Some say he was early this year caught by police in a hotel in another country. But no evidence regards this caught.
    What date did you received these pictures? How? By email? Via his phone? These checks from JPMorgan Chase makes no senses. E-checks and then got printed on security paper? I mean it is perhaps legit but the good thing is that it is not a big deal to get in contact with this Brazilian Company to verify the whole transaction. Did you this already perhaps?
    It makes also no sense to invest because he pass away soon. Who would invest with a person which is critical in health? Well, i doubt that anyone would do this.
    What was the name of his company he used as investment company? Which bank he used?
    Gentlemen, GET MORE PUBLIC with data !!!

  • Ma
      20th of Oct, 2017
    +6 Votes

    @A Lusek Tobias, Tobias, Tobias... Journalist know about e-checks? What the heck is an e-check? You're a psycho mate! Be king to the world and allow some one put you in a mental hospital for Gods of the Parthenon's sake! Your IQ must have gone down 40 points after taking this picture above, am I correct. You are now 15, is that it?

  • Ma
      20th of Oct, 2017
    +5 Votes

    @A Lusek Tobias, you were much more well off as a secret agent flying fighters. Journalism in the Czech Republic is not for you. I guarantee, Remembering you makes me vomit. Stay cursed for ever little coward rat!

  • Jm
      24th of Jun, 2017
    +13 Votes

    TOBIAS is posting as A LUSEK !! His first posting says, “I won't defend anyone here. And I honestly don't know this guy personal or on business based” and yet he goes on defending (himself). Only a person with vested interest in this matter would do such a thing. A LUSEK a.k.a. Tobias is the same pathological liar who cheated and stole our money. Tobias, now that you’re reading this, do the right thing and pay back the money you stole so maybe you can restore your credibility.

  • Al
      6th of Jul, 2017
    -13 Votes

    @jmayzz No is he not. I am actually a journalist which is looking after the truth and a story. But a story can be only published if there are some underlying facts which can be shown. I wrote here albois63, Aripov etc. several messages and absolutely nobody reply to them. I use actually my real name and not like all the another here some sort of nickname. My name is Adam Lusek. Everyone can write me here on this platform a private message. But nobody does. Stole your money? Why not telling your full story? I am not a victim as well not an investor neither Mr Braegger himself.
    But honestly, why nobody publish proofs? Or give at least some answers to my questions? If not public, then why not on private message basic?

  • Hd
      12th of Jul, 2017
    +11 Votes

    @A Lusek A journalist should know how to write --at least. "A journalist ", refers to you as an object. A journalist "who" is what you should have written. You writing style reminds me how ridiculously limited in most senses Mr Tobias Braegger is. You have not sent me any email by the way. Tobias Braegger must be, in addition to a freak, as I could read in the preceding note, a pathological liar indeed. To start with the fun, he refers to himself in second tense ("No he is not..." and then in first ("I am actually..." --what do you mean by "actually" by the way Mr Lusek? --or should I say Mr Braegger). If you want to now pose as a journalist Mr Braegger, may I suggest you return to school to learn basic grammar? I will in earnest I will see you one day either imprisoned; or placed in a mental hospital.

  • Hd
      12th of Jul, 2017
    +11 Votes

    @H.Deschamps "A journalist "which" is what you first wrote wrong among other stuff you've proven idiocy.

  • Hd
      12th of Jul, 2017
    +11 Votes

    @H.Deschamps If you are a victim of M Braegger, please contact me at I have a big file on him that we can commonly use for preparing a joint criminal action against this crook. Thank you.

  • Al
      28th of Aug, 2017
    -5 Votes

    @H.Deschamps Your email doesn't exist

  • Al
      13th of Sep, 2017
    -8 Votes

    I am really getting sick of this community here.
    Isn't it very strange that every posting against this alleged fraudster receive almost immediately votes but if I write something neutral then I get a negative note?

    Oh no, I am not Mr Braegger. Actually is english also not my native language because native I am from Czech Republic.
    And my email is from begin always the same.

    Not like a lot of email here published which aren't even working.

    What I always ask was just to post the stuff you all wrote here.
    Some promised picture from hospital, some from documents. And what is the result? Nothing got posted except the last one with the e-checks.

    I am not a lawyer and don't have the background knowledge to judge. But I never listen the possibility of a class action law case in sense of a criminal charges.
    For what the heck collect victim's data and file together criminal charges.

    If someone has plenty of evidences (sufficient evidences) for to file criminal charges and don't proceed with it then I have no pity with that person. Opposite, for me is this person not a thing better as Braegger itself because this person conceal the criminal activities from Braegger with not going ahead to the authorities.
    And [censored] what I read here regards protection of Swizz citizen from the law.
    A white collar crime is a whit collar crime also in Switzerland. Just go to the Staatsanwaltschaft 3 in Zurich.
    Sure it is not easy to collect funds which he alleged stole from all these investors here in Switzerland.
    Bit that would be a civil case and not a criminal action. Here would be also a class action filling possible (civil).

    Again, I am not what people are writing here and you all are saying he is good in english. I am not because I never study the English language, we study Russian and French back the days in the school.

    So, where are the evidences and not just written words?

    Deschamps, it's a crime to conceal evidences from a crime (thwarting a crime, so far I know). So if you have so a big folder, go to Zurich or call any Swiss Embassy in your country how to file a crime from foreign soil.

    And must i post a screen shot from the personal message tool here on the board where i tried to go in touch with people from here. Very fast are people exposed which state i would lie and never tried to go in touch with these people.

    Now i count the minutes and hours until i get agin 7-8 negative votes.

  • Ma
      20th of Oct, 2017
    +5 Votes

    @A Lusek Hey you clown of the least funniest class! Your vocabulary and grammar are inconsistent. Your nerves speak for themselves, You tremble. You become ill. And finally, you are over as you are.Even though I can see a certain light of a well versed writer when you employ certain words in certain ways I have some kind of fun when you pose a contemporary Czech Republic journalist. Hey Tarzan!. Budapeshhht? Was it like that you rat? I always thought you had a slight touch of idiocy, but mate mate mate... let me tel you, YOU ARE PLAIN STUPID., Period. Yeah Tobias, plain stupid with capital letters. From fighter pilot to secret agent, then a patent lawyer (you were a patent lawyer I am certain of this). And now ladies and gentlemen... A Czech Republic native journalist. Ya is my native broda! Freak!!!

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