Dr. Terry Hopperortho/ braces

Hello we started care around February 2018, we paid $500 down payment, and my insurance was charged $1000. This totals $1500 which is half of the total amount of $3032. since February my daughter has received only four brackets, and their explanation is due to the payment plan. You would think at least half of the total amount more would of been done at this point. They market as fast braces not payment driven care.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Austell, GA Other facilities have applied full braces and improvements are showing, however its been almost a year and no improvements or results. this is totally ridiculous. Then they recently wanted to add a additional $500 to my account for disposing of my daughters expander, in which they mention their process is to notify patients but i was told i wasn't notified because my account was in collections. My account was not sent to collections until Aug, the expander came in in may. Again i question this and received no response. PLEASE DO NOT GO TO THIS FACILITY FOR ORTHO CARE

Dec 11, 2018

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