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Dr. Richard A. Weiss


Lied about his experience botched my asian eyelids (BLEPHAROPLASTY surgery)

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Contact information:
Dr. Richard A. Weiss M.D.
360 San Miguel Dr
Newport Beach, California
United States
Phone: 949 720-1400
I went to this doctor to fix a minor problem from a previous eyelid surgery that didn't leave me any scars. The only scar I got from that 1st surgery was a very fine line (very thin and faint scar that no one could really even see it unless I point it out to them). The problem was my eyelid was left uneven. One side was about 6 mm wider. Dr. Weiss told me with confidence that he can fix it and he worked on asian eyelid before. He was very friendly when he took my money for the eyelid surgery. I thought I did all my research for this as brochures in all plastic surgereon office states that eyelid surgery will leave a hair line(extremely thin) scar hidden under the eyelid creases (folds of the eyelids). Back then in 1992, there was no internet for the general public to access or even much information posted about comestic surgeries online.
Dr. Weiss is a slasher and didn't have the experience to work on my asian eye lids. He left tons of noticeable scars all over my eye area and some are zig zap stitch marks. He sewn me up way too tight. My scars are from my eyes to my hair line. You can obviously see two huge stitch mark to the left of my left eyes. My crease is lumpy and bumpy with zig zag markings all over. This As*hole stitched way too tight. My eyes are of different shape and size. One being obviously bigger than the other. My eyes crease and eyelid have so many wrinkles that is the result of him not having the right skills to perform such surgery. After the surgery I was really bruised up and still was pretty bruised up when he removed the stitches from my eyes.
Recently I noticed my right eye brow appears to be sagging which is very unusally for asains of eastern asian ancestry. Non of my siblings have that problem and they are much older than me. So I plugged both of my eye brows, so I can use an eyebrow pencil to draw them in. I have also been usually Obaji in attempt to fade brown patches from my eye area and this slasher also give me lots of stitch mark scars along my eye brows. Some of the scars are hidden inside my eye brow, so I only found this out when I pucked all my eye brow up and followed the scar path which eventually loops back to my eye lid crease. I now believe Dr. Richard A. Weiss used me as an experiment because Non of those stitch scars should be there. I went in for eyelid surgery by doctor (which is actually a slasher) and ended up with tons of scars all over my eye area. Many of the surgical scars I recently discovered shouldn't be there and I know for sure now that he used me as an experiment. Will post pictures later. I need to find someone who knows how to take pictures so you people can see what he did to me. Sorry I don't have the time to proofread this complaint. I have been compiling information to help others and writing this in hope that people are aware of what happen to me. I don't want anyone to live this nightmare. The skin around your eye area is extremely thin and having been stitched way too tight all over the place caused me to look like I am at least in my 50's than in my 40's.
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A  1st of May, 2009 by    +11 Votes
Thank you so much for this information. I am asian and I also got extra creases (folds) along my entire eyes. I also read eyelid surgery only leaves thin hair line scars on the folds of the eyelids. Now, I am not too sure who to trust. I do feel bad for what happen to you. I will wait for you to post pictures and your you tube video... I am not in a hurry to get my eyes done since I read this...

Thank you so much for giving this information.
A  4th of May, 2009 by    +15 Votes
Blotched plastic/comestic surgeries have no statics. I am sure that comestic surgeons want to hide this statics from the public. Comestic/plastic doctors want to hide it whenever possible and side with each other. A friend of mine got her tummy tuck blotched, but at least that can be hidden with clothing. Some doctors are so evil... and will go to hell once they die.

It is unfair that they can ruin someone for life, especially when the surgery is done on the face. It sound like Dr. Richard A. Weiss of Newport Beach, CA used you for some kind of experiment. Eyelids surgeries should only have a thin hairline scar on the folds of the eye creases and shouldn't extend to your hairline or to your eyebrows either. Stitching way too tight can mean two things. The doctor is in a hurry and/or inexperience.

If Dr. Richard A. Weiss have any moral ethics, he should own up to his mistakes and pay to get your eyes fix from someone that has extensive experience working on asian eyelids. I bet it is going to cost a lot more than the original surgery if some of the problems can even be fix in mulitply surgeries. Maybe you can also go to a famous doctor to improve on all those surgical scars he left on your face???????????????????????

MOst common problem with this procedure is uneven crease folds on the inner lids (the part that is close to your nose). I believe this is what your original complaint is from an earlier proceudre. That can usually be fix if you go to a comestic surgeon that really have extensive asian eyelid experience. There are about 3 in california. Dr. William Chen out of Long Beach, CA, Dr. Charles S. lee out of Beverly Hills, Ca and another one out in Ventura, CA (cannot remember his name, but this one is a white doctor that understands asian eye structure), but I would recommend you to check out the first two doctors. Dr. Charles S. Lee is very expensive for doing eyelid surgeries at least 6K. If he is going to fix a blotched eyelid job, it can range from 9K to above 14K depend on severity of the blotched eyelids.

I remember reading your complaint on Yelp.com and now I don't see it anymore. I bet Dr. Richard A. Wiess got it remove to prevent others from knowing about it?????????????????? I think the public has the right to know about blotched surgeries and which doctor did it and lastly if the doctor even attempt to resolve the patient's complaint!!!
A  12th of May, 2009 by    +8 Votes
As I was showing a friend of mine this article, I spotted my typo mistake. The other one I won't fix cuz it matter not.

I meant to type statistic instead of statics... : - 0

Please check out these two websites:

N  27th of May, 2009 by    +20 Votes
We been busy doing other things. I am trying to help my friend to put up pictures of her horrible surgery done by this Richard A. Weiss out of Newport Beach, CA. Her reason of coming out with this horrific story is to let people know how bad some doctor(s) can be. She thought a doctor that is an eye medical doctor with plastic surgery experience will do better job than other general plastic surgeries doctor that do all plastic surgeries. Little did she know before surgery that this Doctor got really creative with her face. Creative???? Wait until you see the pictures of all the scars he give her. He stitched her eyebrows from one end to the other end causing her to have premature wrinkles over her eyebrows. The left hand side is more wrinkle than the right hand side cuz he pulled those stitches much tighter. Can you image having to live with so many scars at the age of 27 ??????????????? You go in for eyelid surgery and come out with eyes looking like someone in the 90's. I kid you not. Scars should only be on the eyelid crease!!! Wait until we finish our you tube video. You will call this Dr. Richard A. Weiss "A doctor from hell". He is the fountain of aging and not the fountain of youth. I feel really bad for my friend. That is why I am helping her to let the world know what happen. She told me people would star at her eyes and some people recently think she is at least in her 60's cuz of her eyes. ... She told me people often asked her if she was her kids' grandmother... I told her she will get comfort when others know about this horrible doctor...

My friend was born with double eyelids and is a pretty asian woman. Many school year pictures clearly show that she had double eyelids. She wanted to remove an extra crease located on the inner eye. She was told it is a simple surgery with no visible noticeable scars. Eyelid surgery brochures states that eyelid surgery creates thin hairline scar that is hidden in your eyelid creases... This doctor is so arrogant. He didn't even do the job she paid him to do. He made her eyes 1000 times worst!!! His must have hearing problem when she clearly told him what she want done at consultation time. My friend went to about 5 doctors and picked the wrong one...
A  1st of Jun, 2009 by    +19 Votes
This is Caitlan. Please avoid this doctor. He used my friend's face to practice on. He is an eye doctor and not a general comestic plastic doctor. No one can figure out what he tried to accomplish by given Jen all those scars. I can see a faint "X" mark in the middle of her forehead, There is scars running her entire length of brow to over 4 inches of scars (some are zig zag like) to the left and right of her eyes. Then on the side side of the eyes you can see clearly many surgical scars that looks like a map on her face. The left side is a lot worst than the right side. That explains why the eye area of Jen's face got so much brownish marking. Whenever your face is injury, your skin heals and turns brown as time goes by. Dr. asshold Richard A. Wiess told Jen to use Coco butter to soften those scars. It is horrible! How can coco butter help it at all!!!
Dr. Richard A (stands for ###) Weiss used her face to gain experience in facial plastic surgeries???????????????????? Left eye wrinkles above the eyebrow is a lot worst than the right eye. My friend saw couple plastic surgeons recently and they cannot understand why this dr. Richard A(###) Weiss did any of that for???????????????
Also Dr. Richard Weiss had recently remove some of his fake reviews on Yelp.com due to the fact that Jen had told the world the truth about him. All these fake reviews were posted around the time when Jen put up this complaint about him and told the world that he will be posting fake reviews and he did just that.

Have you notice all those youtube videos dr. richard ### weiss put on youtube? His is truly evil and feel no remorse. He wrote to Yelp to remove Jen's review on him stating that the problem occured too long ago, so it is okay for him to get away with ###ing up people's face????????????????? And no one in the world should find out about what he did?????????????????????????????????????????????????
A  24th of Aug, 2009 by    +12 Votes
I went to this doctor years ago for a free asian eyelidssurgery consultation . He didn't have much pictures to show me. He even pointed out this lady in his photo album to be asian when she is just a caucasian woman with big hooded eyes that need surgery. I noticed he advertised heavily on youtube and on local newspapers too. I was adviced to stay away from those kind of doctors. If you watch Beverly hills plastic surgeons on Tv, then, you know some of these doctors aren't the best. They do good shows that is about it . Same goes for the ones that advertise heavily. I recommend people to get referrals from someone if possible. There are many websites, where you can get information about doctors. Here a list list of some: physicanreports.com, healthgradescom, ratemds.com, Vitals.com, drscore.com, doctorsscorecard.com,
wrongdiagnosis.com, and realself.com . I think there are more sites than this. Just because you don't find any complaints about doctors doesn't mean they didn't do evil. Some people just move on and keep this injustice to themselves. Please do your research extensively before picking a doctor to do any kind of comestic surgeries.
The doctors or physcians are as highly praised as they used to be. With so many doctors graduating from medical school with a C- grade are also called "doctors". Too many out there to make fast money with no regards to having any kind of morals.
Going to court for comestic blotch job is not that easy from what I read on a youtube video made by a lawyer. It is the hardest kind of case to proof unless you are severaly injuried. Our Court system have way too many cases to process and most likely you will end up getting little money out of it and lose of time and lots of stress. In the end it is your face that you must wear everyday of your life. Many lawyers are interested in big settlement cases. In cases of celebrities, they just want to get even with their comestic surgeons and nothing to do with montary gain from their lawsuits. celebrities are the ones that can afford to sue when a blotched job happens. Lawyers wants up front money without having to even lift their fingers to do anything. That mean the up front money of $5, 000 is free money for them rather they do anything for you. From there, they will ask for more money to even help you with anything. Lawyers are just as bad as these evil doctors.
A  4th of Sep, 2009 by    +11 Votes
I noticed Dr. Richard Weiss made two new videos dated after your posting. Both women appeared to be at least 55 and over. If you asked me, they looked more like in their 60's. I noticed he didn't even show the results of the lids being closed, so we can see the creases. I also noticed that one of the lady's after photo have really deep wrinkles underneath her eyes, whereas the before picture didn't .
Is this a coincide or did Dr. Weiss gave a discount for these women to do these videos after seeing a former patient report to the world about this horrible doctor???. Anyway, I believe Jen's story about what he did to her. Thanks for posting, so we know about bad doctors like Dr. Richard A. Weiss. I also did some research and be really careful who you go to. I also saw Dr. Richard A. Weiss on Realself.com and he is listed under facial plastic surgeries and he is only an eye doctor. This doctor does not belong to the american oculoplastic plastic surgeons academy (Don't remember the exact name). In order to be on their list, doctors go through really straight training. He listed himself as an oculoplastic surgeon, but he only have like a year training in Toronto and that is not much. Jen is right cuz your have to wear that face that bad surgeons mess up on. It is also sad that this doctor did some kind of experiment on Jen's face. Eyelid surgery is on the creases of the lid. jen you should post about him everywhere, so people are aware of this injustice done to you.
A  4th of Dec, 2009 by    +10 Votes
Thank you for posting. Am glad to know what can happen with inexperience hands.
A  4th of Dec, 2009 by    +15 Votes
I read that comestic plastic surgeries are very hard to take to court. Even if one can, your face is already ruin. No amount of money can fix noticeable horrible scars especially on the eyes. That is the first place people look when they converse with you. God will punish this horrible doctor one way or another for doing this to you.
N  20th of Dec, 2009 by    -19 Votes
Dr. Weiss has operated on me, six of my closest friends and a few others I know casually. I have seen fantastic results in myself and others. He has done both a general plastics fellowship as well as being a boardcertified ocular surgeon. He was extrely conservative with me and my friends.
I find it intresting that the complaint from the Asian person was someone who already had a botched job from another doctor. Sounds like a person going for a fake mal practice attempt.
A  30th of Dec, 2009 by    +20 Votes
No doctors will post their botched work in their photo albums for others to see. They rather sweep their evil doings under the rug. Luckily there is the internet to air out the ugliness side to comestic plastic surgeries. It is laughable that you come on to this site to bark. The first surgeon was extremely conservative and cautious cuz he knew Jen was afraid of scars. Jen was born with creases on her eyelids and she wanted to remove an extra creases located on each of her eyes. There is before surgery and after surgery photos from that surgeon's work with eyes open and eyes shut. Unfortuately unevenness is common with eyelid surgeries which Jen didn't know back in those days. Luckily there is the internet to expose bad doctors. There are too many witnesses to what happen to her eyes from Dr. Slasher Weiss surgery. You must be one of those senior citizens from his youtube videos?? Bet he gave you something for free to be in it?? Isn't it a coincide that two videos were made shortly after this complaint was put up??
Dr. Weiss not only did not fix the problem that Jen went to him for, but made the problem 1000 times worst. How you like to have scars all over the top part of your face? How you like wrinkles to be all over your eyes at age 27?? How you like to be stitched up 2" inches outside of your natural crease line?? Did you get your eyebrows and forehead stitched up on your eyelid surgery??????? Dr. Slasher Weiss do not have the proper training or skills to work on asian eyes. It is obvious that he used Jen to gain some skills and do his experimental work. Dr. Weiss exactly know who Jen is and what a huge botched job he did on her face. This complaint isn't about mal practice dumb ### and it to inform people of what happen. The scars cannot be hidden or fix!!! Dr. Weiss have you to thank when all the pictures will be on numeruos sites. He is welcome to sue Jen cuz it isn't fake!!! Jen kept this to herself for a long time cuz she was so embarrass about it and earlier this years she decided to come out and tell strangers on the websites what happen to her.
A  27th of Jan, 2010 by    +18 Votes
Thanks for posting. I read that too many medical doctors that aren't plastic surgeons want to do plastic surgeries and they don't have the proper training. Some takes like a few hours of weekend classes and with no skills do plastic surgeries on people. Plastic surgeons goes through years of training and most likely this Dr. Weiss didn't have any. If he did, he should have known not to stitch you up so tightly and it makes no sense that he stitched you all over the place. You went in for eyelid surgery, then why he even bother to mess around with your forehead, eyebrows, and to the sides of your eyes??? It is scarry that doctors can used people for practice to gain their skills and ruined people's face for life.
A  27th of Jan, 2010 by    +20 Votes
Thanks for posting. Unfortunately, there are way too many doctors and many wants to do plastic surgeries without going through all the necessary and proper training which requires years. It is also very scarry that these doctors without proper training can used people's face to practice on and get away with it. Nowadays, thank god to the internet where people can get some information on plastic surgeries and horror stories. I read many doctors do plastic surgeries by taking weekend courses which is very scarry. Many eye doctors claim to be oculoplastic surgeons, but people have to be aware of the number of trained years of experiences that these doctors had under a very senior level surgeon . The more the better under a reputable school or training facilities. A doctor barely making through medical school is still called a "doctor". The school they attended is important too. I looked up Dr. Weiss education and his medical school is almost on the bottom of the list. It is rated a 2 stars out of 5 stars in some sites and on other sites it is rate a 2 stars out of 4 stars.
A  17th of Feb, 2010 by    +15 Votes
Dr. Richard Weiss botched my eyelid surgery too, but I am not asian. I also told him I am afraid of scars, but he didn't listen. He made incisisons about 1" outside of my natural creases.
A  17th of Feb, 2010 by    +20 Votes
Beware of certain unamed doctors that train some of there staff to give you piles of release and disclaimer forms for you to read and sign right before surgery .This protects the doctor allowing him to do just about anything they want without consequenes .As far as the woman who praises him who knows maybe she was one of his staff.
A  17th of Feb, 2010 by    +17 Votes
Not to say hes a bad eye doctor but theres to many of these doctors that want to make a few extra bucks so they get alittle training in plastic surgery and call them selves Plastic Surgeons this is probably a good example.
A  17th of Feb, 2010 by    +20 Votes
Or he did extra good work for her do to to the fact that she had so many referals for him as a model patient.
A  17th of Feb, 2010 by    +20 Votes
Correction do to the fact that she had so many refferals for him more money.
D  19th of Feb, 2010 by    -22 Votes
I have to jump in here and defend Dr. Weiss...He operated on my eyes over 15 years ago..He did a wonderful job, and also did my daughters with no problems...
I am sorry to hear about your situation, and I understand that you are angry.. There is always two sides to every story. I do not work for Dr. Weiss, nor am
I a personal friend. I am just stating that I now need another procedure, (and found your site when I Googled for his phone number) and will be phoning him for
an appointment after I send this.. I am confident that I will be satisfied with his work, as I have been in the past... Catherine Duncan
A  22nd of Feb, 2010 by    +23 Votes
Obvious, you are not reading this carefully enough!!! Dr. Weiss cannot do asian eyelids and this information is put up so people of asian ethnicities' are aware of it. Asian eyelids are different than that of caucasian eyelids. Doctors need special trainings and special skills to do it properly. Just because you are happy doesn't mean everybody else is happy with his work. Most people aren't aware that uneven creases are common with eyelid surgeries, but loads of indented scars, zig zag markings, and super pucker eyelids, pucker eyebrows, pucker forehead is not common with eyelid surgery!!! Due to Dr. Weiss arrogance's and lack of skill, Jen is left with a mutilated upper half of her face. It is not just lack of skills, but also he did the surgery with no care at all. What idiot would cut so far outside of people's natural eyelid crease lines, then stitch them up all over the place. He made incisions not just at the crease lines, but elsewhere. The crease stitchings were somewhat rolled up. There is so many deep indented scars inside her eyebrows & around her eyebrow areas and above, to the sides of the forehead that is clearly surgical markings. There is really ugly markings between her eyelid creases and eyebrows. Jen's dermatologist is one of the best in the area, but she said all those surgical markings cannot be improve by skin laser resurfacing!!! If Jen could have her eye area repaired, I don't think this complaint would be up on the internet in the first place. Jen and I am shocked that Dr. Richard A. Weiss of Newport Beach, CA is attempting to lure people of asian ethnicities to his practice for eyelid surgeries and felt that people need to be aware of what happen to Jen's eyes. Dr. Richard A. Weiss should just let those doctors' that are truly specialized in asian eyelids do the work cuz there are more than enough caucasian customers out there for him to lined his pockets . Please stop practing on people's eyelids without the proper training. People of asian ethnicities eyelids' do not age as rapidly as those of causasians. Most asians don't even have much wrinkles in their 60's compared to that of causcasian people.

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