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I Elsa Aguilar had an appointment with Dr. Patel on January 29, 2010, which I was unable to keep because I was rushed into emergency surgery.

I called the office of Dr. Patel the following work day, February 1, 2010 and explained to his office manager (his wife) that I was out of my lithium an need an appointment ASAP (I have severe case of Bi Polar Decease) she told me that there were no appointments available and she would call me when one was.

This went on for 18 days and I was finally able to see Dr. Patel on February 19, 2010.

At this point is was to late the lithium had already left my system and I was having Bi Polar effects. In that my levels of lithium were not where they were they suppose to be and I was off my medication for an extended period of time, when I did finally begin to take my lithium it did not work.

Accordinginly, on April 7, 2010, I attemped suicide and was in the hospistal for 5 days two at Medifee Medical and four and Redland Hosipital Phychiactric Ward.

All of this could had been avoided if Dr. Patel's wife would had let me talk to the Dr. and let him know was was going on but she refused. I was a long standing patient of the doctor and he is very familiar with my case and knows that I cannot go without my medication.

I did have to suffer through severe withdrawls during this time which should have not been neccessary.

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  • El
      30th of Sep, 2011

    Hello my name is Elizabeth Sanchez and I too have a similar experience with Dr. Patel's office in Murrieta. I have been a patient seeing Dr. Patel since January 2011, and he is a very good doctor and I have no complaints about him however, the front desk receptionist (who is also the doctors wife) is not well suited for the job. Today 9/30/2011 I had an appointment to see the Dr. Patel to refill my medication for depression. I have chronic depression and am suicide prone if I do not have my medication. The first thing I did was offer to pay my $30 co-pay (which my insurance has told me that I am not supposed to pay until the bill is mailed, ) she refused to accept my payment because my insurance had an unpaid balance of $90 which she said I am responsible for. She told me that she would not allow me to see the Dr. She had no respect for me and started yelling at me in front of the patients. I broke down into tears and started shaking and she still kept yelling. and I ran towards the Dr. office and she blocked the door and continued yelling in a threatening manner and I felt like she was about to hit me. The Dr. Patel allowed me to enter his office despite the fact that his wife was yelling at him "Don't see her she doesn't have an appointment!!" ... I did have an appointment she was the one whom called me to remind me of it. She refused to hand him my file so he had to write down my information on a blank piece of paper. The reason I came to see the doctor was because of mental problems and I don't think I deserved to be treated in this manner. I do appreciate Dr. Patel because he was very patient and was concerned about me. He tried to comfort me and get the situation resolved, but this is the second time this has happened to me and he is well aware of it.

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