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Dr. Paul Milberg / Horrible surgery results!

CA, United States Review updated:
I had very bad results with my Rhinoplasty (nose job) that was done by Dr. Milberg. My nose looks a lot worse the before the surgery. It is much more crooked then before the surgery and my nose looks unnatural. It is noticeable from a distance that I had a nose job.
I recommend that you go else where for plastic surgery!!!


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  11th of Mar, 2008
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Yes, I had a friend who went to him and I am very saddened by her results also.
  14th of Sep, 2008
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I had bad results from my surgery. I had problems breathing out of my nose, and Dr. Milberg did surgery with no improvement, in fact, he took a part of my ligament out and now my nose is flat.
  24th of Dec, 2016
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@Anonymous He is a horrible doctor who Botches people. All he cares about is making money and he even insults his patients. I would think if anyone Googles his name they can see all the complaints about him and they will run for the hills. His mother is a witch who ran his front office because he was too cheap to pay a real business manager.
  13th of Jul, 2009
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Not stating nor implying anything here folks, but just common sense, always make sure there is a nurse and doctor in the room with the patient at all times.
  24th of Sep, 2009
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I had a rhinoplasty peformed by dr milberg and i have never been happier with my results. My friend maisie referred me to him because she was so pleased wih her results. Since my surgery i have recommended several of my friends, and my sister, who are thrilled with the beautiful work he has done. I have read some of the "complaints" listed above. Are they happy in their personal lives? I wonder!
  24th of Dec, 2016
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@SICKOS! Hi Paul!
  26th of Feb, 2010
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@sickos!!! You are either a relative or assoicate of this doctor. Your opinion is clear cut that you are not a patient of this Doctor. It is most likely you are the doctor himself defending yourself with a fake id.
  6th of Apr, 2010
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Let me tell you people this. Plastic surgery is an art and is not an exact science. I can understand to why so many of you are so angry. Had the doctors tell you the truth, they won't get the business. No business = no money = no fancy cars and big fancy houses. Too many people are victims. Some of the botched surgery people are loud about it while others are quiet. Botched plastic surgeries have no statistics. I think it is worst to have botched surgery on the face than on the body where clothing can hide the mess.
  10th of Oct, 2010
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I has a rhinoplasty performed by Dr.Milberg. This was one of the worst experiences of my life. He sliced the tip of my nose pulling it back when it could've been cut from the inside from a more skilled surgeon. I now have a visible scar that has not faded which he told me it would fade. I was referred by a friend and she was left with a teeny tiny bump on her nose unfortunately she had a rhinoplasty by him. Guess what, the same thing happened to me. When he was removing the stuffing out of my nose, it was very painful and I was uncomfortable. He remarked "I've been in surgery all day and don't have time for this." When I first looked at my nose I cried. He then told me "It is better than having a divot at the tip of your nose." He is the most unprofessional doctor I've ever met. I do not think he even performed my surgery alone but never introduced me to his "assistant." He also tried to talk me into a breast augmentation at the age of 18! Can you imagine? He would also complain to me about his daughter. Do not go to this doctor.
  30th of May, 2017
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Dr. Milberge was the best surgeon I've been to. I had breast augmentation and they looked so natrual, I would always get compliments on how soft they were. I also had rhinoplasty and I'm very happy with the results. I love his mom and she was wonderful to talk to. Thank you Dr. Milberge

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