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I had the worst experience of my life with oral surgery at Gentle Dental on Benjamin Holt Dr. in Stockton, CA. I have gone there for years having routing exams and cleanings with no problems. I guess Gentle Dental does not have a resident oral surgeon. I was diagnosed with a fractured tooth and was told it needed to be extracted.

They only have one oral surgeon who comes into their office one day a week so I gather he has his own practice elsewhere. A search shows an office in Belmont, CA but not sure. IF YOU HAVE ANY ENEMIES, SEND THEM TO DR. PATRICK DUFFY, DDS, ORAL SURGEON. I am not a complainer but feel I must warn other people so they do not suffer as I did.

It was supposed to be a routine tooth pulling. Dr. Duffy talks with you briefly prior to the procedure then wants to rush you along to get it done. He comes across very rude and his staff also was in a hurry to get started on me. They said they had a full schedule and needed to get going. Now, mind you I am very difficult to numb. You can give me Novocain but it takes awhile for it to take effect. My usual dentist will give me a Novocain shot then work on someone else then come back to me. I’m usually more numb when I leave than when I’m in the chair.

I am escorted to the patient’s chair where they put a towel on you, etc. I also asked for nitrous oxide to help me relax (which unfortunately didn’t work). Dr. Duffy walks in, says to open wide and jams and I mean jams two shots of Novocain into my mouth. OUCH BIG TIME!! I told him several times that I am hard to numb and he needs to wait before proceeding. Less than a minute later he starts working on me. My mouth is stuffed with gauze and I can’t talk well but I kept saying I’m not numb, I’m not numb. Dr. Duffy didn’t believe me and said “oh, you’re just nervous”. Finally he stops briefly and jams more Novocain in my mouth. It doesn’t matter how much you give me you still need to wait. He only stopped for a few minutes and began working on me while I was yelling I’m not numb. I feel like he literally butchered me. I felt everything!!! He never waited long enough for me to get numb. I am crying but he didn’t care and did not stop.

Afterwards, they said you can go. I said I still felt a bit dizzy so they sat me in another room by myself. I was in that room for awhile and no one and I mean no one came to check on me. I walked out of his office without anyone seeing if I was ok. To make things worse no one bothered to do a follow-up call to see how I was doing.

I had to stay home for 10 days because I was in so much pain. I went back to my own dentist for a follow-up and Dr. Duffy didn’t even write any comments on the procedure in my chart so that my dentist could read it. He only wrote that he did not pull but had to surgically remove the tooth. I asked my dentist why no one told me afterwards that the tooth was surgically removed vs. pulling as it is a more serious procedure and healing time is much longer. Dr. Duffy also took way too much gum tissue that I now have a hole in my mouth that could fit two teeth vs. one. My dentist said it will not grow back. I told a couple of friends about him and they both said they did not hear good things about him. SO PLEASE THINK TWICE BEFORE GOING TO DR. DUFFY. I hope this helps someone else not go through the pain I did.

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  • Ye
      May 19, 2010

    I had a very very bad experience with both the staff here and the DR. PATRICK DUFFY, DDS, ORAL SURGEON.
    I went to him for an extraction. He pretended to be very nice while speaking but the moment I opened my mouth he and his assistance sort of attacked my mouth, they started working and he speaking so fast that I was in SHOCK ! I have never experienced anything like this during my past extractions. he literally jammed 3 shots all at once in my mouth and started stuffing gauze. he speaks continuously without listing to the patients. He started pulling my teeth and I was feeling it all, I tried to yell but he and his staff kept working faster. And this physco doctor told me I was just apprehensive . I told him to STOP and slow down.
    God ! it was a traumatic experience. DO NOT GO THERE trust me !

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  • Ye
      May 19, 2010

    I totally Agree, I'm traumatized by his treatment (I'm crying)

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  • Dr
      Apr 14, 2011

    We had the exact opposite experience with Dr. Duffy at the Gentle Dental office in Petaluma. My daughter had 25 teeth extracted as well as some bone shaving and infection clean-up...not a comfortable procedure to say the least. He was extremely patient and concerned with the entire family's questions, and took the time to explain the procedure in an empathetic manner. Natalie (assisting) and the office staff were wonderful. They phoned to make sure we arrived home safely, and Dr. Duffy himself called later on in the evening to make sure we had no further questions.

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  • Om
      Jun 16, 2011

    My wife had her 4 wisdom tooth extracted by Dr Duffy last month and she had no issues or problems, the surgery went well and he provided very good care before, during and after the surgery. Not sure if some people had bad experience but I talk to couple other people who went there had not problems, I would recommend him to everyone and all my friends.

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  • Rj
      Oct 13, 2016

    I have had nothing but great experiences with Dr. Duffy. I went to him with an emergency when a general surgeon totally botched an extraction. He saw me right away and finished up the horrible job of the other dentist. It was a back tooth that she should have never attempted in the first place. He always numbed me appropriately and would inject more medication if I was at all uncomfortable. As another person stated, I am difficult to numb. Probably because I am on some pretty strong medication for my screwed up back (surgery soon so hopefully not for much longer). The thing people sometimes don't realize is that if your tooth is infected to a certain degree, it can be nearly impossible to numb. Dentists can't always tell if there is an infection and if they begin the pulling process to a certain can't be stopped and left that way. So if think that you might have an infection - ask you oral surgeon to put you on antibiotics for a few days along with some pain medication to get you through and THEN go back to have the extraction done. Insist on it if you must. I had a lot of extractions so I have a lot of experience with this, as I have a full mouth of implants now. It became routine to have Dr. Duffy call in these meds for me before a round of extractions - just in case. I had one bad experience with pulling an infected tooth (another dentist) & it's not fun. I was never going to go through that again.
    I have heard that Dr Duffy is currently not practicing due to some medical issues (hope you're Ok, Pat!). But when/if he returns, I want people to know that he is truly a great dentist & very empathetic too. He has never been rude or dismissive or me. He's a good listener. I would take my kids to him.
    Gentle Dental is run like a factory, appointments are double and triple booked and they don't give the Dr's the time they should with patients. You're more like a number there than a person. I know several people who have worked for them. Dr Duffy was likely very stressed when working there. I saw him in his OWN practice. I stay away from the "big box" Walmart type dental offices for a reason.
    Look at other sites, he was glowing reviews, 5 stars on many of them.

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