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Dr Move / Terrible company

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When I called Dr. Move to make a reservation I told them I had very large, oversized furniture and it is hard getting it through the doors so they would probably need a larger truck but Edwin assured me that this truck would move a 3 bedroom house and since I only had a one bedroom apartment that a 20 ft truck would get everything in 1 trip.

Then the movers showed up at my place 3 Hours Late! I had the 12-2 slot and they showed up at 5. When they looked at my furniture they said we won't be able to do this in one trip. Of course they were by the hour so they didn't care. I had them get the most important things and let them know there would not be a 2nd trip. Thank goodness for my brother and his friend that came and helped out and moved 1/4 of my stuff. If it weren't for them it would have taken the movers an additional 2-3 hours because I would have had to do the 2nd trip. I still have my mirror for my dresser at the old place that I will have to get next weekend. Also, they claim to shrink wrap everything but not 1 item was shrink wrapped.

When I went to pay by credit card they said there would be a 5% fee that they didn't mention when I told them I would be paying by cc but he said it was in an email they sent.

I've moved more than I care to admit over the past 20 years and this was the worst experience by far so far!!

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  • Cy
      10th of Feb, 2009

    I recently moved with them for the second time, they did a great job for me and I have no complaints.
    On my confirmation EMAIL, they disclosed how many man, what size vehicle I would get among other things, and that is what I got!.
    All I have to say is: PEOPLE DON'T READ and when the moving day comes, they complain and blame the moving company for it. If you have oversized furniture, make sure the vehicle they are sending is LARGE enough to fit your items BEFORE the moving date, and if you don't want them to show up late, BOOK THE FIRST APPOINTMENT OF THE DAY!

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  • Ma
      29th of Aug, 2009

    Dr move moving company in Dallas is the worst company managed by unprofessionals and have no sense of custer care. I paid in advance for the move and it was schedule for the window 5 to 7. At 7 when called them Maria told me that they will be coming at 9 pm. At 9 pm the calls were forwarded to a very rude cheap quality boss Maria. First he had to wait for his driver to pick the phone for 1 hour (I guess even cpany drivers don't value him). He kept telling me for 2 hours that they will be coming after finishing the previous move. I waited till 11 pm inthe night and when I called him back he won't answer my calls. I made 30 calls. Here I am sitting at 2 am in the morning because my bedis packed. Dr move is a jock company. When I researched more I found out that the are also accused of overcharging, late comers and rude people.

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  • Ly
      12th of Oct, 2009

    After my 2 daughters had used Dr Move, and gave me good refferences on the company, I decided to use them as well.
    Pablo the driver and his helper Chris were very knowledgeable on moving my furniture.
    The vehicle was clean and they had all the proper equipment to move our heavy furniture.
    I had just had knee surgery, and my wife really needed the help, I had a very good experience with Dr. Move and would recommend to other friends and family, they uninstalled and reinstalled all of our furniture and appliances with no problems.
    Our new house will be finished in November, and I am planning on Calling Dr. Move to help us move again, due to their proffesionalism, competitive prices and good service.

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  • De
      29th of Apr, 2010

    Dr.Move is a very professional company. I recently just used them and my move went smoothe. The movers are very professional and I will reccommend them to everyone.

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  • Td
      22nd of Oct, 2010
    Dr Move - Do Not Use These People
    Dr Move
    1825 W Walnut Hill Ln
    United States
    Phone: (972) 580-8600


    They are wonderful on the phone when your arraigning the move but that's where it ends!

    They showed up an hour and a half late. The "professional uniformed movers" and "new clean equipment" consisted of three men who didn't speak English one of which had on a Dr. Move t-shirt - his uniform, I suppose. They showed up with a nice 26ft trailer with logo but pulled by a beat up old truck. Seriously, it had holes in the side.

    It took 8 hours to do a job that should have been completed in 5. They damaged furniture but have no idea how it happened (they dropped it, that's how it happened). One guy tried to carry a 6' x 4' chest of drawers down a flight of stairs by himself resulting in a big hole in the wall. Fortunately, the wall caught the furniture when it fell or it would have crushed him. All of the furniture didn't fit in the 26' trailer, like I was told it would, even though I had already boxed up and moved everything that would fit in a box. They piled rugs, etc. in the back of the beat up old truck and hauled it down the highway like a bunch of gypsies.

    It took them over an hour to drive the 5.4miles to the new address (which they billed me for). The foreman/driver told dispatch that I had written the address wrong on the contract (I checked the contract after he arrived - the address was correct).

    I paid and they left. Two days later I contacted Dr. Move to let them know that they had misrepresented themselves but was told that it was a matter of opinion.

    I wasn't interested in filing a claim for the damage or overcharge because I didn't think it would be worth the hassle but since I was met with such confident disdain I went ahead and filed the claim and will follow it through. I also intend to let anyone who will listen what I experienced with this pitiful company.

    Update - now they will not return my calls.

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  • Yo
      10th of Mar, 2011

    **WARNING** My Painful Move from Dr. Move
    I contacted Maria at Dr. Move four weeks in advance for my recent move. I requested Saturday morning- 8 a.m. February 26th and sent back to Dr. Move the completed Contract. I did not hear back from them, so I sent an email to Maria requesting confirmation of the date/time. No response. A few days later I sent another email. No response. Then I called Dr. Move four days before my schedule moved. Spoke to Amanda who told me “yes we have down for Saturday 8am”.
    Then the afternoon before my scheduled move, Maria called me to “confirm Saturday at 1pm”. I said “No this is not what I requested; I need you here at 8am”. Maria then informed me that because I didn’t put down a deposit they could not guarantee the first move of the day. This was the first I was hearing about it!! and I now had scheduling conflicts with DirecTV, the Cleaning Company, and the Internet provider’s scheduling.
    Then she proceeded to start arguing with me in a series of emails telling me that she did inform me about the deposit and that it was my responsibility to look over the documentation. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? If I had known about this deposit requirement, I would have gladly paid it.
    Then the day of the move she called and told me that the movers would be here at 1pm, well the movers didn’t showed up until 4pm!
    I had to reschedule everything, including taking a day off work on Monday, which cost me $480 in lost wages.
    Neither of the owners of Dr. Move bothered to respond to my request to discuss their handling of my move.

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