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Dr Mohamed Abdel-All / Bad treatment

1 Egypt

My wife was unfairly prevented from travelling on Egypt Air Flight on the 15th of Jan 09( Dr Shamah Elsayed). despite her illness and bigging. The director of this flight on that day has made a big argument with her not allowing her to take her handbag on the plane which was in accordance with the airline roles. My wife is 60 year old British citizen of egyptian origin. She was very ill having had gasrto-enteritis for the whole week, unable to stand on her feet and takes medications for severe anxiety and depression. She bigged him to allow her travel because her husband is waiting for her in Edinburgh. He quite arogantly refused to allow her to travel asking her to pay 1200 Egyptian pounds for the hand bag. He made a huge fuss with no consideration to her age or illness and this was to the surperize of every one who witnessed his unfair and arogant behaviour. She was left in a very critical condition, vomitting with severe headache and muscular cramps with no assisstance or sympathy to her condition. This is totally and uttally unacceptable behaviour of a responsible manager. He is supposed to help the travellars and to try to solve their problems not to create problems and big fuss from nothing. He should not be allowed to continue in this job as he has proved to be totally incompitant in sorting any problems. I would like an urgent investigation of this matter to prevent this happening to any one again.

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