Dr Merwin Rosen / Re grohe / lady lux faucet

1 Bannockburn, IL, United States

Regarding a grohe lady lux faucet.

I have in my kitchen a Grohe Lady Lux faucet. Recently I have had serious water flow through the faucet resulting in some grain like sand type material coming up from a defect of old water heater. During this time I have taken apart the spray head to remove the glass like sand particles. This is helped the water flow for a short period of time. I just replaced the water heater and have yet to replace the sprayer unit. With the sprayer unit not installed, I turn the lady lux faucet too full bore I get almost no water coming out of the faucet. I have removed the handle and the cartridge which I imagine to have some type of filtration unit in, Like a screen or something. Before I installed the cartridge attached to the handle I turned on the water supply underneath the sink and found that there was very little if any water flowing through the holes that enter into the cartridge area.

I just spoke to the plumber who replaced the hot water heater and thought perhaps that he had shut off the water to that particular faucet. This was indeed not the case. He intimated that there were filters that were attached to the end to inlet waterlines to the faucet from the factory that had to be replaced because they were clogged by the Sand type materials. In looking at the exploded parts diagrams of your faucet I do not see any filters that are attached to the incoming stainless steel lines going to the faucet. Can you explain to me why there is no water coming from the faucet.

Jun 28, 2015

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