Dr. Matthew Cernignlia / Medical Negligence

Dr. Cernignlia operated on my right foot on 7/2/07, after the surgery I had excessive swelling. My foot was in a plaster half-cast which became too tight, this caused a huge blister to form on the top of my foot. Dr. Cernignlia popped the blister and said not to worry. The following week my husband noticed a bright green tinge to the dressing. I called his office and asked that he return my call and stated what was happening. Never heard from him, when I went to his office the next week infection was in both incisions on either side of my foot and parts of my foot was turning black. He said, "Just a bump in the road". He instructed my husband to cleanse my wounds with peroxide and brush with a nylon brush nightly. Upon returning to his office the following week things were worse. I was immediately scheduled for hyperbaric treatments and Wound Care. He kept saying not to worry. I never returned to his office. Three years of wound care and 5 surgeries (not by him) my foot is finally healed. I am having to learn to walk again as I was not allowed to walk on my foot because the wounds were so large. They wanted to amputate twice. He was investigated by the Texas Board of Podiatry because of many complaints, the investigator wanted to know if I thought he was drunk at anytime. I was fired from my job because of the time I had to take off for Wound Care, etc. He is ruining alot of people's lives with his surgeries.


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