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Dr. Lisa Bailey and Associates / Rude and disrespectful dentist

1 225 West Ascension StreetGonzales, LA, United States Review updated:

On 5/8/08 I called Dr. Lisa Bailey's office (Dentist) regarding scheduling another appointment to discuss concerns I had about a dental crown she had previously placed on the right side of my mouth 5/6/08 to tooth #30. The crown was too big and did not fit my retainers properly. The office manager was extremely rude and sarcastic to me questioning whether I was going to bring my 18 month old child with me to the next visit. After repeat sarcasm and unprofessional tactics from the office manager, I requested to speak to the doctor herself. She came on the phone line and calmly said she would see me to resolve the matter of my improperly sized crown. My appointment was scheduled for 5/13/08. On the 13Th when I came in for my last appointment without my child, Dr. Lisa Bailey examined the crown on tooth #30 and accused me of not sitting still during the impression process on two weeks prior. She felt that if I had wanted a new crown that I would have to pay additional costs for a replacement. I disagreed with her and said that the color of the crown was also not my fault but her assistant Angela. Her assistant (Angela) became extremely rude, loud and insisted that I did order a "yellow" crown which was obviously a lie. She walked away when I was calmly disagreeing with her and loudly said "I would not argue with you!" Dr. Bailey also walked away from me twice when I tried to express my point civilly in hopes of reaching a resolution but she continued to blame me and state that I was out of line by questioning her and her staff. After rudely walking away and leaving me to sit in a patient chair for more than 7 minutes unattended, I quickly got up and demanding a refund for the services previously performed. She issued my refund for $420.00 that day and never once apologized for both her and her staff's unprofessional customer care, rudeness, disrespect and sarcasm.

I am requesting an official apology for her extreme level of disrespect and unprofessional customer care. I would per fer to have both a written and verbal apology sent to me acknowledging her actions and those of her staff (office manager and assistant-Angela).

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  • T1
      14th of May, 2009
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    Interesting. Disrespect and rudeness from the professionals is not acceptable-nor is it acceptable from the patients. I will say, being a dental professional for over 26 years, doing operative work on a patient who has a child/toddler/baby along for the ride is very difficult. Whether they're sitting on the patients lap, crawling all over the place, etc. Would you bring a toddler to an appt with your MD knowing he's going to do minor surgery? Seriously. ITs a total distraction. It would be interesting to hear the other side of the story.

  • Bu
      18th of Jun, 2009
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    I am the office manager for Dr. Bailey, this patient was seen many times before, she had many fillings put in and everytime she would not hear anything about her NOT to bring her baby with her. The baby was in a car seat and cryed alot, upseting the whole office, meaning other patients. Fact is answering the phone while a baby is screaming looks bad for the office, people on the phone would ask why is that baby crying? We explained to the patient she must either come alone or we would have a baby sitter watch her child at the office but she would be charged. The patient would get angry and this went on several appointments. Until she had to be told yes I was rude but she would not undrstand her child (infant) was creating a difficult time each visit. So, her complaint I do conferm, but we were pushed into a no choice but tell her straight out. So was it rude yes but the patient got back what she gave our office. Its like this, I have a saying when people call and ask "Is the doctor good with kids? I then ask is your child good with the doctor. This holds true to adults too. Its a two way street, our office is a professional office until we are pushed into a no win solution, we never want to loose a patient but when the benefits don't weight the problem you have to cut ties, and there is never a great solution and patient get upset.

  • La
      2nd of Sep, 2009
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    I have two children that were in need of a check up. They use to go to Dr. Ripple in Baton Rouge ...Awsome Pediatric Dentist, . but it was getting to costly for me to continue with him. I heard about Dr. Bailey from a few parents who brought there children to her (ending in Bad results). I have a habit of giving people the Bennifit of the Doubt and I went ahead and made an appt. for my children to see her. WHAT A MISTAKE! She examin my smallest child first (10yrs) and said that they had 7 baby teeth that needed to come out right away. She said that they needed to have extractions done (ON BABY TEETH) or that if they didnt have them pulled right away that they would have problems with there perminate teeth and SOON. She examin my older child and said the same thing except for that my oldest just needed 4 teeth pulled. So, I made there follow up appt. to have these proceedures done. She does my youngest first and I could Not go back there with them to monitor. I was told it would be a distraction. I had to sit in the waiting area. All I could do was listen to my child crying and asking for Mother and they was coughing from crying so hard. A child that has Severe Asthma and I asked the receptionist if I could go back there because my child was asking for me. I was worried if they were needing there inhaler because my child was coughing. She says, No, you can not but i will bring the Inhaler back there. Anyway, my child was ONLY suppose to be getting 3 beby teeth pulled that day and this woman pulls 5. Did NOT come to me and ask me to do so. DiD NOT have anyone come to me and inform me as I was waiting in the area. No, I find out AFTER it has been done. My child comes out crying and shaking and could not get away from her fast enough. The receptionist tells me that i need to make another appt to take out the other 2, I did. As we are leaving, my child tells me EVERYTHING that has happened to them. I WAS HURT. They tell me that when they were asking for me, She (Dr.Bailey) says "Yea, I want my mother too, Now come on and be still". My child tells her that they are hurting and she says "No you're not, quit being a baby and suck it up." Then they tell me that on the last tooth, which had roots about 2 inches long on it, she (Dr.Bailey) puts her hand on there forhead and yanked that tooth out. I mean Broke My Heart and FIRED UP. The man who does scheduling ALSO tells my child to suck it up and to Stop crying. That my child was crying for nothing.

    When we arrived home I called and cancelled there appointments and the receptionist asks "Why"? I told her why.

    Anyway, I brought my children to another Ped. Dentist today and They saw what Dr.Bailey did and was suppose to be doing(proceedures) to my children and they were disgusted and pissed off. They(other Dentist) are the ones who directed me in the right direction for reporting her. They also will be reporting her for several cases including mine. They said that the work she did on my youngest was ABSOLUTELY UNECESSARY and SHOULD NOT have been done. I was informed the truth about Dr.Bailey.

    Dr. Bailey is just trying to make Money any kind of way she can and that is all she is worried about. Not our children. She and her staff is very unprofessional and Rude. But, what goes around comes around. Myself and 4 other parents that im aware of AND 2 other Doctors are in the process of reporting her and her staff. There will be proof of things and if anyone who reads this and has had a problem with Dr, Bailey and would like to do something about your situation call the Board of Dentistry and make your complaint.

  • Mo
      11th of Dec, 2009
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    Well, I have had noththin but good visits with Dr. Lisa Bailey. My daughter saw her for many years before we moved away. She played with my daughter and helped to calm her with her anxiety. I might also add that I was not allowed in the back, my daughter was on medicaid ins. (you should see some of the clinics that accept that ins.) and I was overall pleased with the staff.
    I have been so fortunate compared to my friends that live out of the state b/c they talk of how bad the experiences are for their children being forced away from them and taken to the back behind a closed door and not seeing their children for sometimes over an hour--Dr. Bailey's office is very OPEN. No doors to close, just very, very OPEN. So the first lady that posted...yep, don't bring your child with you to the dentist...that is just inconsiderate. You needed a piece of paper telling you how to be a good patient (which my dentist now DOES HAVE b/c evidentally there really are people like you out there.) As for the second one...I don't know what to say other than we have had wonderful experiences with her and was so glad that she was my daughters first dentist b/c she did have several cavities due to meds and me not brushing well enough.
    To anyone out there thinking of using Dr. Bailey I would say...Give her a try.

  • Ne
      11th of Jan, 2011
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    Years ago I also had seen Dr. Lisa Bailey for a broken front tooth. The repair she did on it only lasted a few weeks. She was very rude to me also when I complained about the quality of the work. After another repair attempt, I went to another dentist and finally got a lasting bond repair. After my experience, I heard from a number of former patients who were also highly dissatisfied.

  • La
      2nd of May, 2011
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    Unfortunate experiences are the ones previous patients normally post! When you have a great experience, you do not think to yourself to go home and find the first place to put your stamp on an awesome experience, however if someone has a bad experience the first thing they cannot wait to do is complain. It is very fortunate that the patients Dr. Bailey sees are normally satisfied and enjoyable. I would never question the diagnosis of a doctor simply because he/she has proper training in prophylactic and preventative procedures. If you feel you are being mistreated, please inform the doctor face to face before assuming he/she does not care about treatment modalities.

  • Op
      27th of Sep, 2016
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    I know that Doctor Lisa Bailey and her associates are very rude and Dissrepectful and do shoddy and crappy work. Her business must be going downhill because of her doing prisoners teeth.
    Do yourself a favor, 1 . Save money, she is the most expensive doctor I know, my insurance company has rejected everyone of her bills. 2. She pulled my daughters baby tooth and she shouldn't have. Now she is having all kinds of problems with her teeth now. 3. She doesn't know what's she's doing, sometimes I wonder where she got her license from, as she has done crappy work for me and told me to suck it up, because she will not do anything about it.
    Do yourself a favor, do not let her touch your teeth an spread this around.she should not be doing this to people and getting away with it.
    Leave her business alone, look for another dentist!!!

  • Ga
      16th of Jan, 2017
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    I totally agree, , , terrible dentist, , , rude staff, will never ever go again!!

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