Dr Kevin Kleinsmidt / Wendy receptionist

1 Ashdown, AR, United States

Back in Dec 2011 my daughter who is a patient of this clinic, started having severe breathing issues and had me call our/her doctor. The woman there who answers the phone, named Wendy, is a rude and unfeeling Drone, told me that the Dr was booked for the day and she should go see another Dr or go to the hospital. She would not even let me leave a message for the Dr! She just hung up on me!!

I started asking around, as we are a small town, and EVERYONE who is a patient there is leaving the Dr and going to other Dr's because of this witch.

I have since found out by from someone who works there at the clinic that she is being told by the Dr's wife that if Wendy does not like the caller, .. just tell them to go somewhere else or hang up on them. I was told buy the same person that two kids have almost died from the Dr and nurses not being told of these calls for help. Wendy has been jumped all over by patients after she has taken it on herself to cancel appointments etc. The Dr at this Clinic is an excellent Dr and is very concerned about his patients, but he is not getting his calls and messages! He apparently will not terminate this woman because she is a friend of his wife.

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