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Dr Kazeem Ali / Petronas Oil Company

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Offered Project Officer Position. Work and placement now hinges on obtaining a ANTI TERRORIST CLEARANCE CERTIFICATE. This is a scam whereby I would be forced to pay for this certificate to be hired for a non existent job.

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  • Bi
      10th of Jul, 2009
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    dear sir,
    i have been also offered job by dr kazeem ali, in petronas, as i was in need of job because my full family are dependendent on lonly me.i am surprised and shocked.plz help me. i am vijay,

  • Mi
      9th of Sep, 2009
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    I have d same experience with you, it was really shocking me because I have been offered a job with 9500 USD per month. How lucky I am!!! but then I check the name in internet, and iI realized that this is scam, fake recruitment.
    Further more, I had some chat with him...
    PETRONAS: hello ade..
    PETRONAS OIL COMPANY is offline. You can still send this person messages and they will receive them the next time they are online.
    PETRONAS: are u there...
    ade: hallo
    PETRONAS: i hv jst received ur mail and was going tru it
    ade: so..
    PETRONAS: i hv spoken to the appropriate authorities on your behalf...
    ur name was short listed 2 times
    so we are sorry abt that...
    ade: no problem
    actually i don't really want it anymore
    PETRONAS: following the fact DHL fee is high on ur side..
    ade: because my friend told me that
    this is a scam
    fake recruitmant
    PETRONAS: what do u friend no about petronas
    am trying to help you out and you talking about your friend..
    ade: i have read some comments in the internet
    PETRONAS: can you come down to malaysia ur self and make d payment
    ade: no way
    PETRONAS: we have received cases of people using our vain
    ade: why u use gmail as an internet account
    PETRONAS: everything abt ur work permit and documents are ready...
    ade: why dont uu use petronas acount anyway
    PETRONAS: do u want me to direct u to our petronas account
    it is only when u are fully recruited that u will have rit over
    ade: yes off course
    PETRONAS: as an account will be created in ur own name as our worker
    ade: because I am affraid of fake recrtment
    PETRONAS: this not fake my good friend..
    ur name was short listed in 2 places..
    and it was a mistake from the typist...
    ade: ok
    PETRONAS: you document will now be sent through a private courier company
    ade: may i have your petronas account
    PETRONAS: to make the fee easy for you...
    ade: so that i can ask my collegues in there
    PETRONAS: DHL is costly on your side..
    why not come down ur self...
    or do u think your friend is happy you got the job..
    how many company can grant u all that benefits..
    think wise my friend and act well
    i am not begging you ok...
    i only want to clarify issues..
    it is your civil right to work or reject our offer
    but note no refund of payment..if you have decided to loose ur already paid money
    we are almost at the final stage...beside all your documents are ready...
    ade: what is your guarante
    PETRONAS: listen my good here to tell u that ur friend is not advicing you well
    forget him for now and suprise him when u start this work
    ade: what is your position in petronas
    PETRONAS: My Gurante is that ur documents will get in less than 3 days...
    through excite fast post...
    ade: what is your personal petronass email account
    PETRONAS: thier fee is 500usd...
    but you will have to 300usd now
    ade: what is your personal petronass email account
    PETRONAS: on handing over ur documents you pay up the remaining fee..
    ade: what is your personal petronass email account
    PETRONAS: my id is
    ade: what is your personal petronass email account
    PETRONAS: as our work u own id and pass word will be created...
    ade: i dont need my id
    i need ur id
    PETRONAS: as a worker u must have it..
    ade: what is your personal petronass email account
    how much money do you need?
    PETRONAS: did u not see d id i gave to you...
    ade: what kind of id is that
    PETRONAS: listen am not here to wast my time..
    ade: go to hell
    PETRONAS: is all good...
    ade: god damn you!!
    PETRONAS: take care...u may ask for my assitant again
    ade: no way!!
    PETRONAS: then you will be the on to go to hell..
    ade: i will sent you to the jail
    PETRONAS: thanks a lot for the insult
    ade: i will call the interpol
    PETRONAS: u already have my num
    ade: yes i am]
    PETRONAS: before u get a num here u must register with your ic
    ade: but i dont want to spend my money or time
    to have a business with you
    PETRONAS: so my num is registered feel free to give it out..
    ade: i will tell all poeple
    about this thing
    PETRONAS: i can as well give you my ic number if you make it more easy for you..
    ade: i will copy our c hat tehn
    i will sent through internet
    PETRONAS: after due verification and we genuie we now bounce on you..
    for trying to black mail petrons..
    you full detils is with us..have a nice day...
    ade: hey petronas!!
    how many people already
    as your victim
    have you get some money from this
    PETRONAS: 661 222 12 5026...that is my ic num
    send to the interpol as well for easy verification...
    ade: i dont have time
    where do you get my application??
    actually i join some job vacancy group
    how do you get the information??
    tell me please...
    so that, i can tell the other people
    to be carefull with you
    my friend...
    Sent at 11:18 AM on Wednesday

    Please tell your friends about this fake recruitment..

  • Co
      17th of Oct, 2009
    0 Votes

    yes hello, i have already recieved an appointment letter,
    but i searched in petronas website for that kazeem ali name, or anything that points to it, but nothing was there..
    so it turns out to be fake...who is that kazeem ali..?
    why dont petronas sue him or something like that..???????????????????

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