Dr. Jeffrey ParkNegligence

I have been a patient of Dr. Jeffrey Ptak's since November of 2012. I had services from Dr. Ptak throughout 2013. I consulted with Dr. Ptak for facial surgery on November 27th of 2013. After careful consideration and personal research I scheduled with Dr. Ptak for facial surgical work on February 17, 2014. I followed all the pre and post surgery instructions given to me by the Doctor and his staff. I did have several phone calls from his assistant and I also skyped with Dr. Ptak regarding concerns I had with healing and the results of the surgery. I was assured each time that my healing was on track and to not be concerned. I followed this advice and scheduled for my 3 month post op appointment.

I did schedule the 3 month post op appointment per Dr Ptak’s instructions for April to have my concerns for healing and the appearance of scars still remaining addressed. As it turns out I was called less then 24 hours before my flight from California to tell me that Doctor Ptak could not see me. I explained that I was deeply concerned about the results and I needed to get in. The receptionist offered to reschedule the following week but I was not in a position to fly back. I called several times and was told I could see another Doctor in the practice. I agreed that this would be fine just to keep the appointment. This agreed to appointment was reluctantly kept only to be told I would see another Doctor instead.

When I arrived at Dr Ptak’s office I was met by his office staff who ushered me into a private room. To my surprise in walks Dr Ptak as he proceeded to tell me he was dismissing me as his patient. I never got the post op care I was promised, Dr Ptak reluctantly took a look at me and never addressed my concerns and lack of healing. Instead he glazed over my face and neck and refused to address his failure to have completely performed the surgery I had previously paid over 20K to have done.

In essence I was not give any post op care as prescribed. According to other surgeons the procedure he performed on me was not up to the standard of care Dr Ptak is required to give for the procedures outlined and performed. Dr. Ptak failed to perform the complete (standard submental lipectomy/platysmaplasty) on my neck. This lack of the (Standard of care) I am entitled to have received was also told to me by several Doctors who have examined me since. I have expressed my concerns several times over the lack of care previously to Dr Ptak and his office only to be met with a distinct lack of professional response.

Dr. Ptak did not give me the (Standard of care) that I deserve or that I paid for. I now have to pay exorbitantly to have the surgery done over by a qualified surgeon three of which said that the Dr who performed the surgery should do the repair and the correct procedure that I paid for. This of course would have to be done again by another surgeon as all trust in Dr Ptak’s abilities he represents and lack of professional care is far from the standard of care he is required to give and is obviously lacking toward his patients. All of the surgeons that consulted with me are certified MD, FACS surgeons. I certainly could never go under the knife with someone as Dr Ptak.

In this instance I have been harmed as a patient and treatment has been neglected as needed. I have been dismissed without cause and refusal of Dr Ptak to honor his agreement to me not only by virtue of a botched up procedure he performed on me but also regarding his lack of post op followup care for a patient as promised. Again, this most certainly is not up to the standards of care that is required from a medical professional as Dr Ptak represents himself to be toward his patients.

Dr Ptak's distinct lack of professionalism toward me as his patient is by all means a direct breach of his profession and violation of his agreement to me leaving me traumatized from this experience and having to face having this corrective procedure done again at the same expense. It is clear to me that this is a violation his own Hippocratic oath whereby Medical professionals vow to do no harm.

Furthermore Dr Ptak told me that my scars would heal and it clearly has not to date, one year after the surgery was performed. In addition he dismissed me as a patient by also refusing to treat my post operative concerns while expressing no care or concern whatsoever for me as his patient. This in and of itself has caused me undue stress and trauma. Dr Ptak’s distinct lack of professionalism toward me as his patient is by all means a direct breach of his profession and violation of his agreement to me in which has strained me physically, mentally and emotionally. I tried to explain on several occasions that the incision point Dr Ptak made under my chin is still raised and scarred. There still remains a lumpy area along the path of the incision under my chin. The scars are still lumpy behind my earlobes as well. These matters still cause me great concern and worry.

Jan 19, 2015

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