Dr J Fox / Derma care

1 NY, United States

Josh Fox is a great listener, I never feel pressured, is inherently kind, and genuinely CARES about YOU getting clearer healthier skin. I went to see him for a facial to help clean out my jawline cystic acne and he shared so many tips to help me rethink how I take care of my skin. If I wanted my skin to change, I had to change, and no one had ever told me that before. Nothing too major, little things like cleaning off my cell phone and modifying my night time routine. I needed to reteach my skin to be healthy and strong after years of acne.

His services seem reasonable and I am seeing results! Since seeing Dr Fox, my skin is smoother, no longer plagued with painful bumps, and I am seeing positive changes. Dr Fox is THE guide to the clear healthy skin you want.

I'm seeing changes, and I like it!

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