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Dr HR Groenewald / Disrespectful doctor

1 Cape Town, South Africa

Good Day

I am very disappointed at the service I reserved from this particularly Gp on the 09/11/16, 3 months ago my daughter of 9 months at the time was very ill i went to see Dr Groenewald to assist me regarding my daughter's medical issue and he didn't find any serious problems after i explain to him the problem has gone from the time she was 3 months old and yet he still didn't find a problem, after 2 weeks iv been to emergency trauma with my daughter and found out she has viral infections she was admitted to hospital, then few weeks after that shes feel sick again i then took her to Dr Groenweald to find out his close until 14:00 that day and it was a emergency so i took my daughter to a another Gp just around the corner and surprisingly he was not happy with her conditions and immediately refereed me to see a Paediatrician ( and let me just say he was amazing a true professional and caring doctor Dr Parker)where she was admitted and was taken care of and ever since she was seen by Dr Ledger and been admitted couple of times at Belliville Melomed Hospital, because Dr Ledger is a specialist she was only allowed 4 visitation in the 4 week period of being admitted so she had a follow up on the 09/11/2016 to see Dr Ledger again and the time spam was out the 30 day period so i called discovery to find out what i can do to get a Authorization to see Dr Ledger for her follow up and they said i needed to go back to her Gp which i did i went to see the Gp the same day 09/11/2016 for my daughter and myself and he need to fill out a form to be referred, with this Dr Ledger wrote a letter to Dr Groenewald to explain to him why he needed to refereed my daughter to him, Dr Groenewald then completed the form once he was done filling in the form he was Then to see me( Let me say iv been through so much and i needed help i called Discovery to find out how i can get help regarding my problem they suggested i needed to see a Psychiatrist and ask my Gp to referred me)In this case i started my intro to explain the doctor what was wrong and by quoting "Dr Groenewald im not sure if you can help me with my issue but i have contacted discovery and they said you will be able to referred me to a specialist "by saying this, i didn't even get a chance to explain why, he the angrily responded with "NOOO NOO You know what I'm so sick & tired of people like you with your low budget schemes requesting specialist" I was so shocked and extremely offended i immediately approached him by saying what he just said was prohibited and rude and i said to him i didn't ask or ordered you to referred me to one i just said what Discovery told me and you didn't even allow me to explain my issue for you to be this rude “He then continued saying your low scheme and then asking me to just GO" i can't explain how that made me feel here i come to see a Family Gp and be treated rude and being disrespected, I can't believe a Gp can be so rude to a patent, he shouldn't be in this field if he can't respect each Patient with dignity, respect and care, I'm extremely upset by this, that we as patient get service like this pay for my medical aid its not government, so if he cant respect people like me with low budget schemes he should not be practicing in a poor area(Mitchell's Plain) I live in Gordons Bay i lived in Mitchell's Plain before i moved to Gordons Bay, I would like this issue to be dealt with asap, i would like to remove him as my Gp, Please know this was such a embarrassment being treated like someone who means nothing to this jerk.

Kind Regards
Disappointed Patient

Nov 10, 2016

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