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Dr. Denise Oldenburg / improper medical care

1 Horseshoe Bend, AR, United States Review updated:
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Phone: 870-670-4189

I have been a patient of Dr. Oldenburg's for several months and have never failed a drug test administered by her office. I don't do street drugs and only take the prescribed medication that she provides, however, when i went to see her today, I was dismissed and unable to get my medication because I didn't have the drugs in my system that she has prescribed for me. I told the receptionist that I had run out a few days early this time due to being in more pain than usual because I had fallen a few days ago and have additional injuries. She said it didn't matter that a few days wouldn't make any difference. My medication only stays in my system 1 to 2 days on some of it and a few hours on the other kind . I ran out of medication over the week end. I had a head on collision with an eighteen wheeler several months ago is why I have to be treated by a pain specialist and I believe my situation would be life threatening without medication because I am not supposed to just stop taking it. I am supposed to be weaned off of it. I need a referal from Dr. Oldenburg to see another doctor and her receptionist said they would try to get my medical records to me within a week. The doctor did not talk to me at all today, just her son and the lady out front. These people made me feel like a criminal by insinuating I had sold my medication since I didn't have it in my system today. I do not feel as if this is proper behavior. I realize that Dr. Oldenburg has been in trouble with the DEA on several occasions, herself, but I do not feel as if her lifestyle should reflect on me and I should be unable to get my medication because she has problems. I have been on xanax since I was 21 and I am now 37.

David E. Bell

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      10th of Aug, 2016
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    To David,
    I realize that this was posted back in 2009, but I just can't keep my mouth shut after reading your review. As a former nurse now a pain patient, I DO understand that it's difficult when you get into a flare. Unfortunately we live in a police state that is ruining the lives of pain patients near and far. By Running out of medication early, you not only hurt yourself (going through withdrawal, losing your doctor), but it also puts your physician and fellow patients in jeopardy. Sadly this action makes you as a patient "look bad" (at worst selling your the minimum an issue with self control and taking meds as directed that points to possible addiction) and contributes to the horrible stigma chronic pain patients experience. Your put your doctor (who was already under serious scrutiny) in a position where she had no choice but to take the action that she did. Anything less would have been more fodder for the Board. Pain patients are unfortunately lumped together. The negative actions of one patient reflect poorly on patients as a whole. Actions like this, are causing doctors to lose trust in ALL their patients. Many are deciding that it just isn't worth the risk to practice medical pain management.

    As for your claim that you had only been out of medication for a few days. It IS possible that an opioid would no longer show up on a drug screen. However the Xanax (alprazalam) would still be present. The ONLY thing that would cause me to believe otherwise is if you were somehow fortunate enough to find a provider willing to give you a second chance and put you on the exact same regimen, then obtained drug levels through blood and urine to determine if a metabolic abnormality is a factor. I wish you the best. As a fellow pain sufferer, I BEG YOU to conduct yourself appropriately and not do anything that reflects poorly on yourself...Sadly, when it comes to pain management, your poor behavior harms the reputation of the medical provider willing to place their trust in you AND pain patients everywhere.

    As for your comment that Dr. Oldenburg's past issues with the Board shouldn't affect your life, that's just the day and time in which we live. I can imagine that Dr. Oldenburg probably feels the same way. Wrong or not, a physician is trusting you with their livelihood when they prescribe for chronic pain. I know Dr. Oldenburg must hate having her trust betrayed by "patients" feigning pain to get drugs and legitimate pain patients like yourself who fail to follow instructions.

  • Ti
      26th of Aug, 2014
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    I think this is a all out witch hunt, stupid arkansas, so sad to see my state being ran by crazies...Dr Denise Oldenberg is the best Dr out there, if it wasnt for her help Id be dead..The Medical Boared needs to hire new people. I believe its being run by DUMMYS..So for once stop being a BULLY to Dr Oldenberg or Get out of office you dont deserve to serve.Give Back her lic...BULLYS

  • An
      17th of Feb, 2011
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    After numerous violations and being placed on strict probation due to people stealing her drugs or buying them from patients, yes Doc. did do an extensive drug testing that showed every single drug and dosage you had in your system. She could tell I had not taken valium for about 20 days which was pretty accurate as I told her at the last appointment I was not needing it anymore and she had stopped prescribing that medication. My guess is that you did not have the amount of medication in your system to match with the amount you were prescribed leading her to believe you were selling or sharing your medicine. I am very sure she asked you about this unless it was just so obvious she had no reason even bother as she asked me or told me how much of each medication I had and pretty accurately predicted within a few hours when I took the last pill. This was a very costly test used to try to Save her lively hood and make sure she was available to provide medical care for patients that were taking all the meds and needed them. She also asked before the test if you were taking illegal street drugs and if you were and had been honest with her, she might have prescribed something to replace the illegals and protect her from further prosecution as well. The only thing I could not understand is after weeding out the patients that could cause her to lose her medical license, she takes on a new batch of patients when another pain doc gets fed up with the bs and retires. That was her downfall. I think medical review board forced her into a situation where she was hurting for money to pay there BS fines and caused her to have to take on new patients then seems like within months of the new patients showing up they demand records for 30 of those new people. Sounds like a setup to me. The other doctor was being watched and harassed then just got fed up and retired now after she takes on his patients, medical board reviews the new patients records then wham slap her with all kinds of violations. The fact they can get away with that or the cops or medical board or whoever can steal my original Medical Records that I cannot even get copies of, without even notifying me is absurd and even if a warrant was obtained for my records, They should be forced to notify me and not allowed to take the original files that have disappeared. Doc. Oldenberg is just the newest victim on a long list of Good Doctors that Care about patients. Personally, I THINK IF THEY WENT AFTER THE ACTUAL QUACKS THAT DESERVE LICENSE SUSPENSION LIKE THE ONES THAT CAUSED MY CHRONIC PAIN MISDIAGNOSING ME FOR A YEAR AND THE ONE WHO LIED WHEN SHE FUSED MY BODY PARTS TOGETHER DURING A SIMPLE TUBAL, THEN MAYBE WE WOULD NOT NEED TO TAKE PAIN MEDICATION. I KNOW I WOULD NOT BE ALMOST CRIPPLED SINCE 21 YEARS OLD IF THOSE QUACKS LICENSED PLUS A LOT MORE I COULD NAME WERE REVOKED BUT NO THEY ARE GOING AFTER EVERY SINGLE GOOD DOCTOR IN THE STATE UNTIL YOU HAVE TO BUY STREET DRUGS JUST TO CONTROL CHRONIC PAIN THEN THEY WILL CALL YOU A DRUG ADDICT AND THROW YOU IN JAIL TOO. WHAT A RACKET. ITS BEEN PROVEN OVER AND OVER THE WAR ON DRUGS DOES NOT WORK AND I THINK THE PEOPLE NEED TO STAND UP AND SAY WE ARE FED UP WITH THIS [censor] AND MONEY NEEDS TO BE SPENT ON GOOD HEALTHCARE, GOOD JOBS AND HELPING THE WORKING POOR INSTEAD OF IN THE POCKETS OF DRUG WAR FANATICS THAT ARE ONLY AGAINST DRUGS SO THEY CAN GET PAID ON BOTH ENDS; FOR BRIBES FROM DEALERS, MONEY FROM DRUG WAR FUNDING THEN RESELLING THE PRODUCT ON THE STREET. WHAT A RACKET. NO WONDER THEY TRY TO CONVINCE THE PUBLIC TO KEEP FIGHTING THE WAR ON DRUGS AND WHEN ONE DRUG ISN'T INTERESTING ANYMORE THEY START HYPING THE NEXT TO GET PEOPLE RILED UP AGAIN. PLEASE AMERICA WAKE UP AND SMELL THE BS.

  • Sc
      17th of Dec, 2010
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    I think Dr. Oldenberg is a remarkable woman & Dr, she is fighting for everyone's rights to receive treatment for chronic pain & for the doctors all across Arkansas to not be in fear of treating patients of chronic pain. But sometimes it seems that people forget that they have to fight everyday for freedom in every aspect of it . I personally have the honor of being a patiet of Dr. Oldenberg not that I want to have pain but it's there and she is one of the very few Dr's left that try to help you, and I can honestly say that she operates her practice just as any other medical practice does in the U.S . with the exception that when you make an appointment with Dr. Oldenberg be ready to spend a little time with the Dr. because she will listen to you and do everything she can to help you unlike some doctors that I have seen in the past . I never went to a appointment and was handed a prescription by the receptionist and I never gave my medicine to anyone . Everyone needs to get the facts straight before judgement is made because I hope you never endure the pain I suffer from everyday of my life, because if you or someone you love does you better hope & pray for a Dr. Oldenberg . I know my family will support Dr. Oldenberg .

  • Ar
      12th of Nov, 2010
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    I think you should be very careful about what you accuse someone of doing or not doing. This Dr. does not sound like she is your Dr. so I don't know how you would know how she practices medicine. I would not base my opinion on idle gossip. The Medical Board has done a lot of unfair things to many Dr's in Arkansas, this is what we should be concerned with. The truth will win concerning Dr Oldenberg but I fear the truth will never come to light about the Medical Board. If you put more effort into researching the inter workings of the Medical Board you may come to a more fair conclusion.

  • St
      14th of Aug, 2010
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    Having previous experience with several of her patients I find it hard to believe she ever tested anyone to see if the prescribed drugs were in their sytem. She sure never did a pill count. For over a year she overprescribed people we know and NEVER even gave them a blood test or checked their health in any way. They would go for their appointments once a month and mark on a diagram where their pain was and then were handed a refill by the receptionist. They were getting at least double the necessary amounts of morphine and oxycontin necessary. The streets had plenty of availability until the Medical Board again suspended her license and prevented her from writing Class 2 prescriptions. Coincidentally the supply changed to hydrocodone.

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