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Dr. Brian Kinney -Horrifying Nose Surgery / Horrifying Rhinoplasty Result by Dr. Brian Kinney

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Dr. Brian Kinney:

It’s horrifying and unacceptable – the results of the procedures you performed on me…the incision marks through my lip are “Frankenstein” like, the keloid, the divet in my lips…the persistent numbing/tightness/scarring in my lips, the hypertrophic scar that grew back after excision and the pain/structural change/persistent swelling in my nose and terrible injury and trauma when you wrongly ripped the splint off.

I cannot rationalize paying for the surgery after being injured by you as well as the other problems that arose from your procedures. I refuse to pay. That was not what I signed up for. You are also liable for medical costs I am incurring now. No one would go through surgery if they knew they had to suffer for almost 7 months and persisting and have setbacks for all these months the way I have.

There are several problems with the surgery you performed on me Sept. 5th, 2006. I did not sign up nor give you consent to be assaulted by you when you aggressively ripped the splint from my nose. I have been to three other doctors for a second opinion. All three are in agreement that the splint would never be aggressively ripped from my just operated on nose for any reason 3 days post op. My appointment with you that day was for you to remove the 3 feet of gauze you had inserted into each nostril, which was sheer torture. The gauze was slipping down my throat from my nose. Instead you were so focused on obtaining my approval for shortening my nose after you performed an unapproved surgery. My mother and I both know you did that to display to us that you had shortened my nose (without my consent) as this was not discussed in my consultation with you. The bruising came days after you ripped the splint off. My nose swelled up the size of a large Russet potato. We were all there and witnessed it. The bruising was not present that day. And a large problem, which continues, is that I remain injured and hurt today.

As well, the goal after surgery is to minimize the amount of swelling, so that the patient has a result that retains the desired shape of the nose. There was no medical reason to tear off the splint. You initially tried to yank from my left side up near my eyebrow (the top part of the splint where I still have a lump near the corner of my eye. Then you pulled from my right to my left in two tugs and yanks. This is where my face took the brunt of your yank. There is still a hard, knot right under my eye along the bone of my orbital and cheek where the splint covered to and on both oblique sides of my nose. There is also a crease in between each lump of trauma. This was created because you yanked, and stopped, then yanked with all your might again, and really damaged the tissue and bone along the nasomaxillary suture line. Dr. Kinney, when you ripped the splint off with all your might, you assaulted me and injured me. The shape of my nose till this day has been lumpy and enlarged.

Then you tried to bully me into thinking it is “normal” to have this result…and I was at your mercy to heal. But I have not healed. The asymmetrical splayed look of the nasal bones, whether scarring, swelling, or bone displacement is still there. On the right side of my face there is continued swelling that still is bowing and splaying out on my nasal bone starting near the corner of my right eye, extending down along the nasomaxillary suture line and turning out along the ridge under the socket of my under eye area where a huge knot has formed, of scar tissue or bone.

I am not going to be bullied by you. I have held so much anger toward you. Everybody understands that a nose surgery, especially of the subtle type you were supposed to perform on me, would never result in looking like I was hit in the face with a heavy brick. Otherwise, NOBODY would want such a surgery.

As well, you told me the downtime for the lip excision would be one week. It has been months of healing, and I’m still in discomfort and pain. The excision marks are still visible and you excised more from my left than my right lower lip, which was supposed to be the opposite. As a matter of fact, you completely overlooked the one Radiance granuloma on my left, lower side that we thoroughly consulted about, and instead excised lip tissue that wasn’t affected by the Radiance resulting in asymmetry and a new depression. As well, my left lower lip has the greatest amount of numbing. And the right lower lip is still larger than the left. And…..the keloid scar caused by your incision and stitching, is very troubling. You told me you were going to excise it again. I have been told with the 2nd opinion doctors that this will only result in a new scar because the diameter of the keloid is so large! I was also told that the way you stitched it caused the scarring, of course. The doctors told me to fix the scar you created would be difficult. Therefore, I cannot just jump into another surgery without knowing how it will be fixed and while I am still hurting from the one with you. I am living with these painful, poor results…and I am absolutely dissatisfied.

Dr. Kinney, you were careless with me.

The downtime I had and am still having, spending time and energy on healing and repair from your procedure, has cost me almost 7 months now of loss of earnings and impairment of other important areas in my life, not to mention the pain and distress. I have not been able to accept modeling jobs and participate in photography shoots. I have not been able to sing and pursue my goals as that because my lips are still tender and the trauma to my nose is causing a nasal sound in my voice! As well, I have not been able to return to yoga comfortably.

With all due respect, the goal of the surgery was to completely remove a small, warped cartilage graft from the dorsum of my nose which was causing me pain, excise hypertrophic scar tissue, in two locations, on my septum and excise Radiance (a non-FDA approved filler), as well as the granuloma and cystic formation caused by it, inside my lip tissue. This was not accomplished. I still have a portion of the graft on my nose, the scar on my septum grew back (when I initially mentioned to you that it was growing, you ignored me), you created a new keloid scar with your excision marks going through it and you assaulted me with the unexpected tearing of my nose splint injuring me further till this day.

My decision to proceed to do these surgeries was a result of the representations you made during the three consultations I had with you. I was so desperate to have the discomfort and anguish from the Radiance relieved that I didn’t find it in me to ask you to do the surgery ‘pro-bono’…although it was at the forefront of my thought.

Then knowing how much I have suffered from the Radiance catastrophe over the past more than 3 years. You knew I wasn’t given informed consent by Ourian and was told the Radiance was ‘Collagen’…you knew the Medical Board has investigated the medical service I received from Ourian to be an extreme departure of care…and will be on trial to have his license revoked.

And to top it off, you charged me such an exorbitant premium. Had I chosen a Blue Cross provider doctor, I would have only had to pay about $1500 for the entire procedure, nose and lip.

But you were completely confident that you alone were going to be able to accomplish the surgery goals with ease and unmatched skill. Therefore, I chose you because, at the time, your presentation and your representations led me to believe that you were the best. Prior to my decision to have you perform the surgeries, I had consulted with approximately 15 surgeons for the same procedures. Dr. Kinney, you assured me you would be the best surgeon for the job. If you had one ounce of care for any of the injuries and years of suffering that you document in my medical chart, you would nave done the procedure ‘pro-bono’. But instead, you have further injured me.

My surgery was supposed to be done with finesse. When people ask, “what happened to you?” I have had to tell everybody that I was in a ‘bad’ accident. Some people I have told the truth about my surgery and have felt so humiliated and ashamed by you. No one was supposed to know about my surgery!

I feel uncomfortable with and have a lack any confidence in your abilities and skills. I am not going to pay you. No way, in any manner, will you be paid for injuring me. You will have to relinquish compensation, and I will be going elsewhere for care.

A complaint with the Medical Board has already been filed, regarding your tardiness in submitting to me a copy of my chart within the 15 days time frame.

The absolute arrogance of you even considering a charge to obtain my medical chart, for which its large size is a direct result of your gross negligence, is as arrogant as those who commit atrocities and somehow rationalize their actions to spellbound audiences of ignoramus’ and underlings… the fall from your faux grace will be a steep one.

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  • Ma
      27th of Apr, 2010
    0 Votes

    All right. Weed those ### out. This ### will go to hell fo injurying and disfiguring you like this.
    You are a hero. Thanks for airing the truth. The public need to know.

    I encourage all you people that are victims of botched plastic surgeries and or plastic surgeries without informed consent come forth and let us know of which baster evil doctor did this to you. It is time that the public know about too many botched plastic surgery jobs done with or without consent.

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