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Dr. Brian Kinney - BAD doctor / Dr. Brian Kinney - Arrogant Bully

1 2080 Century Park East #1110Century City, CA, United States Review updated:
Contact information:
Phone: Phone: 310-277-5112

Had a facelift from Dr. Kinney. He marketed himself as a facial plastic surgeon, but he is really a "Hand Surgeon". One of the many doctors playing on the vulnerabilities of people's self-image to make himself more money than he is worth.

I searched more complaints about him, and I found this:

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  • Le
      10th of Jan, 2013
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    I have been fitness, swimsuit and glamour modeling part-time for many years; see for example. Why does that matter? Because, quite literally, my face and body were my bread and butter for many years. So when I chose a surgeon, it was imperative that I chose the absolute best there is. I've quietly done so for years, but now I had to write something, as I saw recent vitriolic garbage written about my doctor and really needed to respond.

    Dr. Brian Kinney has done my thigh area liposuction, rhinoplasty, breast augmentation, knee lift, sweat gland ablation, Botox, lip augmentation, and nasolabial folds filler (whew!). He is the ONLY person who I let work on me, and he's kept me looking and feeling my best for nearly a decade now. He's honest when things aren't needed or wouldn't help me look/feel great, and he doesn't perform procedures unless necessary, helpful, safe and sane.

    Beyond his phenomenal scientific prowess and artistic taste, he's provided sharp insight, friendly consult, and genuine concern for matters of health, appearance and happiness over the years. He's never charged me for all the time spent making sure I'm content and comfortable with all that we do and do not do. I'm 36 as of this writing, and thanks to Dr. Brian Kinney, I'm still turning heads everywhere I go! More importantly that that, I feel confident and happy, and NO ONE ever thinks I've had anything "done." They simply think I look astoundingly hot, LOL. I'll continue trusting him, and ONLY him, with my face and body for decades to come.

    The ONLY reason I've bothered to write this commentary tonight is that it pains me to see Ms. lies posted about someone whose only mistake was to treat someone to whom he ought to have refused service. Because Dr. Brian Kinney is so very friendly, the person who wrote these dishonest and fake "reviews" (they aren't even real, and could be removed by law if the issue were to be forced at great cost and hassle, I'm sure) was able to cause problems and then disparage one of the best people in the business. The real story, a resounding victory for Dr. Kinney in a court of law against this disgrace of a patient, is a matter of public record and can easily be discovered if any potential patient wants to read what really happened.

    I trust that within the word-of-mouth circles of patients who demand the highest quality in cosmetic surgery skill, Dr. Kinney will continue to be lauded as one of the best there is, plain and simple. And that, therefore, falsehoods such as the ones on this site will not succeed in causing the damage intended. I had to write a response, as it so angered me that someone would try to harm a doctor who's done so well by me, and by so many others (for example, my friend who's currently gracing Oxygen Magazine's "Abs Special 2012" issue).

    SHAME on Ms., who lied in a weak attempt to do damage; her efforts will fail.

    And to all of you who want a body and face like mine...just call Dr. Kinney (okay, eat right and exercise also; Dr. Kinney is good but not a magician!). His work has made me a happy woman for almost 10 years now, and I trust nobody but him to keep me looking my best.

    Oh, and by the way, was set up by

  • Ju
      22nd of Aug, 2013
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    Dr Kinneys hired the above person to write something up. The fact is Dr Kinney has injured so many patients, to the point where this woman was fatally ill from breat implants he performed. She was a successful real estate agent. She reached out to me for help. I have all her emails. Dr Kinney literally cut out half my lip when after a gymnastics accident led to stitches and a granuloma scar. instead of fixing it with finesse, he cut out half my lip. Then in follow up appoitnments, he was an agry violent person, angry at himself, I'm trying to correct the damage by taking Cortizone shots and stabbing my lip till it was bleeding and dripping blood all over my clothes. He is a butcher, again I stand firm that this doctor be stripped of his license. Shame on him, for ruling people's lives. Till this day my lip is disfigured.

  • Ed
      28th of Feb, 2016
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    I came to this man, who i very much believe is mentally disturbed, with damage to my beautiful arms done to me by a dr. Ellenbogen, in hopes that he could somewhat repair the size of a large ball of fat that Ellenbogen removed from my right arm which looked like the size of a large mellon. It made my arm distorted. On top of all this, this previous sick man withdrew countless amounts of fat from both arms making them look aged. I knew i could no longer wear the kinds of sleeveless dresses, tops or any clothes that kept me looking as young as i was for the rest of my life. This disturbed little bald man agreed to put back some of the fat and lift the skin a bit to smooth the texture of what once was beautiful. Instead of helping me this man removed all the rest of the fat in both arms and scared me with sutures that did not allow me to lift my arms at all and consequently ripped a hole in my armpit when i tried to lift my arm. When i showed this to him, he said nothing. The scars, the pain and the suffering have ruined so much of my life that there are not enough words to describe this. His solution was to give me aging cream by his assistant and he never wanted to be there when the elastic was removed from my arms. This man is a disgusting kind of a human being. His work reminds me of what the nazi doctors did to humans. He is a disturbed person, which no one seems to mention and belongs in jail for what he has done to so many lives.

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